“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, February 25, 2011

Portraying a TI as Hateful to Validate a Campaign

I recall Laura, Romney's spawn, really making a point to make clear that I am perceived as someone who hates people anyway. That is the way it was worded, that I hate people to begin with so my being harassed and stalked is of no consequence.

The reason I sound hateful at any time is not that I hate people, but that I have been abused and oppressed to the point of becoming hateful. Also what she was also intimating is that my being hateful was a well known issue. That that is the impression people have of me in general. And just how would the public get such an impression of me to begin with?

It doesnt matter what you see on hidden camera vids or cell phone vids or any such media. Those clips are all taken out of context and the Target can be pushed into reacting in such ways that make excellent smear content. Nowadays, the idea that hidden cam vids are candid is not valid. Alot of harassment and psychological warfare goes into making the Targeted person into the blithering, loudmouthed, hateful half insane person we often see break down in the tabloids or in supposed candid hidden cam vids or audio. Its called a set up and that is what the DirtyTricks Dept does and it does so with precision as an art form.
They are not stupid but they know the public has been rendered so. While yer watching crap like Two and A Half Men, the DirtyTricks Dept is tearing apart countries with revolutions and destroying lives with sophisticated psychological warfare.

You dont have all the information to make an informed decision but the key is to make you believe you have the truth- in real time on hidden cameras.

That is also why the hidden cam idea is so attractive. The public believes that hidden cams reveal what people are really like, what they are really up to outside the public eye. As if the DirtyTricks Dept may not have gotten there first and been torturing the person for years on end. Then they ensure cameras are 'hidden' in the right location as they are sure the time is right to get what they want on video.

Becuz that is what happened to me and I am sure it happened to various other Targets as well. Its called manipulation..of information specifically.