“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Got Antibiotics For Tooth-Health Deteriorating Steadily Since Fukushima, Colonoscopy and Abortion

Since 2011 Ive aged. I had to have a colonoscopy. I had an abortion where something was done very wrong with two years of back pain and whats felt like scarring even possibly a new implant in that area (OHSU Oregon was a bad choice).

Since 2014 I have constant trouble with recurring staph that turns cellulitis on my skin. My teeth began rotting at a record pace over past few years.

Down in TX I got something that gave me scary liver pains for almost a year but since a few courses of antibiotics and staying in MA has subsided.

I had been getting this bizarre sort of urinary condition that caused stinging, urgency, incontinence and also seemed to effect the female womb or maybe some scarring I had in that area making it feel like whatever it was could get up inside of that area, and making abdominal muscles uncomfortable when flexed. So letting your stomach and other muscles in that area go loose was more comfortable- a strain on the back.

The only thing that got rid of the recurring UTI type thing was antibiotice which I had been given becuz THAT had been complicated by possible nasty things passed to me by my lover which had complicated that area and my suffering.

After the antibiotics got rid of my probable PID, I noted that the 'UTI thing' that was so weird in its symptoms kept reoccurring.

It seemed to stick to surfaces and clothing so you couldn't avoid reinfection.

Washing didn't help. You had to get new things. It has been much harder operating without my Traveler uniform-no nice boots, no overalls, no Carhartt anything, no patches. My good gear has stayed in layaway as Im afraid to ruin it and then have to get rid of it.

Its been thrift store and $6 Walmart sweats for a few months now. My identity has been lost and without my armour I am much less effective. I don't scare YUPpies.
I dont transmit to normals I have a tribe. I have a community I belong to.
It was never planned it just ended up that way.
Ive been in my gym, anywhere in the USA and bitches try to start being community watch creeps-just the sight of my Chippewas made them leave me alone.

So this weird UTI thing seems to be partly cleaned away by Lysol spray but moreso CLOROX wipes which have no bleach in them actually but as long as we had unseasonably warm 60° weather this thing stuck around.

It seems to have snowed and been cold enough that it killed it off but my doc also suggested the handwash docs use on my skin. Since Im allergic Ive used antibacterial soap.

That and perhaps my constant changing clothes and the cold has thankfully made that go away.
It was very distracting. It made planning and executing plans very difficult.
I still dont know what it was or how I acquired it. It seemed to be in Providence RI, Somerville and parts of Cambridge. IT WOULD GO AWAY IF YOU STAYED OUTSIDE THE CITY LIMITS like at the end of the train lines-Quincy, etc.

Im gonna try to start passing out info about it and other homeless/Traveler health risks out here becuz some of the solutions arent obvious.

I wrote both state health depts but I dont think that will go anywhere.

It almost seemed like a form of chemical warfare as it was odd it stuck to surfaces and clothing.
I fuckin won. I killed it. I regained my health thats all that matters.

People dont realize how sick of a city Boston would be if the cold and snow didn't kill things and clean this place.

My tooth cracked and a slice fell out. I thought it would be ok but I guess it went down to the jaw and got infected.

I gotta go get it pulled.

Thats my point. Im getting a little worried about having to keep taking antibiotics nowadays and my teeth rotting and breaking. Wtf?

My mother claimed she had a doctor who just kept her on antibiotics permanently at a certain point. I dont want to live like that and Im to the point where I feel like Im cheating death every time I have to take pills to keep me alive.

Yet this is a false or altered time line. I am also obligated to stay alive long enough to deliver information from a to b. That is my function.

So I will do whatever I have to.

But it is getting a bit worrisome like why are conditions so difficult now?

I think the break up of our little community as well as less places to sleep and feel safe, less places to rest or safe spaces for women during the day-generally making homelessness harder, and the stress of it contributing to disease is whats going on.

Being outside more means more exposure than other people to radiation fallout and pollution.

Emotionally also im more isolated and stress is contributing to my becoming ill. This of course is all by design....and I'll beat that too.

And I'll get my damn boots, bibs, proper skanks and zero bag when I leave the area so I can enjoy the benefits of armor once again.

Looking for vest to permanently put patches on.

They probably think I'd given up the identity Id formed over these many years.

But it did teach me to function under other conditions not just with what I was used to.