“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, February 22, 2013

Dave Navarro-Masonic Allegations Disproved-Yet Still A Typical SoCal Blithering Idiot


What would any moron in the US from such classes, much less the wasteland known as SoCal know about high magick? Ancient Egypt?

The LA mafia..hmph, dont degrade the age old truly black heartedness of Italians (Cosa Nostra) by referring to anyone from SoCal as 'mafia'. Ive been there multiple times and its simply full of people who think they are white who are in large number in possession of Mex dna.

I just came from there in fact-and its only gotten worse. More intolerance, more YUPpies and the never ending greed, neuvo riche snobbery and a culture that cant seem to grow past the level of teenagers.

I'll tell you how this piss and his bitch former wife got that show years ago-they are GS perp very heavy into media psy ops. Electra's taste in men runs pretty foul anyway. I can't imagine what her family tree looks like..oh wait, yes I can. I wonder what her real last name is.

Another idiot in the crowd who has picked up magickal knowledge here and there. Niiiiccee tattoos. REAL L.A. gang trash lookin. So typical. Classical artwork escapes that entire area.

Ive never set eyes on so many ugly rich people in my life as in SoCal. Tacky dress as well-usually expensive stuff worn inappropriately for size and age. Its no surprise plastic surgery sells as well as it does there.

You want truly beautiful rich go Boston, Austin TX or Nashville. SoCal has an overpopulation of bland-pretty blondes and a bunch of Mex mixes. True Mex women are beautiful, even the overweight ones the YUPies and the tough guy wanna be's are simply ugly.

Ugly, wimpy, skinny, punk ass cowards.

Just like Navarro and every other spoiled music industry twit from L.A.

The Masons are letting just anyone in nowadays..so its possible.

But the predictable Crowley connection seems more likely and the symbol matches up.
Along with the chaotic mess of all the other crap on his arms. I bet he has a girlfriend or two's names with lines through them somewhere on his 'human canvas'.

He's now publicly suspending from meathooks in concert.
First of all mystique of an artist is created by keeping your weird personal habits PRIVATE. Secondly-its been done to death and it could only appeal to normals and YUPs who arent hip enough to have seen it being exploited like fifteen years ago.
People around him are saying its a good alternative to him getting hooked again on chemicals. (What, like Crowley? These little shits do not have the bodies of a mountaineer nor the upbringing of a wealthy Englishmen born centuries ago-give it up).

WHAT ABOUT THE MAGICAL TATTOO? Why doesn't his supposed confidence he used to become a 'divine being' save him???

A little Willpower might work instead-if only his image wasnt simply an illusion created and supported by an industry that does nothing but deceive the public as they force feed them trash daily.

Magic isnt magick.

The only incantation any one in that business understands is 'money talks, bullshit walks'. Its the one mantra they live by. Everyrhing else is bullshit-and so are they.

This little f*cker is a willing tool of the system to get what he wants just like the rest of 'em.
He's only as divine as his team makes him-and if he jumps through the right hoops for the real soecerers in the entertainment industry-who have thousands of years of practice in deception, lying and spreading chaos.