“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fukushima Survival Should Be Targets' Main Concern As Of Now/ Apocalyptic Atmosphere Being Created In Boston Area

Amusing perp in a Cambridge Dunkin Donuts.

Shes a totally nerdy Liberal type scrawny small older and white. Shes taken to playing rap music kind of loud from her tablet as a tactic.
First she started by sitting practically on top of my gear.

Then she discussed travel with me after asking where I was from then I was disappointed when she gave more validation to being a possible perp by asking the ever dreaded question:
"Where are you going next if you dont mind me asking?".
(Now after the rap shes playing some anti racist musical performance type stuff.
After the speaker-rapper used profanity. She apologized and said she didnt know they would use swears. I claimed I wasnt listening.
She said she didnt want to offend this person [at the counter-me.]
I wanted to say that swears dont offend me being from Boston we all have sailor's mouths but that anti racist content offends me these days becuz its all a lie to push through the NWO.
So of course they are trying to get you to tell the truth but the truth is either something offensive to the PC culture now or sounds crazy. Always avoid both if possible.)


It was so annoying.
Harvard Sq and the metro Boston area generally has become unlivable as  a Target. Theres some influence thats used from Mon-Friday that is making it dangerous to be here.

Someone said its coming down from higher ups like the new govenor.

Its so bad Im gonna have to make a video about it.

It promotes general ill health.
Teeth rot faster. Tiredness. Overeating. Gloom and doom.
And after doing reading on Fukushima I realize that its going to become an issue in years to come. Perhaps that's why FEMA bought all those containers and bullets.

How can humans contain the damage from Fukushima or any other facility?

Its certainly made me anti nuclear anything from now on.

Thats the difference in the environment. Used to be that one could feel content and connected to humanity even with the worst circumstances foreseeable in the future.  Its seems like a sort of apocalyptic sort of atmosphere is being created. On purpose and by design with the technologies and chemical influences that have been used for years in countries like the United States.

Also like this woman who was beside me in DD (who eventually gave up and left) they are trying to create racism.

The Chinese gang stalking here is very bad now and I NEVER thought I could resent Orientals or Indians. But now I use phrases like 'gooks' and 'dot heads' far too frequently and that's just not mw.

Im from the Gen X generation that was into other cultures or world culture before creepy social etiquette like Diversity was made mandatory.

What the system wants ISNT DIVERSITY. They want all races and cultures tamed and molded into corporate consumers who can gather in Starbucks and feel good about belonging to the same social or economic class. That is not Diversity.

In fact artists and activists are doing works and research that prove that genuinely interesting diverse cultures from around the earth that have taken millenia to evolve ARE DISAPPEARING due to modernization.

That's why someone like me has to be made into an ignorant backwards type person with constant now race based harassment and mind control.

So no one realizes that YUPpie culture or fake alternative culture or the spread of prison bound black ghetto culture to all the lower classes IS NOT DIVERSITY  or appreciating the beauty of the worlds cultures.

Believe me after all I've seen what they want are easy to control hives. Cookie cutter lifestyles that continue to feed polluting industries.

That are going to kill all humans no matter what your backround is.

Of course this gives the perfect opportunity to the Technomancer bad guys who will come to humanity's rescue and create synthetic human body parts and environment control domes for us to live under.

And that isnt a good idea...when like many of us YOU KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT the technologies and chemical influences that exist that can control or manipulate human behavior.

This is a main reason I have to leave this area. Its now a covert warfare battle zone where I no longer have any allies. Basically Im being shelved as a nut case and thats not where I want this life times work to end up.

Besides. What chance do people like me have against the effects of Fukushima?

In a solid country like the USA I could be accepted and exist as poor and houseless becuz Im doing something worthy and the country can afford to support my work especially since its they that put me out here.

But thats changing and if something like Fukushima starts lowering food supplies or air or water or useable land you know that physical needs will come first and I will be considered unimportant and left to die.

It feels like that's whats happening already. As if on a base unconscious level, the public sense theres something life threatening coming or beginning. People are becoming sick from the combination of many pollutants and crappy food as well as medicines.
Electromagnetic pollution and radiation from many sources of fallout or leak not just the Japan facility.

People in the USA are getting sick. They dont see it but I see the changes and Ive been to the west coast.

Northwest is the worst. Your human instinct keeps you from going into the ocean. Its so super scary.

People even here are getting greedier, more emotionally flat and insane. Its beginning.
More protective of what they have.

This is going to turn into something very nasty.
Theres already been multiple people in Cali who are famous we've heard about getting cancer.

Its something the public are being kept from thinking about.

Its time for anyone targeted to consider their future in relation to the Fukushima fallout threat.

Do you honestly believe we wont be the first ones pushed aside or left to starve?

ITS ALREADY HAPPENING on a very sma scale.

I haven't worked to survive my whole life so that idiots who were never as smart or talented as me but were part of a huge mob funded by powerful rich special interests assholes can survive and flourish while I perish.

Its time to start thinking about Fukushima not being targeted exclusively.

The info I felt was important to put in a book doesn't even matter now. Its not going to matter when radiation destroys so much that society becomes something people our age dont want to see.

Its already gotten very nasty and viscous if not savage compared to what we grew up with.

Its time to get away from the morons in the United States and find someplace livable becuz this isn't anymore.

And you might as well get harassed in a place you actually like in a culture that suites you by people you can respect.

I've been pretending to like America for 44 years and now its necessary for survival to seek life elsewhere.