“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Psy Ops Torture Known as 'Two and a Half Men' Gets Pulled

Ahh. Finally some true relief. Two and a Half Men is a psy ops piece of garbage that perps have been telling me they idolize as thier favorite show for years. One perp may actually have been done away with due to letting on that I was right about it containing psy ops content.

Its always hard for me to tell if the stars of these shows or movies know what they are doing when the shows content is specific to a Targeted Individual or many TI's for that matter.

I always take into consideration that Sheen is possibly targeted due to his outspoken views on 9-11. ALWAYS. And I realize that the gs system is very sinister and deceptive.
It could be that a person like Sheen, who lets say is targeted, is put into a show with heavy psy ops, to then psych out either one or more TI's who then believe he is personally 'in on it', which is what looks like was done to get Diana Napolis so totally insane in acting out and attacking celebrities.
The reality is that those celebrities may be in on it par the course of doing business for themselves but they may also be fellow Targets. You have to look very carefully at what has occurred linking that person to other TI's via media.

Also there may also be a change of heart or a person in Sheen's position finally realizing what he is involved in.

His outspoken attitude towards 9-11 is either to draw targets in, deflect his other covert activity like being in a show thats was used in psy ops like Two and a Half Men or he is genuinely outspoken and now genuinely targeted.
In that case, the system takes advantage of his weaknesses to drive him towards ruin as is done to other TI's.

As a female TI, especially being attacked by parties so into oppressing females, Sheen was always suspect due to his battering of women. Its kind of like looking at Ted Kennedy advocating for FFCH and then looking at his family's track record with expendable women such as Marylin Monroe and wondering which is the true motive.
Many of these men's action concerning 9-11 or TI advocacy doesnt match thier attitudes towards women, which in my case I must be ever watchful of.

What he pulled is hysterical. Many people with any sense of taste and any brains dislike sitcoms altogether much less Two and a Half Men.

He referred to the show as "dribble" and a "pukefest that everybody worships." (I think the proper word is drivel not dribble). And yes, it is show that receives too much admiration considering its content.

I still dont trust this rant as it being on Alex Jones and mirroring so many TI's sentiments about Hollywood and media in our society. He might even be trying this stunt as a way to change his career as being a 'bad boy' he can actually get away with this and probably work at some point later.
Its purpose might even be to give TI's a false sense of security so that they start talking outright about the show in terms of psy ops and look even more unstable and mental.

The show is also very sexist and no one sees that due to it having a cute fat kid in it as well as a goofy endearing single parent. The show is deceptive from the start as upon viewing it. I thought they were a gay couple which seemed really daring and cool for network TV. Alas you get sucked in on that only to realize that its about an obnoxious fat kid that should be put on a diet and taught some manners. Get rid of the maid as well.
America thrives on dysfunction and imperfection.

Don't know how much he had to do with the writing or if he knows where the material comes from at all, but SOMEBODY involved with that show does know and has over the years done alot of very detailed attacks on at least a few TI's out there through Two and a Half Men.

It could be that Sheen, being self serving, is simply done with his part in this and wishes to junk the people around him in self interest and in getting his own little show.
It could also be that this entire incident is an act by Sheen as well as the others involved in Two and A Half Men. If Sheen walks away the show might just die out without him but if he walks away in this manner, then people might be so outraged that its like kicking him out and he can be replaced more easily and Two and A Half can go on. Its also a way of him getting out of the show and going to something new without disappearing into obscurity.

And I do NOT trust Alex Jones. Mostly I dont trust the fact that no females are as visible talking about the issues like Jones or even Sheen. And the sexist nature of Two and A Half matches Sheen's inclinations with females as well as between the both of them, keeps out any females who are coming out with the same sentiments.

I recall this creepy People magazine ad years ago, during Bush. It had this photo spread of a get together with what seemed like the Who's Who of celebrity domestic violence: Charlie Sheen, Jackson Browne, Stephen Tyler and Gary Busey were all in the photos. It was presented as just celebrities hanging out but one couldn't help but take in the one commonality among all these famous men.
So I dont trust this isnt just another attempt at co opting someone else's work or style, probably a female who is outspoken in a similar manner.

But even if Sheen was aware of the nature of the show, he cannot be held as responsible as the writers and people behind the scenes of media like this, which contains cruel and viscous psychological land mines and ambushes designed to destroy certain Targeted Individuals that they predict might be viewing.
This show is far from the only one to take part in this kind of activity but it does stand out as having some of the most prominent and detailed psy ops content compared to other shows that have taken part in the DirtyTricks Dept over the years.
I think most TI's get smart and just stop watching new movies and TV shows.

This tirade as well as being outspoken about 9-11, all of which cleverly keeps his bad boy image alive in an era where such a thing is not seen in Caucasian males anymore unless they are rap artists and at an age where keeping up a bad boy image is usually not possible.

He may genuinely be oblivious or targeted. I myself dont have enough information to make an informed decision either way.
Whatever the motive, I like the temporary results.