“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, November 20, 2015

The New People In Power In MA Suck/False Time Line Breaking Up

The GS and black and red wearing especially by blacks (whereas in Providence RI its AAmercns and many South or Central Americans).

The general public are more arrogant than I have ever experienced them to be in years prior. They act as if they have won. As if I have no chance at all.

What are they afraid of? This place sucks and its completely abandoned any sense of real justice it ever had.

Its totally arrogant and self righteous even though its corrupt and evil to its core.

They have convinced themselves that I am a bad person and deserve my situation when in fact everything thats ever happened is due to abuse of power originating from Massachusetts.

The union people are absolutely insufferable now probably due to Walsh being mayor of a major power city like Boston.

People were afraid of me before and for a while they acted cautiously. For many years.

Now whatever the changes are they just don't give a fuck.

The city refuses to admit any wrong doing during Bush.

If im so discredited then why must they work so hard at supressing me and trying to make me act out daily?

I'm getting nothing done except some medical appts and still trying to manage whatever the thing is that causes urethral and uterine discomfort that seems to stick to objects in an environment. You can catch it from just leaning up against a wall.

Also my womb still hurts daily from that abortion in OR a few years ago. Whatever the condition is that I keep geting reinfected with it makes that worse.

There was a major changing of the guard in govt in RI and MA but also the private sector.

Its harder to fight people who owe you nothing and have no connection to the crimes that were perpetrated against you. The metaphysics of it no longer work in the victim's favor. You've got nothing to hold them responsible for.

Which is why they have done it this way. Just as I wrote they pulled out their agents a few years ago from the local homeless industry.
Then they changed the people in power. Even Raytheon changed everyone in charge to new faces.

No karma. No debts. Nothing to be held accountable for.

And that might just be why the local citizenry are so damn arrogant.

They act as if they dont deserve to have a book written about them. As if its Boston who has been victimized.

IsntAs if anyone whos angry about all the war years of their crimes against humanity is nothing but a delusional crank and needs to be watched becuz pity poor Boston got attacked and there are scary lone shooters now etc etc etc on and on.

This is all to cover their asses. If you think a false flag or creating problems like lone shooters is horrible and unthinkable thats nothing compared to what this place was doing to people during Bush and early Obama.

It was just hidden. I always found it odd that the Sox and Patriots won so conveniently. Like rewards. The mob has been fixing games forever.
Imagine what they are capable of with new technologies and advances in science.

Whatever was here before that was decent, that warned me, that protected me and kept horrible things secret from me I didnt need to know, that responded to my blog posts when I exposed some covert activity is now absent.

Its almost as if they just want me to leave and never return. As if that is something they deserve. That kind of closure and dissolving of responsibility.

Every day I revisit the fact I can never get my 30s back. And how are they absolved from that?

This city destroyed my life and took the best years of my life I deserved for myself just so they could build Meninos Nero like vision of a new Athens.

Please. This place is far from that.

Its a bunch of yuppies, hipsters and rich people with their house slaves. Locals are being phased out.

Athens was never under mass mind control. Yet I do see the similarity by arrogantly insisting dissidents poison themselves to death.

Every time I look at certain things built during Menino I know it doenst belong here. I know its false.

The YUPpie infestation-they dont belong here either. Its all totally false.

The false timeline that was created using technology and high black magick is faultering. Its falling or breaking apart-to anyone who knows whats really going on.

Daily psy warfare like stalking and harassment even psy warriors, the use of technologies and chemical influence is basically daily maintenance to keep the false time line in place.

But I can see it sometimes, break. Things dont belong in certain spaces...they don't uh, 'deserve' to be there.

Just as I dont deserve to be where I am today.