“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, February 28, 2011

My young friend just got her section 8 and shes enrolled in college. Its that easy. See how life is 4 people who arent targeted?
My birthday 2day.Dont feel targeted. Typical. Feels like 2005.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Octupus Analogy

Yeah Im pretty much done with a country that allows itself to be pushed around and exploited by multiple administrations while focusing on bullshit. Like targeting people becuz they all live in denial. I am sick of living in a country that is so stupid and petty that they actually believe this is about say, my cover story and that I deserved this. That is how backwards it is here. I think I now fully understand the impossibility of such a nation. And why I should have left in my 20's when people kept telling me to.

Only here would there be such a hate campaign against someone who is kept down- then the public only serve the oppressors. They seem to like doing that. And personally I cant live with it anymore. Its a big, dumb country. Ive seen it. Only small pockets of it are tolerable or certain areas as well as very specific populations.

This older rich guy in Central Sq Cambridge started talking about the middle east and I told him I didnt pay attention. I was panhandling as I am broke for a few days. After all his bs he didnt give me anything, and he did it out of arrogance which is the American habit if being convinced you understand what is going on and what everyone's situation is. He was the typical brainwashed American and his world view was frightening.

He talked of all the dictators being brought down from power. I mentioned that nothing ever happens over there without covert activities influencing events from American factions. He acknowledged this and actually believed that such factions (such as CIA) becuz they are now openly documented as putting many such people in power, that taking dictators out of power was a good thing. He described the revolutions "around the world" as cutting off the tentacles of the octupus and eventually all that is left is the head, America being the head.

Do you see now how the Left has been brainwashed into supporting a break down of society and the world in general. What is going on is the NWO which is very orchestrated indeed. And nothing occurs without the help of the silent hand really, so why would these events be any different. He actually believed that 'the people' were fully behind the revolutions world wide. That finally a revolution here was a good idea.

So....some people just do not see that this is being orchestrated to create a NWO, the one that is talked about by many people in vid on in audio and print over the years. The missing piece of information is MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES as sell as other methods. If that is necessary to built any sort of reality then its a reality that should be held in suspicion. I can only hope that most educated people dont think like this guy, but he IS the people which is scary.

Yet many of these 'people' are so mind controlled perhaps even individually that they may speak of such things publicily but they are aware of much more privately. Lou Gheppeti used to stop and talk to other people in his art studio building, discussing the latest microwave weapons on the front page of the newspaper. This he would discuss briefly in passing and it was usually with disapproval, then privately he would know so much about covert ops, psychological operations etc a a reality in society.

This is why you have so much harassment supporting the agenda and it doesnt make sense considering that it appears like the public has no idea about what is going on. I would love to know just what percentage of the population knows about organized stalking and harassment that does not let on.

I can tell that guy I conversed with left more concerned about how I know such things than being enriched by our conversation.

The Cult of Oprah

My issue with this is not a Christian one. Its with the idea that by usurping a religious figure, you end up making yourself the messiah. Looking at Oprah's face on ever single month on her mag cover is testament to that.
The Church of Oprah Exposed

Oprah shouldnt have the power to turn her fans over to anyone: not new age doctrine, not Dr Phil, not Dr. Oz, not Obama.
This is why Church and State are separated. Unfortunately in our country there is a kind of ignorance that is due to the sexism in America. Women are allowed this kind of carelessness and actually will get people to listen more so than a man due to no woman in the US ever being held to the responsibility of a male, say, as president or a religious leader. Woman is still seen as something benign and benevolent- as long as she doesnt fit into some perceived role of fallen woman or woman of immoral character. Women can still blind to the facts by being seen as the Great Mother, which is dangerous. Its also very sad, for if only the popular religions would have a Great Mother (whos not a damn virgin and thus controlled) perhaps spiritual matters related to the feminine would stay where they belong.

Another thing NO ONE SEES is that yet again, Oprah has to seek the council of a male! Why not a female spiritual adviser? Oprah brings lambs to slaughter, she in herself is not a savior. The day she starts seeking female power figures advice is the day she gets any trust from me or other self respecting females in this country.

Dont Drink The Kool-Aid: Oprah, Obama and The Occult

I wouldnt call this 'occult' but anything NOT Christian to them is occult.

(Oprah comments on Obama's Pastor) Its more about her new age brainwashing activities.

I may not like Michelle Obama but I see now her smart move in distancing herself from Oprah.

I am sick and tired of living in a country where I am stuck in between PC brainwashed lily whites, really dumb poor whites who are slaves themselves, psychotic poor African Americans and snooty doing-well progressive African Americans (not psychotic but still angry and often arrogant). The non stop race wars covering for class wars.

I am going to take a serious lesson from this as I also have been guilty of talking about belief systems and also dealing with a political issue. I think that's due to the subject matter I deal with being so confusing spiritually and having alot of spiritual and belief manipulation to gain enslavement.

Can we elect Michelle Obama instead of her husband? Id be up for that, I really would. I am sick of men in office I dont like. At least it would be a woman.
I dont think the USA really does support women. Someone described to me a few days ago that women's rights in the USA are cultural not legal, so they come and go with administrations and changes in culture.
Its interesting that Oprah does not tackle the 'pain body' of females in general or even classes but went right for race.

It counts for a few examples in brain washing, coercion and subliminals I guess.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Uhhh I am reconsidering if its a good thing or not to have a space on blogger where I can freely and without responsibility bitch about anything. It has kind of become a place where hatred comes out that I don't feel has consequence on my other activism but it probably does reflect on it.

Uh, yeah. May NOT be a good idea to have a space right next to the office if you will where I can do as I please freely. Its getting kinda messy. However those rants on ONGANGSTALKING were just ridiculous. I still want to spend time cleaning it up over years.

What I need is to give Boston a break. Face it that since late Clinton this place has been turned into a suck heap and its worse now than I ever have seen it. I need wide open spaces not conquerable by man as well as some native energies.

Mother Mary as Psy Ops Campaign

All the excuses that have been used to validate this campaign are of course, all covert in nature themselves becuz no one is willing to admit that such a thing even exists to begin with.

The reason is that it was and is illegal and severely abusive. What happened to me lines up neatly with Bush's timeline of torture in this country and abroad, perpetrated by state actors of the country.

All of the tactics to keep me quiet have been such things as:
-you deserved it
-you needed reform
-you wanted everything handed to you on a silver platter (strangely my mother's sentiment life long to me as well)
-you needed to learn control or you needed to unlearn behaviors
-you needed to learn you were not the only person in the world
-it was for the good of all
-you were dangerous and a threat
These are things said to me directly for the most part by gang stalkers or jerks in person. Some are continued through ideations mentally or emotionally.

All of these are brainwashing tactics. Every single one. I look at the lives of others and I see there are people who are much more selfish, self centered and greedy than myself and they have the lives they desire by thier own hand.

Another problem is that someone out there is trying to get me to go for sainthood. This is very disturbing as this is kind of what occurred with the case of Anneliese Michel.
I firmly believe that all of this is to cover for ritual abuse as well as programming and/or human experimentation.
By the way this happened in GERMANY where Nazi human experimentation came out of to begin with. I dont trust this one bit.

I think that this happening to people from Catholic families is a front. The Catholicism is used as a front for what happens to the person. I was never baptized and I have more evidence of high level programming, Masonic connection as well as Satanic cult activity as far as my own memories go than some bizarre Catholic possession. In my case I am sure this is all a front or yet another brain washing scheme to cover for what I discovered years ago to be the truth. What is so disturbing is the similarities between myself and Anneliese Michel. Thankfully I was never baptized and I believe this in itself may save me from being subjected to being damned or believing in such a thing. I grew up around Catholicism never taking part in it.
And I never believed all the guilt and nonsense that went along with it either. ALso this may be the work of whoever was behind the Inquisition, and other times in history that seek to destroy women or to keep humans down by denying them their birthright to psychic power.

To look at the early picture of Anneliese Michel has always bothered me. She looks almost like me when I was younger. Except I was alot..prettier. I had some sort of natural grace, and that has, I think saved me from a worse fate. I can see the Satanic influence however in her and if one looks at a later photo one can plainly see Satanic influence present.

Her mother doesnt look too wholesome either. They may have been a Satanic family line or had some sort of evil like that within the family. Someone really sick in the family may have been brainwashed into the idea that the family had sins that needed to be atoned for and sold out Anneliese Michel as an actual scapegoat or human sacrifice for such purposes, which of course, would be a naturally Satanic thing to do which would be thier nature. Catholicism isnt about Christ. Its track record is about greed, black magic and torture. Its good side is art, selfless work and warrior like spirit in the interest of doing good or helping people and a preservation of a female pagan entity. But there is something way too scary about Catholicism for it to be trusted. Its male centric, its ritualistic and its track record for violence, greed and black magic suck. They are certainly not to be trusted. As an Italian I know damn well that the church is just Rome re inventing its influence and thier involvement in political affiars shows this to be true.

Its interesting that her family and those priests let her die, due to her believing that she must suffer for the wayward youth, her family and the sins of the priests and church in Germany.
She heard voices, all that good sh*t that comes along with v2k and being targeted, in a country notorious for Nazi human experimentation. I wouldnt put it past hte Vatican to have such access to mind control either. Thier record for torture puts them very high on the suspect list.

She claimed to hear mother Mary.
And yes, I like the idea of mother Mary as a female entity for women to find solace in. But I know she is Diana undercover and other facets of female spiritual figures.
In many instances Mother Mary has been pushed on me, through planted materials in the physical world to ideations of Mary. I am not falling for it. When you have perps doing what they do for years on end using props and playing games then they go to this bs as a new brainwashing ploy it reeks of psy ops once again. And it also reeks of yet another way to get rid of me or silence me for good.
I have actually had people in places that were targeted by tech anyway, leave out books about Mary and you could just tell- the timing and the way it was done. The placement was too neat, too perfect. Contrived.

It would be the ultimate sexist ploy to pawn off a woman you wanted to get rid of on Mother Mary as a sacrifice. As a crime based in deception, it reeks of being misogynistic. What a great way to contain such a woman, what a great way to make her finally feel she was powerful as was her birthright. Kind of like the way they leaned on poor Elizabeth the I until she worse white face paint to compete with the Virgin Mother. Until she felt so owned by England and her responsibility to it, that she had no womanhood left of her own.

THAT is what this is an attempt to do and its not going to f*cking work. I have been amused by this ploy for some time and its about time its stopped too.
These are war crimes plain and simple. They are technically illegal. These actions go against human and civil rights in the US as well as some internationally.

Maybe I should get a DNA test done. Maybe instead of featuring Barbara Bush's resemblance to Vlad the Impaler I should study perhaps my own resemblance to any one of the blood line ancestors, perhaps there is something to a campaign so determined to put a woman in her place as this. And maybe there is some truth to Brice Taylor's (Susan Ford) claim that all mind controlled slaves are in bloodline that relates back to Queen Elizabeth.
Becuz I am getting awfully sick of this nonsense. My entire life was wasted and here I am still contending with continued attempts to free myself of conmen and thier (traitor) female counter parts. Becuz every single part of this is a huge CON JOB and dont you forget it.

Hmm royal blood in the veins eh? Is this what they fear so? But its not the lineage that matters its the power that comes with that DNA, that is what they fear. Of course not only are such beliefs delusional but without money nor both parents to collect DNA from, its impossible to tell if that has any truth in it at all. Perhaps its some other DNA from somewhere they are nervous about.

These constant deceptions are just so boring really.

Its very simple really. Every little girl dreams of growing up to be a princess right? Which of course I never did but since being reduced to such a creature through constant torture, and being somewhat of a child via never being allowed to grow out of compartmentalization via programming, it makes sense that this need or platuea can be satisfied by brainwashing the person into being a princess whos power is kept in check by something so oppressive as religion. Its the spiritual equivelant of goddess but its nicely controlled by selfless suffering and the patriarchy.

Again, yet another set of circumstances of another person who seems targeted matches up in many ways exactly with someone who KNOWS they are targeted. Which means the chances of this indeed being bs as it seems it is are greatly improved. And you have the proof right in front of you. That poor woman suffered herself to death for some very selfish and mind controlled people around her. Hmm, sounds exactly like my situation.

The main goal is to try to get the deprogrammed mc slave off track by constantly pushing for new means of CULT MIND CONTROL. And the idea that Mother Mary wants you to stay a virgin for life and not live normally and do oh-so-good-deeds in penance is certainly cult mind control.

Post By Text 2/26/11

-Every1 thinks the system won. All the rich people & their houseslaves and handlers. That i'm done. Its over. They finally beat me down 2 b on their level.
-Just becuz i lay low & rest doesnt mean the war is over or that i am ever going 2 truly tolerate peoples bullshit. This country is full of shit & guilty of war 10:41:00 AM
-Crimes. The .U.S imported war criminals & furthered their activities and commited more atrocities. Harassment & stalking doesnt change that. 11:26:00 AM

Friday, February 25, 2011

Portraying a TI as Hateful to Validate a Campaign

I recall Laura, Romney's spawn, really making a point to make clear that I am perceived as someone who hates people anyway. That is the way it was worded, that I hate people to begin with so my being harassed and stalked is of no consequence.

The reason I sound hateful at any time is not that I hate people, but that I have been abused and oppressed to the point of becoming hateful. Also what she was also intimating is that my being hateful was a well known issue. That that is the impression people have of me in general. And just how would the public get such an impression of me to begin with?

It doesnt matter what you see on hidden camera vids or cell phone vids or any such media. Those clips are all taken out of context and the Target can be pushed into reacting in such ways that make excellent smear content. Nowadays, the idea that hidden cam vids are candid is not valid. Alot of harassment and psychological warfare goes into making the Targeted person into the blithering, loudmouthed, hateful half insane person we often see break down in the tabloids or in supposed candid hidden cam vids or audio. Its called a set up and that is what the DirtyTricks Dept does and it does so with precision as an art form.
They are not stupid but they know the public has been rendered so. While yer watching crap like Two and A Half Men, the DirtyTricks Dept is tearing apart countries with revolutions and destroying lives with sophisticated psychological warfare.

You dont have all the information to make an informed decision but the key is to make you believe you have the truth- in real time on hidden cameras.

That is also why the hidden cam idea is so attractive. The public believes that hidden cams reveal what people are really like, what they are really up to outside the public eye. As if the DirtyTricks Dept may not have gotten there first and been torturing the person for years on end. Then they ensure cameras are 'hidden' in the right location as they are sure the time is right to get what they want on video.

Becuz that is what happened to me and I am sure it happened to various other Targets as well. Its called manipulation..of information specifically.

The Psy Ops Torture Known as 'Two and a Half Men' Gets Pulled

Ahh. Finally some true relief. Two and a Half Men is a psy ops piece of garbage that perps have been telling me they idolize as thier favorite show for years. One perp may actually have been done away with due to letting on that I was right about it containing psy ops content.

Its always hard for me to tell if the stars of these shows or movies know what they are doing when the shows content is specific to a Targeted Individual or many TI's for that matter.

I always take into consideration that Sheen is possibly targeted due to his outspoken views on 9-11. ALWAYS. And I realize that the gs system is very sinister and deceptive.
It could be that a person like Sheen, who lets say is targeted, is put into a show with heavy psy ops, to then psych out either one or more TI's who then believe he is personally 'in on it', which is what looks like was done to get Diana Napolis so totally insane in acting out and attacking celebrities.
The reality is that those celebrities may be in on it par the course of doing business for themselves but they may also be fellow Targets. You have to look very carefully at what has occurred linking that person to other TI's via media.

Also there may also be a change of heart or a person in Sheen's position finally realizing what he is involved in.

His outspoken attitude towards 9-11 is either to draw targets in, deflect his other covert activity like being in a show thats was used in psy ops like Two and a Half Men or he is genuinely outspoken and now genuinely targeted.
In that case, the system takes advantage of his weaknesses to drive him towards ruin as is done to other TI's.

As a female TI, especially being attacked by parties so into oppressing females, Sheen was always suspect due to his battering of women. Its kind of like looking at Ted Kennedy advocating for FFCH and then looking at his family's track record with expendable women such as Marylin Monroe and wondering which is the true motive.
Many of these men's action concerning 9-11 or TI advocacy doesnt match thier attitudes towards women, which in my case I must be ever watchful of.

What he pulled is hysterical. Many people with any sense of taste and any brains dislike sitcoms altogether much less Two and a Half Men.

He referred to the show as "dribble" and a "pukefest that everybody worships." (I think the proper word is drivel not dribble). And yes, it is show that receives too much admiration considering its content.

I still dont trust this rant as it being on Alex Jones and mirroring so many TI's sentiments about Hollywood and media in our society. He might even be trying this stunt as a way to change his career as being a 'bad boy' he can actually get away with this and probably work at some point later.
Its purpose might even be to give TI's a false sense of security so that they start talking outright about the show in terms of psy ops and look even more unstable and mental.

The show is also very sexist and no one sees that due to it having a cute fat kid in it as well as a goofy endearing single parent. The show is deceptive from the start as upon viewing it. I thought they were a gay couple which seemed really daring and cool for network TV. Alas you get sucked in on that only to realize that its about an obnoxious fat kid that should be put on a diet and taught some manners. Get rid of the maid as well.
America thrives on dysfunction and imperfection.

Don't know how much he had to do with the writing or if he knows where the material comes from at all, but SOMEBODY involved with that show does know and has over the years done alot of very detailed attacks on at least a few TI's out there through Two and a Half Men.

It could be that Sheen, being self serving, is simply done with his part in this and wishes to junk the people around him in self interest and in getting his own little show.
It could also be that this entire incident is an act by Sheen as well as the others involved in Two and A Half Men. If Sheen walks away the show might just die out without him but if he walks away in this manner, then people might be so outraged that its like kicking him out and he can be replaced more easily and Two and A Half can go on. Its also a way of him getting out of the show and going to something new without disappearing into obscurity.

And I do NOT trust Alex Jones. Mostly I dont trust the fact that no females are as visible talking about the issues like Jones or even Sheen. And the sexist nature of Two and A Half matches Sheen's inclinations with females as well as between the both of them, keeps out any females who are coming out with the same sentiments.

I recall this creepy People magazine ad years ago, during Bush. It had this photo spread of a get together with what seemed like the Who's Who of celebrity domestic violence: Charlie Sheen, Jackson Browne, Stephen Tyler and Gary Busey were all in the photos. It was presented as just celebrities hanging out but one couldn't help but take in the one commonality among all these famous men.
So I dont trust this isnt just another attempt at co opting someone else's work or style, probably a female who is outspoken in a similar manner.

But even if Sheen was aware of the nature of the show, he cannot be held as responsible as the writers and people behind the scenes of media like this, which contains cruel and viscous psychological land mines and ambushes designed to destroy certain Targeted Individuals that they predict might be viewing.
This show is far from the only one to take part in this kind of activity but it does stand out as having some of the most prominent and detailed psy ops content compared to other shows that have taken part in the DirtyTricks Dept over the years.
I think most TI's get smart and just stop watching new movies and TV shows.

This tirade as well as being outspoken about 9-11, all of which cleverly keeps his bad boy image alive in an era where such a thing is not seen in Caucasian males anymore unless they are rap artists and at an age where keeping up a bad boy image is usually not possible.

He may genuinely be oblivious or targeted. I myself dont have enough information to make an informed decision either way.
Whatever the motive, I like the temporary results.

Post By Text Today

-That girl who got caught stealing from her friend by female cop search late wed nite, her friend she stole from let it go w cop becuz she didnt want her 2 catch
- Another case. The girl said they fond cigs stuffed between her legs & i kept hearing something abot medication not being hers.
- I guess it was so minute that cop let it go between friends. Becuz thats what girl got stolen from said in bathroom. She cudnt stop whining abot her cigarettes
-Then after they left she told me she was fuckd up on kilonopins & proceeded 2 ask me where she was, what shelter she was in. She then said she had thot she
-Was in pine st with her mother then said her boyfriend must not even be here then. The next morning the thief was stil sleeping & the girls

...were freaking out due to her not being barred. They started to mob her even before she woke up. Staff then lied to all of them bold faced that the cop had found nothing, which of course means the mob's anger has to go somewhere so they started to mob (through talk) the girl who told the story originally who got her cigarettes stolen as she had woken them up that night with that story.
I did NOT want to see a white girl mobbed but in the first case staff would have screwed up by letting her stay. This was a case of staff not caring about the repercussions of THIER lying to an angry mob of clients. So I took the leader aside and told her that things were stolen, the girls and the cop wanted the matter dropped but that she should indeed watch out for her shit as it could be anyone stealing. (These are women who think they are long timers at Woods Mullen due to being there every day. I thought about it the other day- I have been going there for about 20 years, off and on- very occasionally in my early 20's but still. Its really sad, but welcome to the life of a Targeted Individual.In those days it was mostly due to me bottoming out from drug use. Now there is just no excuse but I note that society always finds one to validate TI's being kept down. The place is notorious for stealing, I mean ANYTHING that isnt nailed down and if you cant protect yourself there then dont go there.) I told her this in confidence but of course having Stockholm Syndrome with the shelter system and being into the idea that race matters with sources of information, she blabbed to staff that a white woman had told her this. Staff of course insisted to her face the opposite story. She had the audacity to claim she was actually in that bathroom when the search occurred which is bs as I was in the shower and peeked out to not see her there. I dont even know if she was on at 1AM or so Wed night.

Guess who is was? The woman I complained about by name that gave me dirty looks the other day on staff in the ladies dorm. I know first hand how corrupt this place is, from years of experience with it. Ive had former employees (that I dont see around anymore) tell me they want to expose the place but cant and that I should do so since I work in such things.
I cannot believe they dont understand that staff lies to them. Staff works for the Man and the city I dont care how black they are.

And another reason I told this woman the truth is becuz she showed such initiative in protecting her people, her area and wanting to help people it was sad to see her duped like that outright.

This is the drive, talent and instinct that is all squelched by a system that feels the shelters are thiers, and the govt's and in a Capitalist society, you dont deserve sh*t- go get a hotel. Its one of the worst areas still for human and civil rights violations existing. Without us, they wouldnt exist, how would they like that? They are so arrogant its outrageous. I dont care how f*cked up the demographic is at Woods Mullen. In the 90's it was run a bit better and that was when it was party central. In an atmosphere that is supposed to be more cleaned up and better run than the partying 90's, why is everyone miserable, lied to, oppressed and really conditions have only changed slightly? Its utter bullshit.

In the end this woman seemed to strike a balance by saying she didnt believe anyone- which is the logical choice when you dont have enough information to make an informed decision.

Yet last night I think I heard something about me in the bathroom. Of course a cure for not knowing the truth is for me to be a rat. That is one of the biggest rumours anyway that was spread for years. I hung out with this older black man just as a friend, as he seemed intelligent and he was kind enough to let me stay at his place occasionally. He had served in the military and it seemed to leave him with some discipline. I heard talk of me of course then having to be a rat as I hung out with "a drug dealer". I know he liked to smoke when I was not around and I dont get into other people's business unless necessary. As if half of the population of Woods Mullen doesnt hang around with drug dealers- for drugs not for company.

A person being "a rat anyway" is the cure for not having control over your situation.

One day I would love to know exactly where I ratted. Are we talking about me being driven insane, stalked, drugged and hit with weapons in my apartment with cameras in the place, and then Scott coming around and torturing information out of me? Or are we talking just an outright lies in framing me as a rat? Or are we talking about my mother's or other connections busting people like Drew for coke so it seems like I am the source of info?

Or are we talking about just another smear bunch of bs, like the one I heard from CONN cops where my Olnick money for that moldy apartment was rumoured to be a payoff for ratting in the fed investigation, which I have documentation to prove otherwise.

Post By Text 2/25/11

Another reason 4 systematic ignoring is 2 induce suicide more easily. 2 make some1 disappear thro gang stalking its like they r already dead so physical dying
-Seems like nothing Seems like nothing
- And i am not one of these believers in being gang stalked til the day u die. 1 just has 2 realize that one was not meant 2 live past ones due date. The only
-Thing that shud not have happened is that one has 2 die under torture. That was unecessary-4 me 2 have 2 die under these circumstances. I shud have been let
-Alone 2 die of suicide programming. I believe its part of spiritual warfare. Its important 4 this faction 2 ensure sme1 like me dies by suicide totally aware
-Of what they r doing. Opposed 2 suicide programming where the soul within is totally innocent and pure. Whoever is behind this must make the spirit within
-Miserable and totaly corrupued be4 suicide. Miserable and totaly corrupued be4 suicide.
-As usual. The rain brings relief. I feel much better. I was sounding very hateful right? I felt psycho a bit. Boston dangerous in winter.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

GS as Social Control Over Women

-Had 2 look @ the face of that .N.A bitch Kim again. Cunt. Shes 1 of those people that knew but just sat bak and did nothing while my life was destroyed by
-Those rich kids and hebes who did it 2 help jake and protect julie. Stupid mindless bitch 8:12:00 PM
-Spineless rich kid trash like the rest of them. Some1 mustve told her they won & i'm on my last legs or totaly discredited so she & every1 else has nothng 2 8:16:00 PM
-Worry about. They r all just so sure of themselves. Jakes new buddies and all their connections. Fuk them. 8:18:00 PM
-Its this fase where i am doing so badly that game now is 2 try 2 make me do smething stupid so every1 who fuked me over can finaly b sure i am out of way 8:22:00 PM
-How many rich brat pieces of shit does it take 2 keepdown 1 targeted dirt poor survivor of mind control? Hundreds if not thousands nationwide 8:27:00 PM
-Sme1 must have me officialy discredited now.Like i dont exist anymore. I hate her. I fukin hate all those spoiled c*nts in .N.A. 8:30:00 PM

Yeah, the Hebes in the entertainment business will support Julie. They are not the main faction in GS I dont think, but this part of it is saturated with em. Also, Hebes support Mossad and Mossad works with CIA. The entire entertainment industry would collapse if not for drugs, whores, little boys and dirty money.

Someone told me once that the management of jakes new famous musician friends had an issue with me due to drug use. As if that validates psychological warfare at all in any way disregarding human and civil rights laws. Its more smear for validation. The only drugs I was on in that apartment in Brighton were the ones that were perscribed to me for anxiety by that crooked psychiatrist Emmerich who eventually turned on me anyway. Bitch.
And the bastards in NA know that becuz my old sponsor brought up me taking those sedatives as a reason I deserved this or it validates it. This is a woman whos husband was a major drug dealer and she wouldnt have jack shit to her name if it werent for dirty money buying that house in Newton. All these people have criminal connections and legit ones too so they make powerful enemies. They are also extremely arrogant. People like Mary D. in NA, my old sponsor are used to people being destroyed, killed or this same sort of thing that happened to me. And that crowd in NA always denies this when someone gets squeezed like this. She was friends for years with another woman who carried this useless jerk in NA and he turned on her, left her for a younger woman. She got screwed over, and perhaps targeted who knows. She was Mary D's sponsor. All of a sudden, Mary claims she really didnt like her, didnt get along with her and basically has selective memory about this woman. NA is more cult like than you think. People who are victims of mind control outside of NA are handled in NA I now realize. If you show that you are not going to go along with that and all thier deceptions in these groups you become a problem. Just like any other cult, the problem becomes with YOU not the group or literature. There are so many criminals and f*ck ups hiding in NA becuz they understand its a cult and work around that or work it to thier advantage. Just like pretending to be a changed person in jail just to survive jail its bullshit.
Thats probably what I didnt like about NA and sensed the dishonest component, thus bucked against it. And thats why people like Kim are idiots. If you cant stand up to the sheer corruption in NA that comes from the criminal/entertainment industry scum in there, then you are not doing what the literature says. Also NA is more screwed up than AA to begin with as you have to be a criminal anyway to be in there due to drugs being illegal from the get go, so the criminal mind is more prevelant than in AA where drinking is legal.
So many sick f*cks are hiding behind thier recovery, and if yer honest about fully changing as a person the animals in there will sense this, get spooked and eventually come after you.

Like I said, sedatives. Oh and I was probably tripping on the mold that was in that apartment. I posted the proof of how bad it was so dont try to deny that anymore.

And exactly what does a band's management have to do with organized stalking and harassment or validating it at all? Its so typical that coming from an NA perspective the people in NA would validate someone being destroyed due to a smear campaign they were on drugs. Its such a simple deception and one that doesnt stand up to logic...ah but that would be if you were thinking logically like a lawyer or detective. SINCE NA IS A CULT OR HAS CULT MIND CONTROL COMPONENTS TO IT, YOU ARE THEN NOT THINKING LOGICALLY, YOU ARE DOING WHATEVER THE GURUS SAY AND THE POWERFUL PEOPLE IN NA SAY. YOU ARE FOLLOWING THEM LIKE SHEEP. Of course these are the 'winners' that people always speak of. I dont recall seeing 'winner' in either the blue text or the green and gold. NA is worse than Catholocism for taking an original text and then making things up that are totally inappropriate, then forcing people to believe these made up parts.

Personalities NOT Principals is the main game of all the rich and important people in NA. They turn that rule around every meeting usually and that is where I got disgusted and either wanted to set up a new meeting (for addicts not a-holes and people who need to get clean becuz thier life depends on it so they cant take meds as meds are drugs and yer not really getting clean are you?) but NA is about being a holding area for mind control Survivors. Its that simple. Your only hope is to deny that there is such a thing as mind control Survivorship to begin with, and of course that will work perfectly for them.

Nobody's management, especially a bunch of entertainment industry Hebes should have any control over anything I do, or any opinions or any say for jack shit over what I do.

This is about covering for alot of shit from the 70's that I remember as well as anything to do with Julie or Jake for that matter. On deeper levels the mind control end of it doesnt want another victim witness testifying, not for MK Ultra related issues through my mothers documented survivorship nor another high level programmed expendable talking about how people are programmed and then go through suicide programming.

And to think that the country is that stupid. You are under mind control not as powerful as during Bush but always under mind control. If this were not so then why would you assume that rich,powerful connected people would ever be allowed to pull of such things at all? If people ran around being truly lawless the country would have fallen apart by now, for REAL not just a bad economy. The FBI and other agencies would NEVER allow people being targeted like I was, for the stupid, weak and illogical reasons that are given for me being targeted like I was. This kind of campaign has to come down from high up as something official on some level or legal in some way. Or it comes from people who operate on a level where their actions are unseen or classified but they are allowed to operate with massive access and resources anyway. THAT is who is behind something like this, not a madame or a band who befriended some jilted boyfriend or whining rich kid who wanted to ditch his ex while getting a pay off for assisting others in destroying her. Nor my mother with whatever connections she has. All these assholes are powerless compared to who I have come up against, especially in places like St Louis and the south west. If these morons actually do have any idea of the severity of the entire campaign then they work for that faction to get what they have or not be exposed for things they do.

Either that or they do have some sort of game system set up for shit like this and perhaps the govt or other powerful faction stepped in, feeling that me being thier creation, I was thier responsibility, and to be fair I never would have fallen into this trap to begin with unless I was going through deprogramming and was caught unawares.

Even to this day, if anything comes from any of my sites or social networking page, that even hints at sex or sexual content, I can feel very stongly that someone, somewhere feels like I am on track again, being what I am supposed to be, returning to the fold. Gang stalking is about limiting choices to mind controlled slaves. If you wont rejoin hte fold and do what they feel you were designed to do, then they will reduce you to being a non entity. An below average person.

Literally all I would have to do is return to adult entertainment or something similar. All I have to do is show that I have returned to sex slave mentality and I will be allowed freedom and access again.

That is the reality of the US. And the reality of NA also from what I saw when I was in there, its very oppressive.

They all want to systematically ignore me now so I forget about what happened or if not then act out and pull something crazy so they can finally write me off for good. That is why that snooty a-hole Kim just looks right through me now. They know its that phase of the game. They are all so sure of themselves.

This is also a reason I shouldnt stay here as long as I have. I start to see people from the past who are part of crowds that should pay for what they did and people just keep ignoring me as part of the continued campaign and it distracts me from writing a book that will take care of them better than any lone shooting ever would. I have to remember that.

They are depending on no one believing anything I say or make claims about due to the content of my activism being mind control and unbelievable things. People feel its been so many years and I am so destroyed that they won hands down and there is no way I can get justice. Even the scum at St Patricks are aware: "Well you know, she's just trying to 'get back'".

I will not exist in a country that affords me no respect and no status. If the people of this nation want to side with my enemies then I indeed have made the right decision in seeking to leave. Perhaps in other countries I will be better recieved and they will want to hear my tales of how my family went from radiation experimentation when in the US Marines to the end result today. And everything in between.

The excuses that this system uses are easily seen through with logic. But Americans dont think logically. They think as they are told to due to the fact that the whole culture is about being brainwashed daily. They can have thier victory on this territory, I just need to go find some other territory where my enemies are not the ruling class of winners in this. I wont tolerate a life where they get to win and i have to stay in shelters and be ignored.

And that end of the entertainment industry is well known for assisting in getting rid of women who have become a problem to either thier male friends or someone that serves men like Julie. The music industry is notorious for ex wives, girfrieds and even kids who become problematic having lots of bad luck etc and going downhill to a horrible end while the men in question seem to go on to better lives actually.

This system desperately wants me to forget my 'old life' it ripped me away from. But it wasnt right to rip me away from it, I should have been able to get away from it in a healthy way not through mold exposure and then abusive psychology which ends up being MK Ultra methods of wiping someone's mind and personality and memories and erasing them to be like a child again.

There are people who actually think that this was a good idea to do to me, that this was my chance at a whole new life. These are the same people who founded the Recovered Memory Syndrome organization. The same people who advocate pedophilia and believe that thier research shows that 60% of females who were molested believed it as good for them. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE ULTIMATELY BEHIND A CAMPAIGN LIKE MINE.

This is why they have given me amnesia pretty much and tried to wipe my identity and its also why I have to be traumatized and raped with tech as well as psychological warfare. Its becuz I gained power in the adult entertainment industry over men and learned to not fear men, thier world or men in power. I dealt with their weaknesses not thier illusions of power. Also I never had a father figure in my life or my home to provide fear and respect for males either- this is why I must be treated like my mother was so I can be as controllable as she- this is why male centric authority figures betrayed me so heavily along with being associated with the sexual abuses of the gang stalking system. Gloria Steniem also had to take care of her mother as a child with no father around. They probably see this kind of childhood as a red flag for strong feminists or activists who go up against male authority without fear.

All of this has been to take away any power I gained in my 20's and reduce me to a very low sexed female who has now been so betrayed by male authority, especially in a sexually abusive way that I desire only one man I can trust, and pretty much find a small life for myself where I mind my own business and keep silent.

This is the mentality of many men that you DONT know about. They go along with the idea that women should be abused by men as children, hopefully not remember it, and this provides a control over females as adults. There are reasons for that I wont go into as they are unbelievable to westerners but ultimately they are afraid of female powers in older women, and deathly afraid of any sign of a return to a matriarchal society- ESPECIALLY Americans.
Lets just say that there is more to women's intuition than they ever want you to know- what it can grow into in a woman who has been raised in a sisterhood environment instead of a domineering male one.

All this is to turn me into a hurt little idiot who is beaten down and finally realizes that the world of men, and all thier compliant little bitches (like Kim), cannot be beaten or even existed in without being subserviant to them in some way. They actually believe this is their right and thier proper place.

America does nothing but validate this and encourages males to be dependant on women and childish, so that women must tolerate them and care for them like children. I see it in the media all the time. Its disgusting and this society does alot in media to ensure that men are weak and thus need to weaken women to survive.

Post By Text Thursday, February 24, 2011

-Something interesting just occurred. A bostn policewoman came in2
-Bathroom. I was in shower. Women caught stealing. All remote influence ceased. The constant interface, the gloom & doom feeling like yer damned & gonna die....1:03:00 A
-..all of it. So its true then-perps say they r above the law becuz they work around the law. Any police we c on their side is not representitive of the law but 1:10:00 AM
-Of infiltration in2 law enforcement. Or they r doing so under orders or wud lose job. Ive seen both & there is definately difference. 1:12:00 AM
-It cud also b that the police have equipment that counters the tech used. Wether they know it or not.1:15:00 AM
-Or its built in2 their equipment or its nanotech on clothing or even in their bodies. 1:17:00 AM
-It mite b in agreement w the perp system that this b so they can do their jobs unhindered so it may not b so cut & dry. 1:20:00 AM

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Its also a trap 2 get me 2 do a diane napolis. Which aint gonna happen
Of me.
Kid assholes and those fucked up people from the entertainment industry. Which also ties in2 julies clients who move in same circles and have motive 2 get rid
Keep feeling watched. On 3rd floor of womens center. Get very strong truman show syndrome. And that its tied in2 jakes crowd he got in2 in N.A. All those rich


MIT security or whatever needs to either tell me I cant use the computer here cuz I am not officially MIT or they need to NOT do the creepy spying thing around corners and sh*t.
They let that old BLACK dready guy sit in the lounge room every night and some nights he does fall asleep with his laptop in front of him, falling back in his chair.

Why is Boston and Cambridge so discriminatory towards the female houseless population? They let men sleep in places where if women try it they get noticed. I have seen this a thousand times over and I am sick of this Catholic and perochial bullshit. Its all about this neurotic urge to keep women safe, like nuns in convents but moreso to deny them the access to get away with what man get away with. Mostly becuz police men are MEN in general.

I am in plain sight for a reason. I cud easily be hiding in the other building where no one would bother me all night long and get work done or I could go upstairs to the other set of computers and hide. Whats the problem then?

The problem is that MIT police were in on my gang stalking thats why. And they f*ckin know it so guilty conshunsess and all that. Also, someone probably gave them crap about me specifically coming in here.
Keep messing with me and I reveal every client at a certain college and where they see those girls on campus. Keep it up.

Didnt the little bastards who worked in the Hayden library harass me and tell me I couldnt write my blog in there when youve got all the homeless old guys looking at god knows what? But I have to have Hayden adminstration f*cking with me trying to use the idea that my blog is not research therefore inappropriate, when in fact they seemed alot more NERVOUS about the idea I was "getting the word out" about corruption of various kinds. Thier general jist was that they didnt think I should use thier computers to "get the word out" about such things. But Joe Blow f*ck head homeless guy can look at porn probably or whatever. Gee, in NM the university in ABQ let me use the computers when I told them that I do research and post links for my readers. In fact the Deans office gave me permission.

You might be math wiz's but yer horrible actors.
You can take all that military contract money and shove it...becuz there are people at MIT who are not assholes on the take or covering thier asses who actually believe in doing the right thing and justice being done.

(by the way one day will you please get the clue that that sneaking around corners bullshit is what got me and people like me who SEE U when you think we didnt see you, to be half insane and homeless and truamatized to begin with. U just dont quit do you? U find someone or something u CANT control for reasons WAY beyond you and you just keep it up until everyone involved is half out of thier minds.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

overPOWERed: Going Up Against Power in the USA

I just posted on the main blog, contact info for Patriot Act renewal, the Justice Act etc.

What I came up against during that federal investigation and subsequent harassment for years afterwards was abuse and it was from the very power structures within my own communities and my country. I now have to write to the very people who I know some of them helped my old associates, my ex and his family as well as my own family destroy me.

I have seen everyone from state cops to clerks at the Cambridge city hall in on this and all the while it was a big joke. They must know not only is this about helping people who are actual criminals to get rid of me due to they having money and connections which is all these people respect anyway, but its about human experimentation and very very abusive psychological warfare. There is reason to believe such companies as Raytheon and others are involved. These are powerful, huge megaliths.

What I came up against was power. Something I was ill equipped to deal with and I am highly shocked that people in power would do such a thing to one single female with little understanding of how the world works, who did not deserve such treatment at all. Its amazing to me that the power structure would take part in such oppression as this was and is.

I think what shocks me more is the behavior of grown adults who dont even know the Target. I recently wrote to a company wanting an Ecological footprint for houseless travelers. Some people did not understand that I live the way I do yes out of necessity but also becuz its best I leave as little footprint as possible. I am simply doing what I always dreamed of but just having to do so under the gang stalking system. I wanted to live on some sort of commune or make my life something not harmful to the planet. Like living in one of those houses made of recycled garbage as designed by an architect in Taos NM or someplace where you grow yer own food. That kind of scenerio. I am prevented from doing that, so I am doing what I can in the situation I am in.

But people who are in on the mobbing or observing dont know that becuz they dont know me. Thats the number one problem with the public being in on gang stalking is that they do it becuz they have been manipulated by the kinds of people that do this professionally or for metaphysical reasons. Instead of thinking I am just cheap or a stupid slob why dont you ASK ME why I have some of the habits I have? No one ever asks the Target anything as the perps are so skilled at forming unwavering opinions through smear campaigns. Its akin to hypnotizing the public into believing such an image, this way they dont even consider asking the person about themselves or thier situation. And the more damaged the target becomes the more the perps version of things is going to look credible.

The main reason why the TI is often innocent in a case of human experimentation or mind control slavery is that the Target has been controlled all thier lives by the covert system of control and all that is occuring now is that they have become either a threat somehow or they have become useless to the system so need to be destroyed and discredited especially if they are waking up from programming.

How can people be so cruel to someone who has been MADE the way they are as well as they most likely got targeted heavily or overtly due to wanting to change thier lives, improve themselves or any other number of things that society itself often tells citizens is what they should be doing for the good of themselves and the society.

So.. a mind controlled slave wants to improve themselves and thier situations and so the system comes after them and sets them up, slanders them, smears them, takes advantage of some opportunity or even weaves the persons destruction INTO some theatre and so creates that opportunity (such as a federal investigation around the person's circle of associates- knowing they are controlled, oblivious and surrounded by people with low morals that have reason to sell them out if necessary). The mc slave is kept in these situations and kept controlled so they think that thier families care and their associates are thier friends so if anything risky occurs like deprogramming or memories breaking through, the person can be disposed of nice and neatly.

The only thing that prevented me from being 'disposed of' is some covert faction that I still have no knowledge of who they were or are. Also my own programming saved me and whatever training I recieved at some point in childhood I had no recollection of. My alter system saved me and assisted in me beating the enemy. So mc slaves are designed to survive through attempts to destroy them as well, survive but perhaps not recover or ever be what they could have been if left alone to grow and change naturally.

So for society at large to be cruel to such a person makes absolutely no sense- unless of course your society is Satanic based and you just cant admit it readily. That would be the only reason that such a thing would be tolerated or would even be easily pulled off. And this country IS Satanic. It just doesnt have the brains or class to admit it. And hiding behind Judeo-Christianity makes me want to vomit really. However, there has to be s0me faction of fair and tolerant people as I am still walking around. But all those people that helped destroy me, the clerk who smirked and told me she couldnt change my name on my birth certificate in Cambridge, meaning that I was going to be harassed and targeted no matter what I did or the state cop who had the audacity to claim that I needed to make my life seem meaningful by doing this blog and making these claims or whatever connected to this whole situation.

One can only hope they are covering for Satanic activity or that they are just that way by nature and dont really believe such bs. Becuz if they really believe that a woman like me can be that stupid or oblivious to get caught up in something like this that easily or that I truly deserved this as that little Hebe said while skipping on his way through Kenmore Sq to a barmitzvah on the swanky new hotel built there- if these people actually believe these lies, you DO have a population of rabid sheeple who have no f*ckin idea that they are manipulated time and time again in these situations and theatres.

And if that is the case, then whatever Satanic faction is the power behind this society can have at them as they deserve what THEY get due to their lack of Will and thier stupidity.

Enough with people saying I deserved this or I'm attention seeking or thinking its amusing or smirking and talking about it like its a good time. Do you realize how many Satanic types I came across in the entire USA and a vast amount of them in New England by the way, especially places like Vermont- do you realize how many of these people are cops or work in responsible jobs like that? One cop that gave me a ride in Montpelier VT actually said something about some similar situation, saying "Oh I think she was abused" about some other victim of abuse but the way the story was told and the smirk on this f*ckers face- you could see it was a total f*ck off to me and what I had been put through.

There are plenty of people out there who know that this was a massive campaign of abuse. They know that it was systematic. They know it destroys. They know its ritualistic. They KNOW. People who work at Pine St were some of the worst and the amount of people in the black community is very high. Extremely arrogant blacks who probably equate the treatment of me to the way a pimp has his peoples are friends control and punish some escaped working girl becuz really that is probably all that blacks of that level, of which there are far too many in existence, can fathom about a campaign of psychological warfare. Either that or you have a major covert force of blacks who are placed in key positions around the USA in urban areas, forming an intelligence network for unknown controlling parties. I am talking a massive amount of blacks are in on this and they are extremely inhumane, nasty, murderous and arrogant as hell as they not only go after the person for money it seems but they mock the person like total assholes.

THAT is what your country's slavery has created not the downtrodden black you actually needs help and wants to succeed in life or be left alone to live his life without hassle. America better wake up to the reality of African American brutality becuz its not gangstas just selling drugs. These f*ckers are smart, they are trained in sophisticated psychological warfare and they work with whites and others. They know exactly what they are doing and what is going on. They are way worse than normal criminals who do strong arm crimes or sell drugs. These bastards are backed by something very very big in the USA and they are privy to having access and resources that only a major corporation or govt would be able to provide.

So much for anti race mixing southerners or black haters. You dumbasses are the ones that created these monsters. By screwing around with black slave women, which its been researched is the cause of alot of European DNA in African Americans- YOU are the ones who have created a population of people that are not a seperate race but have the same claims and rights as the whites they share DNA with. This situation would be very different in the USA if African Americans were only of African decent. We would relate differently, live together differently. NOW we have African Americans that express all the worst traits of their enslavers for hundreds of years. They are smart, strong, and viscous. Whatever these genetic combos are, they have resulted in creating a deadly covert force that can operate under the radar in society. In general African Americans are deadly I have discovered over time, in all my life experiences really, due to now possessing the traits of both African decent and European DNA.

Good one guys. For a bunch of rednecks that dont want race mixing, you have done a great job of creating a situation by doing JUST THAT. And now your nervous becuz they are starting to seep into society, using all the powers and charms of thier collective DNA to basically infiltrate. Did you not forsee this or what?

I want to write this book and get the hell out of here. Id rather give Muslims in some European country taking over the finger than the arrogant f*cks here. Its all the same anyway. I cant ever look at blacks the same way again after my initial history of interaction during bussing in the 70's in Boston, which I could have healed from and learned from, helped others but after being targeted so heavily and seeing the inhumanity, the brutality, the abuse of brawn and brains to those ends, then on top of that the continued harassment of me by the same peoples who ARENT professionals but just assholes, who continue to rub salt in wounds. There is just no end to African American hatred and brutality upon people they consider unprotected by rich or powerful whites, which seems to be all they understand as a stopping point for thier actions.

There are small enclaves of decent African Americans but nowadays its more the exception than the rule.

So be ever forwarned. When you come up against Power, realize that not only will the typical assholes come after you or mock you, like city workers, union guys, cops etc the typical white assholedom you have come to expect from the power structure that holds its position as abusive rich white authority- but the legions of thier former slaves they hold in wait for you in the shadows. Power has many arms working for its supremecy and its not just the uptight middle class values types who work as thier clerks or the people in the professions who percieve themselves as better than non professionals anyway- they have pitbulls in covert warfare and once you have been exposed to that, once you see just how far its gone- you will never be able to forgive society for not only what they have done, but for them mocking you as it was done.

The fact you are innocent to them means you are far more amusing as a victim, and thats all it means. This is why they operate outside of courts and justice systems. Sadly however, from seeing the sheer numbers of this network nationwide, THEY are what runs the USA not the justice system.

The USA is bullshit. And I bet you once I take all the right channels and do all I am supposed to do it wont do a damn thing. Becuz that isnt the reality of the true power structure that runs the US. An extremely nasty, murderous network that has unlimited access and resources in huge numbers operating across the USA, which is a huge country- is what runs America.

Still, to fight it is better than just cowering and doing what it wants. Becuz spiritually, especially if you are programmed, you might realize eventually that the system comes after you BECUZ you are internally a giant. And they want to overpower you before you understand that and can use it. So they appear to be a bigger giant by being a massive national network full of cruel, murderous assh*les who mock as they destroy and imprison.

Thier sole purpose is to make you FEEL smaller than you really are and unfortunately with enough brain damage and enough torture you will eventually BE smaller than you were. But a maimed giant is still a giant and that nature doesnt change. This is the deception of the campaign against RA victims anyway. If yer a ritual abuse victim or programmed, you have more they are afraid of seeing unleashed into society than they ever will be capable of and only through grouping together against you can they hope to make you feel overPOWERed.

Post By Text Feb 22, 2011

-It lasted til 1am 2nite. Its really bad. I just cannot remain a reasonable person between hours of 6 am & 12 midnite. I loathe all the different changes
-I go through. All the diffent ways of being and feeling each day. So diferent than who i realy am, what i am capable of. 1:16:00 AM
-Its like i get discontinued from until approx 12 midnite everyday of my life 1:19:00 AM
-Now im being given ideation that this is being done due 2 my dishonesty towards my ex jake. Even tho i was only doing the best i cud w the limited self 1:21:00 AM
-Knowledge i had- no matter what the rationale is i am given idea that this is 'justice' and that is the way the system works nowadays. There is no questioning 1:24:00 AM
-It. No fairness or consideration just modification. 1:25:00 AM
-Nothing about programming matters. Whatever people did 2 me is null & void. All that pain is gone now. Been removed from me from years of terror & fear 1:29:00 AM
-Gang stalking. That i have 2 learn 2 respect people. Every1 that harmed me i have 2 tolerate & respect. Especially i am being told i have 2 respect my mother. 1:32:00 AM
-I love how i walk out the door of shelter in morning & always have same ideation. 'what r u going 2 do about your situation? Theres nothing u can do about..7:34:00 AM
-..this'. Thats the feeling i get, the mental idea. I start my day up against a massive spiritual mental smewhat emotional barrier. 7:38:00 AM
-It pushes, it has the pressure on. So i push bak, its all i can do. 7:40:00 AM

Monday, February 21, 2011

Posts By Text 2/21/11

-Never realizd how preppie white girls here staff r here soley 2 offset the ghetto element. I realize now, after being hypnotized once again, that
-Its true. Blacks do not respect the white man up here. Poor whites have 2 b in a large tribe that can hold their own. Like soutie or the north end, irish &
Posted by Rachael O. at 10:24:00 AM
-Italian neighborhoods. Bllacks may b most sympathetic towards me but i feel like im in a foster home again. Frankly i have never found 1 place where i belong
Posted by Rachael O. at 10:27:00
-In the whole u.S.A. Here 4 a minute there 4 a minute. I can fit in anywhere but i dnt belong anywhere. Such is the results of years of gs taking away any chance
Posted by Rachael O. at 10:30:00 AM
-2 define myself. Of course not. Their main purpose was 2 erase all that was me & reformat- for this system 2 define who i am.
Posted by Rachael O. at 10:34:00 AM

I just lost an entire post. I guess if yer working on an existing published post, blogger doesnt save it auto. Guess why? becuz some rich black kid who works at the library unplugged the computer by accident. Why does that just fit right in with the luck I have here. And he didnt even respond properly and say he was sorry or address it. The blonde girl working with him just looked like she thought it was funny. This generation is too concerned with diversity and being plugged in to actually be good at dealing with other human beings. Unless they are actively rebelling against such things being forced upon them, they are basically brain dead.

What I had to say I will say shortly now.

Getting fed up with the shelter women here. The shelters have also turned into major no fun zones. Not that they were ever fun but people did not internalize or bring in pc or other nonsense from the outside world. Everyone now is on psych meds and they are terribly well behaved little pc robots. yer in there totally messed up but you cant be rude or say the wrong thing. Its like one big nightmare where peasants from a meideival village get together and have a constant group therapy session- one big group hug.

Its torture. And thats where I sleep at night. The day shelter women have become totally intolerable. All my allies are gone for winter or other reasons. One specific jerk I been dealing with walked by the other day and she dropped a line as she passed basically saying I was trying to appear exciting when I am not.

Fighting this kind of oppression isnt exciting, its exhausting. I need my boredom time, just to survive the ordeal. Its people like her who dont have all the information that make me feel good knowing how ignorant she is. If I was exciting then that is what would be doing.

It might be considered exciting when I get through it later on, fighting this much against odds while everyone tries thier best in the US to ignore you as long as they can. They appear smug as they write you off as never being able to have enough power to fight all that is stacked against you, and its going to be easy to send you off into oblivion with a mere intimated psych label.

This is the problem with this era we live in.

The oppressive overlords know damn well that giving as much power and attention to the public as they have, they will help keep down thier enemies for them. Its a nightmare of a time we live in. Where common people band together for the greater BAD. It seems whatever the mob does is validated no matter what they do.

I became a traveler due to being very different from women who exist in hen houses, depending on the system to eventually give them housing. You cant trust them becuz they work for the Man as long as he works for thier benefit.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Boston Phoenix: Boston's Rock Scene Grows Up and Joins Masons

First of all, if you are in the papers flaunting your Masonic connections you are breaking character. Its just disgusting the disclosure which means that Masonry is now something that is being used as social control or engineering or is infiltrated to keep out any real power so that this NWO crap can be brought in with no threats to its existence.

There are alot of f*cked up people in the Masons, people that act like its a union. They feel superior to others becuz of it by its very nature. The problem is that they are not spiritually aware, they are existing in a an alternative world of ritual not spirituality.
PI John was a Mason here in Watertown and I know many of Julie's clients have claims the same all involved in business together. Also I recall that some a-hole standing in the doorway of the Masonic Lodge in downtown Boston was smirking at me and thinking he won upon the inception of all this going 24/7. Years later I saw someone in that doorway and upon the sight of me, he looked scared and worried. No longer smug, pompous and confident. Probably much had been done in that time to avenge me.

The article says that they have learned the philosophy that we are born to live and then die, that its a time machine with a vision into eternity or infinity.
Listen loves, unless you are BORN into this, by birth, one way or another- BY BIRTH, then you are only being taught philosophy and it sounds like its brainwashing. I dont like the sound of someone looking at Masonry yet again as if its "something bigger than myself", more of Obama's brainwashing people to get active in the community etc.

I dont know what modern man's reasons are for getting into Masonry. I just dont think that the unconnected should be invited so easily nor do I think that they should be schooled in such sensitive matters so mechanically. Nor do I ever approve of it being so overt. Either in the papers or such as the tacky behavior of rap stars flashing symbols like gang signs.
I suppose just the benign Masons is better than the Illuminati or Seth's branch of the brotherhood.

If its all about community then why does it have to be so overt? I do NOT like the sound of the guy interviewed talking about rituals and portals into eternity.

Do you have ANY idea where that information comes from? I mean do you realize like where those concepts came from? I sincerely hope NOT. I cannot imagine why common people would be allowed such access to knowledge. But I guess in the modern world of the 21st century, people are so controlled that its not a danger.

I know for sure that if any one individual shows any true psychic power or ability that they are hunted down and have thier wiring burnt out as if they were metaphysical terrorists.
Orgone production is a threat and anyone not under their control has that ability destroyed.

I understand what they are doing. They want people in thier cult but they dont want anyone truly powerful outside of being controlled. And the electromagnetic/microwave etc influences that are now man made and control the populations, will provide that order over large entire nations.

This is the deception.
They can put forth ancient sects or incarnations of what were once ancient sects or connections to them, as benign and harmless, and teach common people about stargates and sh*t (your philosphical 'portals' through time) and seeing into eternity which is more about if you can or cant by nature, coupled with sacred geometry and math, which I dont think these people sit around and study, though being musicians the concepts are more accessible to them. All this they can make marketable and accessable to the public, becuz there is no longer the threat of anyone being truly metaphysically powerful outside of the system of tech that manages nations now. People management.

Why dont they furnish this information just as causally as they do half truth recycled information from the ancient sun cults? Its as if its now safe to sell something to the public that has no power.

THATS IT. THAT IS WHY ITS BEING DONE. Becuz there is now a system in place that IS the new power and knowledge of IT is modern power. These old philosophies have been abandoned basically. So the true hidden, forbidden knowledge is still hidden and only for the elite or other few who know.

Whats sad is that they are busting with thier numbers of members now but they have been for years now actively destroying the architecture, art and culture that IS the earthly physical expressions of those concepts.

These systems and lodges are now being used as cults or social controls or the cult mentality of getting people into the community in a cohesive way. But I wonder, if any of them sought truth, sought answers by themselves, in solitude and secret, would they not be targeted for doing so?

I see now that putting these things so far out into the public is helping to destroy them in reality. Its very sad.

I have actually encountered idiots appearing to be gang stalking me in the interest of Masonry. Black kids usually. Probably misinfo psy ops or some gang related insane version of what they think Masonry should be about.

Let me tell you something kiddies.
The beings who are trying to run this world into the ground now, my experiences with being investigated, harassed, haunted, tested, poked and probed for information- this faction, is NOT healing. Not benevolent to mankind. They are either very negative or they are simply very human, very stupid and using tools and tech like good monkeys to once again attempt another one of thier Towers of Babel.

Eternity is just numbers. Its the wonder of man discovering eternity and it should frighten you just as it's power fascinates. Take a mirror into the bathroom mirror and put them to face each other. Look into the center of the resulting reflections. Numbers, plain and simple.
However, if such a concept does not immediately make you think of your own death and makes you feel sad, weak and lost in the reflection, you are not ready to start thinking about such things. What you are looking into is something that doesnt translate well here on earth and its not supposed to. Its supposed to scare you. LIVING is what humans are supposed to do and enjoying living here, on earth. These heavy responsabilities would be taken care of if not for this faction that wishes to destroy man and is acting in the interest of enslaving him.

The idea of eternity should depress you and scare the sh*t out of you. An eternal repetitive equation which is the meaning of 33 (33.3333333 ad infinitum) is not LIVING. Its actually closer to the concept of death. Meaningless. Smoke and mirrors.

The true knowledge of Life and power on this planet is in beauty, healing and the greatness of man's potential and accomplishments in harmony with nature. Leave the time travel to the elders. If you can wrap your head around it fine. But always remember there are traps and there is always a dark side to how 'neat' it sounds to describe eternity as a constant cycle of living and dying. And its not eternity either becuz there are other dimensions. There are variances. There is time travel and there is going to build other worlds such as man is thinking of doing on Mars etc.

Be leary of such a trap as 33.3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333..
as this is structural in itself. These are supposed to be concepts to be studied not philosophies to live be. Its a trap. Its death. Of course, the Masons of this ilk love thier order and structure. The Rosicrucians seem to be more about healing, energies art etc. Those damn Masonic sects were always so calculated. Always pushing the textbook knowledge without the soul. Its like the difference between an amazing shaman and a guy with no bedside manner that becomes a dentist. Yes, technically he knows all that he should. But its so..dry.

Do what you want, but I do NOT see the joy in Infinity. Beware you dont lose your humanity to cult brainwashing.
And any society that does NOT disclose the use of technologies to control human beings has no business burdening its people with text book knowledge about such time and infinity. Its like trapping you by leaving out all of the equation.
What you are going to get will not = truth.

I suppose its harmless and may even do good to have people trained to at least think metaphysically and work for a better community. Perhaps the Masons thought that it would provide people with structure that is missing in modern society. Which would be a good idea right now. Its better than your kids watching wrestling with heroes like John Sena, flashing the horns as he induces mindless public worship of the Core, while looking more like rough trade than a Marine. Its good to have finer things for people to believe in.

I just dont trust it if the much more damaging realities are not being disclosed.

This Really Needs to Stop

Phwww. LOL.. Now I am getting Peter Wolf visions telling me cryptically (you know) "They will never let you go".

I think I see more and more Israel's part in this. Everything from large sections of the Amero-Jew community all the way to the dancing Israeli's from around the area the towers when the planes crashed into them. They really want to win this dont they and they reallllyyy dont like thier enemies. To think we could be as naive to think that they wouldnt stoop to using research rooted in Nazi human experimentation for thier own ends.

There has been more than enough to point in thier direction and its alot more believable than what I just experienced.
SUCH bs.
For all I know he could be a TI as well. Who the hell knows? It just gets very confusing, especially when this started in earnest, you had at least two people close to Julie thinking I was a Jew. Also that key word stat I got off of my blog stats for OnGS, said "Jewsite: Ongangstalking". I also got harassed with psych warfare geared towards a Jewish target by one of Julie's associates in St Louis, a WASP of on old money family here in MA and in a surrounding suburb of Soulard in St Louis around the university I was harassed with overt content that was tailored to my being a Jew. One other instance is some idiot in Ayer MA where I naively rented a room out of desperation from a guy who later I realized was a serious pedo and his buddy a sex offender. This is what happens when yer brainwashed, exhausted and traumatized. I wasnt in that room for 24 hours when the second night the room itself was targeted with heavy tech that seemed overtly military. Ayer MA would be the right area for that anyway. When I lived in Littleton as a 19 year old kid with family I had nothing but weird experiences that seemed like more human experimentation and it also seemed very connected to the military. Since that was 1990, it may have even been before they closed the base there I dont recall and cant research it right now.

I rented this room during Bush or in 2009 I dont recall. I was better at being targeted but I was exhausted and still freaked out from years of going through this and being traumatized basically. This guy in his 20's maybe or 30, larger build, came into the driveway, demanded to know if I was going to stay in the area and told me that my head scarf was a Jewish style. I corrected him and told him it was actually an Eastern European style, as well as it could be due to me being an infant during the hippie era. "NO, thats a Jewish thing".

Yet I had people who were obviously perps in Kenmore Sq one summer coming up to me, really insane ones, saying they were from Israel. It seems in this game the more privvy to deeper information the perp is, the more insane they appear. Hey, when you know the truth who wouldnt be insane then? I mean people who seem to know about programming of human beings. They did NOT like the fact that I have an innate understanding of what makes a suicide bomber. He looked at me as if I was an exception to the rule, just like that kid at the homeless hotel in Buffalo NY. He said I was a mule, a psychic that pops out of nowhere, said I was in danger of becoming the next Hitler as well as fed me some disinfo bullshit concerning some psy ops that was done to me when I lived in my apartment. Allegedly were not pleased that I could beat thier perceived premonition system. Which is nothing more than a person being shown via what seems like a vision, either in sleep or during waking half conshusly, that seems to predict a future time and place that person will experience what they are shown in the vision. The problem with these visions or premonitions is that before 2003 or even 1995 lets say, these were used basically to protect people who received them. They were part of the 'guidance system' that protects gifted and psychic people or whatever we/they are. It seems that some much more malignant force hacked into that 'system' and either was piggy backing off of its signal if you will, by sending bogus information to guide people in events through time and space here on this planet OR often one gets the feeling this new faction that has power, that manipulates people through these open portals to the human mind instead of acts as a more benevolent force in simply protecting people, it seems this force or parties unknown started to be able to not only jam the good and protective Guidance System, they also were jamming and then manipulating recipients with instructions. The premonitions that were once simply protective were now instructional, as in used for brainwashing.

If you are shown an outcome, then when its time to act in that predicted frame of time and space, you will act out on that outcome as you have been instructed subconshusly. Due to this new players system being SO chaotic and full of torture and being the opposite of safe and peaceful, and not in harmony with human life, I got hip and realized the 'premonitions' were just instructions. Being the sort of person that resents being controlled or being told what to do, I f*cking blocked this new occupying force and when I was shown a premonition I simply blocked it. I would just refuse to accept it, kind of like denying a collect call. Its YOUR Will and YOUR perogative if you are going to be controlled.

I was always being stalked, harassed, followed by weird guys in cars and surrounded by perverts. Its just the way the perps in this system percieve the women in my family. You know how pedos and rapists think: they genuinely do NOT see others needs and getting their own satisfied, they will do whatever it takes. They are selfish and sadistic usually. So this explains why everytime I tried to work in a job that was normal as a kid, pervs would always show up and get lude. I now realize this was actual training, brainwashing probably to eventually make me feel like I might as well get into the sex industry becuz I get treated like that all the time anyway. In fact I see now that was its purpose. Guys stalking me, showing up at my jobs EVERY DAY, all the attention, along with the actions of my family eventually pushed me into the adult entertainment industry. Same goes for every time I tried to leave the industry. I made at least four serious attempts in my 20's and each one was thwarted by outside forces. I was so conditioned and young I couldnt fight.
I recall when I got clean off opiates I realized that I did NOT want to go back to the industry. Not without drugs. Of course I was discouraged a bunch of different ways some of them covert and gang stalking and I recall how hard I cried when I went back sober. In my mind, I had no other way of life and no way out. You think about that next time you judge people in any part of the industry with your bullshit about how you KNOW for sure what their motives are and how they could be doing something else, and how they chose to work in this field. In fact, go f*ck yourselves in advance becuz the public knows NOTHING. Mind control is used from the simplest pimp/worker scenerio up to sophisticated psych warfare and other tactics used on mind controlled slaves who also serve as spies or couriers of information. You know nothing. But now at least you understand why the media and our culture in general has to keep it illegal as well as keep it shrouded in mystery and continue to target and needle the workers instead of dealing with it logically in a country that claims to be based on human rights values.

Becuz it covers for covert operations thats why, not to mention gun running, drugs and obviously money laundering. And it could never be legal as they levels of abuse are outrageous.

There is not Sex Worker Anonymous and if there is, I was kept from it actively by passive gang stalking which is when people dont do thier jobs or act like resources dont exist when they damn well do so the person cant get help.

My point was that I cant figure out why one faction, in MA and MO was so convinced I was a Jew, yet Brookline was totally into the harassment and gang stalking (a mostly Jewish wealthy hip borrough between Brighton and Newton) and the people I encountered from Israel were those weirdos that looked at me like some dangerous child, a baby armed with a laser gun or something, due to my being so oblivious to the fact that normal people arent supposed to know about programming. I aint normal dude. Unfortunately. There has never been anything normal about my life and any attempts to be happy or normal have been interrupted by people who were jealous, enemies or trying to find out what makes me tick. All of which did NOT have the right to take away my life from me. And I hope I can make any or all of them pay.
You wont get forgiveness from me or happy endings like in Judeo-Christian morality play formulas you love so much from Hollywood. This is reality not a damn movie.

All you have to do is refuse to believe or accept the premonition. Its that simple. And actually later on the premonitions I received were very helpful in preventing me from taking wrong action.

The most damaging thing about this new system is that it blocks the Guidance System actively and that IS between the hours of 6 am to 12 midnight. During the hours of tech, torture and all the other remote influence horrors that act as if they are from technologies- this also includes the inability to 'hear' helpful advice or get ideations on things one needs to know to make better more efficient decisions. There is literally a jamming mechanism to this new occupying force that is present within the normal remote influence hours. And on top of that we all know the constant intrusive thoughts that are literally torture that go on depending on where the Target is located. Boston sucks for this as you know by now from my blog posts. San Diego also sucks for this. In fact every major metro area now is so 'busy' that peace is relatively unknown..nor being human any more.

It might be that this is just another mind fuck of the system. Torture me for being percieved as a Jew and then I have to try and calculate that along with being targeted by a very Jewish community back east as well as perps from Israel.

I think the main thing is to burn the Target's mind out with presenting a very clever and logical person with information that just does NOT make sense. The beautiful system of problem solving will soon give way to chaos's destructive forces and erode the mind. I think this is its only purpose in the end.

And to get me pissed off of course. I now can honestly tell myself that I did experience being targeted while in Berkeley CA, hanging with those idiots from Bear Necessities camp from Rainbow. I recall one of them telling this homeless guy that we knew from People's Park that they were all going to get drunk to piss me off. All the chaos they were creating was to continue to mess me up. It was at that bitch law students apartment in Berkeley/Oakland CA. This would make sense as having constant chaos in my presence is going to destroy me eventually. But for people to sit around and talk about planning it so overtly is just disgusting as well as then Marty the homeless guy turns around and says "I'm lovin this". I have to face the fact that there are too many people in this world and especially in American culture that enjoy this cheap entertainment especially if its to get favors from Greatful Dead Family or whoever. Hmph.. We have to recall the COS in San Francisco and all those connections to covert factions. Cults. As well as didnt the Merry Pranksters used to dose people with LSD and put them out into the desert just to see what would happen?

You'd be surprised how much of the 60's was created by the CIA or a dept that hides within that heading and even foreign intelligence services.

It would be so easy to victimize most of these people as they themselves are weak, vulnerable people. How hard would it be to show up in People's Park again and do some damage? Not very hard at all. Alot of these low level perps are either society's dregs and wont be missed or they are on their last legs anyway drugging or drinking themselves to death. Its nice to see them all so miserable, seriously. Just know they will die while you fight to stay alive and break free of mind control. In fact, think about it and savor it every day.
I often think about that bitch law student thinking she was better than me and her weird friend so much smarter than me and neither of them has anything on me as far as brains or braun. Shes a stick who has to depend on her brains to get by in life and so is her idiot friend, who as he ages, has less and less brains left. I was warned about messing with her older wierd friend Pierre, who looks Jewish not French and who acts like the law student bitch's handler. He worked in the music industry doing something with assisting the talent. Whatever, I dont have much to be afraid of do I? I'll insult who I like.
I have done so throughout and will continue to do so. Obviously, no matter how nice a Target is people insist on mistreating them anyway so why not return thier harassment with the truth about how pathetic they are. These people are not winners, they work for the Man in covert warfare. They serve the Winners, and that is ALL they do.
By keeping potential Winners down, obviously. Which is why they hate someone like me so much..hahahahahahaha..

Yeah, gotta keep clear about the Jew issue. Its most likely a mind f*ck. First I am targeted as a Jew when I am not and then targeted by Jews. ..yeah, mind f*ck basically. I still say Israel is not above using Hitlers dream tech to gain advantages. Why not? In thier minds they paid for it already, it was just on layaway. LOL ..(sorry)

Why did Hitler really kill himself? Becuz the gas company sent him the bill and he couldnt pay. That was told to me by an Israeli. One who saw how upset I was by a man who was driven crazy in the camps. He did it to make me laugh when I was crying.

It doenst have to be this way, but everyone is now SO insistent on dominating the f*cking world that none of us can afford to be human anymore.
If that is the way you want it fine, I can deal. I have that capacity. It just really boring compared to the old days and it sucks really. I mean its NOT a good time at all. Its so much work for so relatively little pay off.
Maybe this is what happens when you hand all the power over to an unimaginative public, who never knew how to be self satisfied. Its so sad really.

Being targeted is pretty much the most boring thing I have ever encountered. I would much rather be retaining my beauty looks and health, working hard and then lounging just as hard as successful predators do when in rest mode, being around interesting people having great sex and feeding my mind instead of destroying it.

Hell was never so BORING as in its present incarnation.