“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seems Psych Warfare Geared Towards Utilizing Status And Shame

Over the past two years or so its been a near constant campaign to get me to stop identifying as a Traveler. It seems the system wants me to drop that part of my identity and just focus on and identify with being a Targeted Individual-but one who has absolutely no recourse. So I am being directed to just forget about it and settle. For less of course.

I realized this after we had been disrespected frequently in Las Vegas outside the Strip areas, which are ,these days, gone ghetto and the locals are racist, ignorant, rude and territorial. It seems like people moved in from other parts of the country, very different from last time I was here in 2001. An all too familiar story in every major city across this country in the past ten years.

We were getting overt gs action from vehicles around a truck stop area. Then my companion looked up on his phone the legality of hitching in this state. Its legal under certain conditions but up for interpretation by authorities.

Magically all gang stalking activity stopped at the truck stop exit. As if the campaign has been trying all along to use intimidation and mobbing to make us BELIEVE we r doing something frowned upon and illegal.

I now get much more frequent overt harassment based around disrespect from people since my companion joined me travelling. To make me feel like i will always lack status if hes with me.

Well if people dont want me with just anyone then why did they target me to keep me down in life to begin with. I didnt start this remember..

Its probably to try to get me alone again so I can be totally driven into homelessness bad health and madness completely.
As usual the dumb as nails American public probably believe whatever cover story suits them so they can continue to serve as tools of oppression while being self righteous.

I have gotten way more harassment him being with me than alone. Then again perhaps i am going into cities and being a tourist more than I did alone so i am getting to see what a shithole most American cities have degenerated into when YUPpies don't gentrify them and take over.

Theres also still a very strong push to get me to leave the country..as if that is the only solution to any of this.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Disenchanted Aerosmith Fans Can Teach Valuable Lesson In Resisting NWO Psych Warfare


Johnny Depp on backround vocals of a song titled 'Freedom Fighter'? Oh please, how obvious is that? Seriously?

I havent listened to this album nor am I going to, ever. Didnt know of its existence til reading that link.

Ive got two words for Perry as well as anyone who romanticizes Aerosmith's past: Dick Wagner. And I've heard other musicians rumour that even more stand ins were used during the really strung out years.

The only difference between then and now is these days the media allows the public to see they are being cheated instead of working hard to hide it. Its the new NWO way of doing business.
The attitude is that there's plenty of fan base to be had, we dont need YOUR business and btw-watcha gonna do about it anyway? Alienating people from America's once great past for globalization as well as getting people very used to disappointment -as well as humiliation, intimidation and betrayal-are all part of bringing in the Satanic Age.

People like this were self preservationists back in the old days too, now the game is to not care who sees it. Thats what is going on now. Dont fall for it.

And anyONE or any group that is working for the agenda, simply pronounce them dead, remove your loyalties and...remember them as they were.
The secret is that to unravel society they must make it evident that things never WERE as you perceived them to be, therefore you and the world you believed in never existed to begin with. THEN the NWO bullshit can waltz right into your psyche and start building its version of reality for you.

Believe in what you once knew. America and its culture was great once, not a cancer like it is now. Even the illusions were great artworks. Getting people to see art as just math and science without any human soul is the goal of the system now.

Dave Navarro-Masonic Allegations Disproved-Yet Still A Typical SoCal Blithering Idiot


What would any moron in the US from such classes, much less the wasteland known as SoCal know about high magick? Ancient Egypt?

The LA mafia..hmph, dont degrade the age old truly black heartedness of Italians (Cosa Nostra) by referring to anyone from SoCal as 'mafia'. Ive been there multiple times and its simply full of people who think they are white who are in large number in possession of Mex dna.

I just came from there in fact-and its only gotten worse. More intolerance, more YUPpies and the never ending greed, neuvo riche snobbery and a culture that cant seem to grow past the level of teenagers.

I'll tell you how this piss and his bitch former wife got that show years ago-they are GS perp very heavy into media psy ops. Electra's taste in men runs pretty foul anyway. I can't imagine what her family tree looks like..oh wait, yes I can. I wonder what her real last name is.

Another idiot in the crowd who has picked up magickal knowledge here and there. Niiiiccee tattoos. REAL L.A. gang trash lookin. So typical. Classical artwork escapes that entire area.

Ive never set eyes on so many ugly rich people in my life as in SoCal. Tacky dress as well-usually expensive stuff worn inappropriately for size and age. Its no surprise plastic surgery sells as well as it does there.

You want truly beautiful rich go Boston, Austin TX or Nashville. SoCal has an overpopulation of bland-pretty blondes and a bunch of Mex mixes. True Mex women are beautiful, even the overweight ones the YUPies and the tough guy wanna be's are simply ugly.

Ugly, wimpy, skinny, punk ass cowards.

Just like Navarro and every other spoiled music industry twit from L.A.

The Masons are letting just anyone in nowadays..so its possible.

But the predictable Crowley connection seems more likely and the symbol matches up.
Along with the chaotic mess of all the other crap on his arms. I bet he has a girlfriend or two's names with lines through them somewhere on his 'human canvas'.

He's now publicly suspending from meathooks in concert.
First of all mystique of an artist is created by keeping your weird personal habits PRIVATE. Secondly-its been done to death and it could only appeal to normals and YUPs who arent hip enough to have seen it being exploited like fifteen years ago.
People around him are saying its a good alternative to him getting hooked again on chemicals. (What, like Crowley? These little shits do not have the bodies of a mountaineer nor the upbringing of a wealthy Englishmen born centuries ago-give it up).

WHAT ABOUT THE MAGICAL TATTOO? Why doesn't his supposed confidence he used to become a 'divine being' save him???

A little Willpower might work instead-if only his image wasnt simply an illusion created and supported by an industry that does nothing but deceive the public as they force feed them trash daily.

Magic isnt magick.

The only incantation any one in that business understands is 'money talks, bullshit walks'. Its the one mantra they live by. Everyrhing else is bullshit-and so are they.

This little f*cker is a willing tool of the system to get what he wants just like the rest of 'em.
He's only as divine as his team makes him-and if he jumps through the right hoops for the real soecerers in the entertainment industry-who have thousands of years of practice in deception, lying and spreading chaos.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Am Back In A Difficult Position

My trusted companion it seems melts down into a psycho without certain calming substances.

Which means the last few months of safety turn out to be temporary and my plans of having this person help me through the book writing process are through

I believe this person is..lets say a negative force but simply does not know this themselves or they have been fooling me all along and have been working for the system as a handler

Now what am I supposed to do? Its one person who was trustworthy. Its all I had to help out.

And I've gotten so much done and there are news reports that people are rising up and making laws concerning drone programs used by law enforcement. People do need to know whats really going on and they need to know what has happened during Bush.

I cant give up momentum now.

But this arrangement isn't going to work anymore

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Messagw For Perpss In My Home State During The Blizzard

I want my enemies and betrayers back in what I used to call home to know that I am safe even warm in a lovely dry inexpensive location with a trusted companion.

I sincerely hope you sustain damage to your posessions, ability to make money and loved ones due to this storm.

Specifically all that you have gained by engaging in harassment of or tolerating harassment of Targeted Individuals.

I have nothing but wishes for the worst for you.

Unfortunately its always the way that the effective predators in this world always fare well through such conditions.
For the likes of you I wish for the most unusual and severe circumstances to come upon you.

In The USA SRA Survivors Are Denied Healing Even Civil And Human Rights


In America victims of SRA are 'handled' by corrupt therapists to help gang stalk them and keep the victims silenced then over time discredited-permanently. Everyone ignores you. Your blacklisted.

And their damn long time huge house slave' network destroys your life Your considered more a runaway slave than a victim with the right to finally heal.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Screw Up Drives For Greyhound

Greyhound bus #7208 heading to San Bernadino out of San Diego at 0:15 am

. Driver is a total unruly bitch female who has scolded.grown men and women passengers for talking or playing radios at reasobable levels. The bus is hardly even full. Shes fake polire to passengers then acts like she's at a party wirh co workers or some local bar owner jerk in Temecula where she chatted for ten minutes after telling us only five. Which means i cud have gotten my morning coffee in that time. The bar owner made sure to deny he had hot water even before i asked him so being smarter i went to the restaurant next door. In other words who is that local to speak to a greyhound passenger without being spoken to as to control that person ans the situation? It was a power trip...and of course i got my hot water

This driver is a bit too familiar with her route and is obviously on some sort of power trip.

Next time she abuses passengers i am taking audio.

Shes lucky the men she was talking down to were civil types.

Which is probably why she thinks she can get away with it.

This isnt the Bush administration anymore. You cant just do as u please under a badge or uniform.

And fuck youe Obama loving spoilt union whos full of sick fucks. Bus drivers and train workers are some od THE sickest human beings in on GS campaigns..and they hide so well in these jobs.

Btw, Megabus rocks and Greyhound shud b called out legally for being a monopoly.

The Wahlbergs Create Yet Another Payback To The Corrupt City That Started Their


Another bs article that tells a half truth: Boston is the best place in the world for RICH white people.

To be honest the black community that has coexisted for centuries in Boston does pretty well for itself for a LOWER CLASS and POOR community. The POOR WHITES outside of having mob connections in Southie are just as bad or worse off except for 'regular guy' job connections in trade unions. Places like Southie and other poor ethnic EuroAmerican neighborhoods are being taken over anyway (blacks, who've had most of southern Boston for decades, seem to be expanding their territory) Many ungrateful, nasty foriegners now own the mom and pop convenience stores and laundries.

Boston is slowly trying to peramently hide their true power structure of military industrial complex, organized crime and academia as well as old money with diversions like this that are never ending.

The latest nonsense Ive seen is a new tv show with a tv add that focuses on only black cops that claims 'Boston's Finest'.

Uh anyone who knows that town knows the secrets and security of alot of rich people and students doesnt go into the hands of just anyone. Up until recently you couldnt be a cop unless your dad or family member was one.

You cant even get a job in the MBTA without connections.
Now Marky Mark and friends (wheres Ben and Matt? Those tools) again paying back favors to the Boston corrupt system with a new cop show that is anything but reality.


Boston is slowly reinventing its image for the NWO and 21st century, partiallu working off their old image of being a tough town.

Blacks in Boston have it made as long as they serve in their longtime capacity as part of the system. The city wants the true amount of elitism thats there to remain hidden for yet another century.