“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seems Psych Warfare Geared Towards Utilizing Status And Shame

Over the past two years or so its been a near constant campaign to get me to stop identifying as a Traveler. It seems the system wants me to drop that part of my identity and just focus on and identify with being a Targeted Individual-but one who has absolutely no recourse. So I am being directed to just forget about it and settle. For less of course.

I realized this after we had been disrespected frequently in Las Vegas outside the Strip areas, which are ,these days, gone ghetto and the locals are racist, ignorant, rude and territorial. It seems like people moved in from other parts of the country, very different from last time I was here in 2001. An all too familiar story in every major city across this country in the past ten years.

We were getting overt gs action from vehicles around a truck stop area. Then my companion looked up on his phone the legality of hitching in this state. Its legal under certain conditions but up for interpretation by authorities.

Magically all gang stalking activity stopped at the truck stop exit. As if the campaign has been trying all along to use intimidation and mobbing to make us BELIEVE we r doing something frowned upon and illegal.

I now get much more frequent overt harassment based around disrespect from people since my companion joined me travelling. To make me feel like i will always lack status if hes with me.

Well if people dont want me with just anyone then why did they target me to keep me down in life to begin with. I didnt start this remember..

Its probably to try to get me alone again so I can be totally driven into homelessness bad health and madness completely.
As usual the dumb as nails American public probably believe whatever cover story suits them so they can continue to serve as tools of oppression while being self righteous.

I have gotten way more harassment him being with me than alone. Then again perhaps i am going into cities and being a tourist more than I did alone so i am getting to see what a shithole most American cities have degenerated into when YUPpies don't gentrify them and take over.

Theres also still a very strong push to get me to leave the country..as if that is the only solution to any of this.