“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, January 29, 2016

Millenials Destroying Boston-And A Huge Problem For TIs

Millenials are a huge problem for being targeted in a city like Boston.

All young people are stupid about how things really work and nasty to older people for the most part but these kids are dangerous.

Imagine my mother's generation with their self focus and thinking whatever social justice fads and philosophies are leaked down from the intelligentsia is the way society should be molded (which of course its not and they are being manipulated) but then add mass communications and spy equipment.

This is what makes this generation dangerous and a major threat to whatever is left of society.

To them mobbing comes naturally due to mass communications being utilized in everyday life.

Notice that the only thing they are afrais of is a smart phone with a camera on it.
If you pull out technology in Boston not only will you get respect you dont deserve if they are mobbing someone the site of a smart phone may as well be a gun you just pulled out.

This is how sick and warped these kids are. Mostly in college areas.

In Cali traveling you meet tons of young people who are rebellious as hell against the system and understand alot of whats wrong with it.

Its no longer a city for an activist against the established power structure especially the military or intelligence apparatus.

I also believe that alot of the mobbing is a covert warfare campaign against homeless people which also speaks to how scary America has become.

They seem  so ignorant of politics and abuses of power it never occurs to them homeless people may be blacklisted citizens.

All young people are Assholes we were too but these kids' in Boston seem to have no class and no manners yet at the same time they are uptight, boring and as conformist as a hive of insects.

I suppose I should have heeded warnings about leaving the US in 2012 but I just couldn't do it then.

Its amazing how anti homeless they have everyone here now. Its really helping the NWO take hold and of course I still believe that alot of the shitty homeless are enabled, encouraged or agents destroying any homeless scene thats too close to knowledge and power.

Its impossible for me to do what I do in a city like Boston with so many millenial age kids.
Other places maybe but not here. NY must be a nightmare.