“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This blog is discontinued until further notice due to legal and safety issues. Will be back as soon as I can.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Those Who Abuse Of Power Are Easily Identified

Hey isnt this one of those new guys whos taken over key seats of power in my home state (or NE fed jurisdiction)?  One of those politicians or 'professionals' whos decided that running with the dollar at any cost is more important than the common man or having any sort of morality?

They all seem to have the same identifying mark. 

Its not quite the mark of the beast-Im not religious. I guess it could be Armageddon... if you believe that age old problems like corruption and unchecked male aggression (even passively applied) is SUPER-natural. 

Which they arent.

Just same old shit...different century.

Quantico tv Show: Sexy Effective Crime Stopping Accessories! Omg!

There's a reason I get the best grades in this class!!

Omg! So! Theres sooooo many cute...I mean effective tools of the profession. 
Our nifty team hats! When its time to knock em dead!

Of course a gal needs weapons. Fab, fab, fab!

Oohh! Contraband...aw. Shes been sacked. Its so humiliating, but so erotic! 

Looks like even the terrorists are becoming more Liberal! Hey...keep an eye on that backpack. Shouldn't be too hard to track in a crowd!

Is this an ad for cigarettes? Feminine products? Fashion?
The stuff of classical artwork? 
Oh no, wait...its a tv show about law enforcement in our federal government. 
(I can't wait till she gets fat. Then watch more than just the ratings drop.)

Hey! Lets Sexy-Up The Fed! It SELLS!! (Quantico TV Show) Eewwwww..

Omg! You so RULE me! Yah!

Take me away...Sir! May I have another? 

'Help! Male domination! '  So whats new? S.o.s...

If only his thermal was as snug and unbuttoned as hers..I would so be interested!

Hey! This is exactly how I feel after false terrorism tips and Be On The Look Out cop stalking every city I try to live for the past year! 
Aw. Isnt she pretty-as-a-picture! And Im sure the boyz wouldn't have a woman looking any other way under their control.
Militarization equating total MALE-CENTRISM is just a field day for them isnt it?!

'We are SO gonna, like-bust you! ' 
Every criminal in the city is praying for this crew to break down their door and cuff them.
Ohhhh baby!

Its so hot out here in the hellish world of crime... my mascara is melting.

Wtf is this? Omg! The Muppets have been tools of terror all these years! Huh...I always would have suspected like Scooter (Anarchist) or those two old guys on the balcony in Muppet theatre. Maybe a cell has kidnapped Professor HoneyDewMelonHead and hes being forced to create a DEATHRAY! OH..wait. They already have those. Hmm....

'Shit! My f#$%+ing hair always gets tangled in this thing. Omg!'

'Before I go out to take down the bad guys with a deadly sniper shot, I always make sure Ive got my lipstick on.

Wow. These YUPpie paintball games are getting seriously competitive, eh? Damn.

So cute but like, totally deadly!

HELLO KITTY has a machine gun.

When all this nonsense stops then I will take the attempted frame up of me seriously. 

All these attacks and people dying and this as well as framing up innocent people with gross abuse of power IS ALL YOU CAN DO? 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Non Stop Harassment In Gym In Quincy Lady Lock Room

Getting constant stream of mobbing in PLANET FITNESS locker room in Quincy MA.

This PF flies their flag outside but below it is flown a US MARINE CORP flag.

What does UMC have to do with a gym chain like PF?

Yep. As of after this posting the little millenial bitches all left the locker room.

A Parting Gift To Harvard

Dont forget MK Ultra and the Unibomber!






I will keep adding to the list as I find more turds in the litter box...

Community Watch Group In Finland Using Norse Paganism Gets Predictable Mass Media Backlash


MTV? Lmfao, when has MTV been truly politically credible? They havent been relevant for twenty years.

Keep up the good work-protecting your women and exposing the true nature of how depraved a portion of backwards cultures can be.

You know every military man from multiple generations has told stories about different third world countries that should serve as a warning to civilized nations.

Not the total character of its people but a realistic view that it exists is acceptable and has little oversight or policing.

The fact its only a few men forming this group but are receiving such negative attention just shows the system is more concerned about anyone fighting back at abuses of power or conformity than any real threat based on discrimination.

Its amazing to me that a small group of men are doing what they are supposed to do in Nature and by instinct and are getting punished for it yet its feminists and oppressed peoples around the world who we have to blame in part for women in these countries being harmed by rape epidemics caused by violent males from high risk, dangerous cultures.

It shows that the NWO will crush any reconnection with the Natural world or questioning its authority or rule. Its more evident daily thats the issue. Questioning abusive, oppressive authority.

Why are people who fight back called fascist when its the other way around?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Star Market Central Sq Once Again Major GS Assh#les

Omg will someone please teach the scum that work in Star Market near MIT a lesson.

They are soo fuckin arrogant and they are one of those places that acts like harassing TIs is funny or no big deal.

F#ck you Star Market.

Worst harassment at all Star stores. Who owns these fuckin things anyways?


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fukushima Survival Should Be Targets' Main Concern As Of Now/ Apocalyptic Atmosphere Being Created In Boston Area

Amusing perp in a Cambridge Dunkin Donuts.

Shes a totally nerdy Liberal type scrawny small older and white. Shes taken to playing rap music kind of loud from her tablet as a tactic.
First she started by sitting practically on top of my gear.

Then she discussed travel with me after asking where I was from then I was disappointed when she gave more validation to being a possible perp by asking the ever dreaded question:
"Where are you going next if you dont mind me asking?".
(Now after the rap shes playing some anti racist musical performance type stuff.
After the speaker-rapper used profanity. She apologized and said she didnt know they would use swears. I claimed I wasnt listening.
She said she didnt want to offend this person [at the counter-me.]
I wanted to say that swears dont offend me being from Boston we all have sailor's mouths but that anti racist content offends me these days becuz its all a lie to push through the NWO.
So of course they are trying to get you to tell the truth but the truth is either something offensive to the PC culture now or sounds crazy. Always avoid both if possible.)


It was so annoying.
Harvard Sq and the metro Boston area generally has become unlivable as  a Target. Theres some influence thats used from Mon-Friday that is making it dangerous to be here.

Someone said its coming down from higher ups like the new govenor.

Its so bad Im gonna have to make a video about it.

It promotes general ill health.
Teeth rot faster. Tiredness. Overeating. Gloom and doom.
And after doing reading on Fukushima I realize that its going to become an issue in years to come. Perhaps that's why FEMA bought all those containers and bullets.

How can humans contain the damage from Fukushima or any other facility?

Its certainly made me anti nuclear anything from now on.

Thats the difference in the environment. Used to be that one could feel content and connected to humanity even with the worst circumstances foreseeable in the future.  Its seems like a sort of apocalyptic sort of atmosphere is being created. On purpose and by design with the technologies and chemical influences that have been used for years in countries like the United States.

Also like this woman who was beside me in DD (who eventually gave up and left) they are trying to create racism.

The Chinese gang stalking here is very bad now and I NEVER thought I could resent Orientals or Indians. But now I use phrases like 'gooks' and 'dot heads' far too frequently and that's just not mw.

Im from the Gen X generation that was into other cultures or world culture before creepy social etiquette like Diversity was made mandatory.

What the system wants ISNT DIVERSITY. They want all races and cultures tamed and molded into corporate consumers who can gather in Starbucks and feel good about belonging to the same social or economic class. That is not Diversity.

In fact artists and activists are doing works and research that prove that genuinely interesting diverse cultures from around the earth that have taken millenia to evolve ARE DISAPPEARING due to modernization.

That's why someone like me has to be made into an ignorant backwards type person with constant now race based harassment and mind control.

So no one realizes that YUPpie culture or fake alternative culture or the spread of prison bound black ghetto culture to all the lower classes IS NOT DIVERSITY  or appreciating the beauty of the worlds cultures.

Believe me after all I've seen what they want are easy to control hives. Cookie cutter lifestyles that continue to feed polluting industries.

That are going to kill all humans no matter what your backround is.

Of course this gives the perfect opportunity to the Technomancer bad guys who will come to humanity's rescue and create synthetic human body parts and environment control domes for us to live under.

And that isnt a good idea...when like many of us YOU KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT the technologies and chemical influences that exist that can control or manipulate human behavior.

This is a main reason I have to leave this area. Its now a covert warfare battle zone where I no longer have any allies. Basically Im being shelved as a nut case and thats not where I want this life times work to end up.

Besides. What chance do people like me have against the effects of Fukushima?

In a solid country like the USA I could be accepted and exist as poor and houseless becuz Im doing something worthy and the country can afford to support my work especially since its they that put me out here.

But thats changing and if something like Fukushima starts lowering food supplies or air or water or useable land you know that physical needs will come first and I will be considered unimportant and left to die.

It feels like that's whats happening already. As if on a base unconscious level, the public sense theres something life threatening coming or beginning. People are becoming sick from the combination of many pollutants and crappy food as well as medicines.
Electromagnetic pollution and radiation from many sources of fallout or leak not just the Japan facility.

People in the USA are getting sick. They dont see it but I see the changes and Ive been to the west coast.

Northwest is the worst. Your human instinct keeps you from going into the ocean. Its so super scary.

People even here are getting greedier, more emotionally flat and insane. Its beginning.
More protective of what they have.

This is going to turn into something very nasty.
Theres already been multiple people in Cali who are famous we've heard about getting cancer.

Its something the public are being kept from thinking about.

Its time for anyone targeted to consider their future in relation to the Fukushima fallout threat.

Do you honestly believe we wont be the first ones pushed aside or left to starve?

ITS ALREADY HAPPENING on a very sma scale.

I haven't worked to survive my whole life so that idiots who were never as smart or talented as me but were part of a huge mob funded by powerful rich special interests assholes can survive and flourish while I perish.

Its time to start thinking about Fukushima not being targeted exclusively.

The info I felt was important to put in a book doesn't even matter now. Its not going to matter when radiation destroys so much that society becomes something people our age dont want to see.

Its already gotten very nasty and viscous if not savage compared to what we grew up with.

Its time to get away from the morons in the United States and find someplace livable becuz this isn't anymore.

And you might as well get harassed in a place you actually like in a culture that suites you by people you can respect.

I've been pretending to like America for 44 years and now its necessary for survival to seek life elsewhere.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Millenials Destroying Boston-And A Huge Problem For TIs

Millenials are a huge problem for being targeted in a city like Boston.

All young people are stupid about how things really work and nasty to older people for the most part but these kids are dangerous.

Imagine my mother's generation with their self focus and thinking whatever social justice fads and philosophies are leaked down from the intelligentsia is the way society should be molded (which of course its not and they are being manipulated) but then add mass communications and spy equipment.

This is what makes this generation dangerous and a major threat to whatever is left of society.

To them mobbing comes naturally due to mass communications being utilized in everyday life.

Notice that the only thing they are afrais of is a smart phone with a camera on it.
If you pull out technology in Boston not only will you get respect you dont deserve if they are mobbing someone the site of a smart phone may as well be a gun you just pulled out.

This is how sick and warped these kids are. Mostly in college areas.

In Cali traveling you meet tons of young people who are rebellious as hell against the system and understand alot of whats wrong with it.

Its no longer a city for an activist against the established power structure especially the military or intelligence apparatus.

I also believe that alot of the mobbing is a covert warfare campaign against homeless people which also speaks to how scary America has become.

They seem  so ignorant of politics and abuses of power it never occurs to them homeless people may be blacklisted citizens.

All young people are Assholes we were too but these kids' in Boston seem to have no class and no manners yet at the same time they are uptight, boring and as conformist as a hive of insects.

I suppose I should have heeded warnings about leaving the US in 2012 but I just couldn't do it then.

Its amazing how anti homeless they have everyone here now. Its really helping the NWO take hold and of course I still believe that alot of the shitty homeless are enabled, encouraged or agents destroying any homeless scene thats too close to knowledge and power.

Its impossible for me to do what I do in a city like Boston with so many millenial age kids.
Other places maybe but not here. NY must be a nightmare.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Got Antibiotics For Tooth-Health Deteriorating Steadily Since Fukushima, Colonoscopy and Abortion

Since 2011 Ive aged. I had to have a colonoscopy. I had an abortion where something was done very wrong with two years of back pain and whats felt like scarring even possibly a new implant in that area (OHSU Oregon was a bad choice).

Since 2014 I have constant trouble with recurring staph that turns cellulitis on my skin. My teeth began rotting at a record pace over past few years.

Down in TX I got something that gave me scary liver pains for almost a year but since a few courses of antibiotics and staying in MA has subsided.

I had been getting this bizarre sort of urinary condition that caused stinging, urgency, incontinence and also seemed to effect the female womb or maybe some scarring I had in that area making it feel like whatever it was could get up inside of that area, and making abdominal muscles uncomfortable when flexed. So letting your stomach and other muscles in that area go loose was more comfortable- a strain on the back.

The only thing that got rid of the recurring UTI type thing was antibiotice which I had been given becuz THAT had been complicated by possible nasty things passed to me by my lover which had complicated that area and my suffering.

After the antibiotics got rid of my probable PID, I noted that the 'UTI thing' that was so weird in its symptoms kept reoccurring.

It seemed to stick to surfaces and clothing so you couldn't avoid reinfection.

Washing didn't help. You had to get new things. It has been much harder operating without my Traveler uniform-no nice boots, no overalls, no Carhartt anything, no patches. My good gear has stayed in layaway as Im afraid to ruin it and then have to get rid of it.

Its been thrift store and $6 Walmart sweats for a few months now. My identity has been lost and without my armour I am much less effective. I don't scare YUPpies.
I dont transmit to normals I have a tribe. I have a community I belong to.
It was never planned it just ended up that way.
Ive been in my gym, anywhere in the USA and bitches try to start being community watch creeps-just the sight of my Chippewas made them leave me alone.

So this weird UTI thing seems to be partly cleaned away by Lysol spray but moreso CLOROX wipes which have no bleach in them actually but as long as we had unseasonably warm 60° weather this thing stuck around.

It seems to have snowed and been cold enough that it killed it off but my doc also suggested the handwash docs use on my skin. Since Im allergic Ive used antibacterial soap.

That and perhaps my constant changing clothes and the cold has thankfully made that go away.
It was very distracting. It made planning and executing plans very difficult.
I still dont know what it was or how I acquired it. It seemed to be in Providence RI, Somerville and parts of Cambridge. IT WOULD GO AWAY IF YOU STAYED OUTSIDE THE CITY LIMITS like at the end of the train lines-Quincy, etc.

Im gonna try to start passing out info about it and other homeless/Traveler health risks out here becuz some of the solutions arent obvious.

I wrote both state health depts but I dont think that will go anywhere.

It almost seemed like a form of chemical warfare as it was odd it stuck to surfaces and clothing.
I fuckin won. I killed it. I regained my health thats all that matters.

People dont realize how sick of a city Boston would be if the cold and snow didn't kill things and clean this place.

My tooth cracked and a slice fell out. I thought it would be ok but I guess it went down to the jaw and got infected.

I gotta go get it pulled.

Thats my point. Im getting a little worried about having to keep taking antibiotics nowadays and my teeth rotting and breaking. Wtf?

My mother claimed she had a doctor who just kept her on antibiotics permanently at a certain point. I dont want to live like that and Im to the point where I feel like Im cheating death every time I have to take pills to keep me alive.

Yet this is a false or altered time line. I am also obligated to stay alive long enough to deliver information from a to b. That is my function.

So I will do whatever I have to.

But it is getting a bit worrisome like why are conditions so difficult now?

I think the break up of our little community as well as less places to sleep and feel safe, less places to rest or safe spaces for women during the day-generally making homelessness harder, and the stress of it contributing to disease is whats going on.

Being outside more means more exposure than other people to radiation fallout and pollution.

Emotionally also im more isolated and stress is contributing to my becoming ill. This of course is all by design....and I'll beat that too.

And I'll get my damn boots, bibs, proper skanks and zero bag when I leave the area so I can enjoy the benefits of armor once again.

Looking for vest to permanently put patches on.

They probably think I'd given up the identity Id formed over these many years.

But it did teach me to function under other conditions not just with what I was used to.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Did I ever mention that ALL the scum in CENTRAL SQUARE Cambridge MA can go f#ck themselves?

From the Middle East club to the crooked crsck head cops to the ABC pizza slime joint to the Tavern to all the scum from 240 Albany (rats) to the foriegn psychos at 7-11.

All the assholes who own the cafes, bookstores and especially Out Of The Blue Gallery.
And especially McDonald's.

Walgreens and CVS have endless perps as employees.


Salvation Army is full of scum sucking sexist pussies stuck eternally in the prison yard mentality.

Fuck you.

The place is a harassment war zone.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Fuck BOSTON Fuck Boston Fuck Boston Fuck Boston Fuck Boston Fuck Boston Fuck Boston Fuck Boston Fuck Boston Fuck Boston Fuck Boston, Fuck Boston Fuck Boston Fuck Boston Fuck Boston Fuck Boston  Fuck Boston Fuck Boston..
I will continue this later lol

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Posts Have Degenerated Into Reactionary Instead Of For Readers

Uh yeah Im getting fucked up out here. Its realllly bad in Boston. I realize now the weight of the situation and this is a city thats changed to the point of it actually not being safe to be here. Its interesting how bad the constant non stop harassment and gesturing is but yet it seems that theres a strong component of chemical influence and tech becuz I can think clearly again when I go inside or GO OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS.

And theres no support system anymore. I dont have a home or people who are friends anymore. \

I hear people talking about a gang people are part of around here.

Everything has degenerated since key people left in office or died. Its obvious they kept it on the level of the old school organized crime and also guarded against the stupid shits that have now filled in the voids..

So now ever single person seems to be part of this whos in Harvard Sq.. Its simply not safe in the city limits due to what seems like heavy tech influence. That and the amount of total idiots doing gang stalking harassment makes for an area thats impossible to function in or even stay sane.

I know theres better parts of the United States as opposed to this area thats now totally sold out and infiltrated since the old guard left or died. I have to tear myself away from whatever Im attached to here. Yet theres something out there in public spaces that is trying to keep me here and its impossible to fight it.

Everything I post now isnt thought out its reactionary. Its a horrible existence and its unecesary becuz simply going outside the city limits I can think clearly again and I feel I have a returned sense of Self.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

America The Great Deception

This has become so much harder to keep going with this project when my power and support system has been taken from me in the place I made into my homebase many years ago. Also having my second home become impossible to ever visit again-California (Fukushima radiation).

Ever since the new people took office in eastern Massachusetts and the govenorship Im no longer supported even tolerated.

All I can do now is tie up lose ends and quietly take legal action someplace removed from this area.

Theres no way they are going to be held responsible in their own terrotiry.

I never expected this part of America or any other to be honest or take responsibility for their war crimes or ruining multiple people's lives to get their goals met.

This country has a pattern with me of having to take away anything I built. They can't just leave me alone to do what I want or need to.

They make sure Im left with nothing over and over again.

This is why the United States is hated. This is why its the most evil empire in history. Why Americans are selfish greedy and the most Satanic cult mind controlled people on earth. (If they wete a country of many individual strong individualist Satanists that would be tolerable.)

America sucks and it exploits people ans nations but refuses to admit it.

Even Rome was openly bloodyminded.

And whats more sickening is the introduction of Equality. Its difficult to watch a nation full of total liars hand power over to foriegners and African Americans simply becuz THEY WILLL NOW SERVE THE AMERICAN AGENDA TO EXPLOIT AND DOMINATE the rest of world.

When it comes to the United States its all deception and illusion. There IS no such thing as freedom.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Motley Crüe Raps Up, Sells Out

(It looks like P. Diddy Puffy whatever is being hugged by Jim Jones..or Elvis.

Goddamit. They mustve been hanging out with Erik Prince and gotten into his time machine.



I knew there was a reason Crue only had 2 good songs. Okay, Dr Feelgood is passable-the long not radio version.

Of course Nikki Sixx's radio show is a total sell out also.

What does it matter when you were on the fringe of hair band genre to begin with?

I guess Cobain was correct: "no famous people, we're f#cking". An infamous note outside his door one day telling the world he and the missus were indisposed.

I guess self interest is best and celebrity is pretty useless.