“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, February 22, 2013

Disenchanted Aerosmith Fans Can Teach Valuable Lesson In Resisting NWO Psych Warfare


Johnny Depp on backround vocals of a song titled 'Freedom Fighter'? Oh please, how obvious is that? Seriously?

I havent listened to this album nor am I going to, ever. Didnt know of its existence til reading that link.

Ive got two words for Perry as well as anyone who romanticizes Aerosmith's past: Dick Wagner. And I've heard other musicians rumour that even more stand ins were used during the really strung out years.

The only difference between then and now is these days the media allows the public to see they are being cheated instead of working hard to hide it. Its the new NWO way of doing business.
The attitude is that there's plenty of fan base to be had, we dont need YOUR business and btw-watcha gonna do about it anyway? Alienating people from America's once great past for globalization as well as getting people very used to disappointment -as well as humiliation, intimidation and betrayal-are all part of bringing in the Satanic Age.

People like this were self preservationists back in the old days too, now the game is to not care who sees it. Thats what is going on now. Dont fall for it.

And anyONE or any group that is working for the agenda, simply pronounce them dead, remove your loyalties and...remember them as they were.
The secret is that to unravel society they must make it evident that things never WERE as you perceived them to be, therefore you and the world you believed in never existed to begin with. THEN the NWO bullshit can waltz right into your psyche and start building its version of reality for you.

Believe in what you once knew. America and its culture was great once, not a cancer like it is now. Even the illusions were great artworks. Getting people to see art as just math and science without any human soul is the goal of the system now.