“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, February 25, 2011

Post By Text Today

-That girl who got caught stealing from her friend by female cop search late wed nite, her friend she stole from let it go w cop becuz she didnt want her 2 catch
- Another case. The girl said they fond cigs stuffed between her legs & i kept hearing something abot medication not being hers.
- I guess it was so minute that cop let it go between friends. Becuz thats what girl got stolen from said in bathroom. She cudnt stop whining abot her cigarettes
-Then after they left she told me she was fuckd up on kilonopins & proceeded 2 ask me where she was, what shelter she was in. She then said she had thot she
-Was in pine st with her mother then said her boyfriend must not even be here then. The next morning the thief was stil sleeping & the girls

...were freaking out due to her not being barred. They started to mob her even before she woke up. Staff then lied to all of them bold faced that the cop had found nothing, which of course means the mob's anger has to go somewhere so they started to mob (through talk) the girl who told the story originally who got her cigarettes stolen as she had woken them up that night with that story.
I did NOT want to see a white girl mobbed but in the first case staff would have screwed up by letting her stay. This was a case of staff not caring about the repercussions of THIER lying to an angry mob of clients. So I took the leader aside and told her that things were stolen, the girls and the cop wanted the matter dropped but that she should indeed watch out for her shit as it could be anyone stealing. (These are women who think they are long timers at Woods Mullen due to being there every day. I thought about it the other day- I have been going there for about 20 years, off and on- very occasionally in my early 20's but still. Its really sad, but welcome to the life of a Targeted Individual.In those days it was mostly due to me bottoming out from drug use. Now there is just no excuse but I note that society always finds one to validate TI's being kept down. The place is notorious for stealing, I mean ANYTHING that isnt nailed down and if you cant protect yourself there then dont go there.) I told her this in confidence but of course having Stockholm Syndrome with the shelter system and being into the idea that race matters with sources of information, she blabbed to staff that a white woman had told her this. Staff of course insisted to her face the opposite story. She had the audacity to claim she was actually in that bathroom when the search occurred which is bs as I was in the shower and peeked out to not see her there. I dont even know if she was on at 1AM or so Wed night.

Guess who is was? The woman I complained about by name that gave me dirty looks the other day on staff in the ladies dorm. I know first hand how corrupt this place is, from years of experience with it. Ive had former employees (that I dont see around anymore) tell me they want to expose the place but cant and that I should do so since I work in such things.
I cannot believe they dont understand that staff lies to them. Staff works for the Man and the city I dont care how black they are.

And another reason I told this woman the truth is becuz she showed such initiative in protecting her people, her area and wanting to help people it was sad to see her duped like that outright.

This is the drive, talent and instinct that is all squelched by a system that feels the shelters are thiers, and the govt's and in a Capitalist society, you dont deserve sh*t- go get a hotel. Its one of the worst areas still for human and civil rights violations existing. Without us, they wouldnt exist, how would they like that? They are so arrogant its outrageous. I dont care how f*cked up the demographic is at Woods Mullen. In the 90's it was run a bit better and that was when it was party central. In an atmosphere that is supposed to be more cleaned up and better run than the partying 90's, why is everyone miserable, lied to, oppressed and really conditions have only changed slightly? Its utter bullshit.

In the end this woman seemed to strike a balance by saying she didnt believe anyone- which is the logical choice when you dont have enough information to make an informed decision.

Yet last night I think I heard something about me in the bathroom. Of course a cure for not knowing the truth is for me to be a rat. That is one of the biggest rumours anyway that was spread for years. I hung out with this older black man just as a friend, as he seemed intelligent and he was kind enough to let me stay at his place occasionally. He had served in the military and it seemed to leave him with some discipline. I heard talk of me of course then having to be a rat as I hung out with "a drug dealer". I know he liked to smoke when I was not around and I dont get into other people's business unless necessary. As if half of the population of Woods Mullen doesnt hang around with drug dealers- for drugs not for company.

A person being "a rat anyway" is the cure for not having control over your situation.

One day I would love to know exactly where I ratted. Are we talking about me being driven insane, stalked, drugged and hit with weapons in my apartment with cameras in the place, and then Scott coming around and torturing information out of me? Or are we talking just an outright lies in framing me as a rat? Or are we talking about my mother's or other connections busting people like Drew for coke so it seems like I am the source of info?

Or are we talking about just another smear bunch of bs, like the one I heard from CONN cops where my Olnick money for that moldy apartment was rumoured to be a payoff for ratting in the fed investigation, which I have documentation to prove otherwise.