“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mother Mary as Psy Ops Campaign

All the excuses that have been used to validate this campaign are of course, all covert in nature themselves becuz no one is willing to admit that such a thing even exists to begin with.

The reason is that it was and is illegal and severely abusive. What happened to me lines up neatly with Bush's timeline of torture in this country and abroad, perpetrated by state actors of the country.

All of the tactics to keep me quiet have been such things as:
-you deserved it
-you needed reform
-you wanted everything handed to you on a silver platter (strangely my mother's sentiment life long to me as well)
-you needed to learn control or you needed to unlearn behaviors
-you needed to learn you were not the only person in the world
-it was for the good of all
-you were dangerous and a threat
These are things said to me directly for the most part by gang stalkers or jerks in person. Some are continued through ideations mentally or emotionally.

All of these are brainwashing tactics. Every single one. I look at the lives of others and I see there are people who are much more selfish, self centered and greedy than myself and they have the lives they desire by thier own hand.

Another problem is that someone out there is trying to get me to go for sainthood. This is very disturbing as this is kind of what occurred with the case of Anneliese Michel.
I firmly believe that all of this is to cover for ritual abuse as well as programming and/or human experimentation.
By the way this happened in GERMANY where Nazi human experimentation came out of to begin with. I dont trust this one bit.

I think that this happening to people from Catholic families is a front. The Catholicism is used as a front for what happens to the person. I was never baptized and I have more evidence of high level programming, Masonic connection as well as Satanic cult activity as far as my own memories go than some bizarre Catholic possession. In my case I am sure this is all a front or yet another brain washing scheme to cover for what I discovered years ago to be the truth. What is so disturbing is the similarities between myself and Anneliese Michel. Thankfully I was never baptized and I believe this in itself may save me from being subjected to being damned or believing in such a thing. I grew up around Catholicism never taking part in it.
And I never believed all the guilt and nonsense that went along with it either. ALso this may be the work of whoever was behind the Inquisition, and other times in history that seek to destroy women or to keep humans down by denying them their birthright to psychic power.

To look at the early picture of Anneliese Michel has always bothered me. She looks almost like me when I was younger. Except I was alot..prettier. I had some sort of natural grace, and that has, I think saved me from a worse fate. I can see the Satanic influence however in her and if one looks at a later photo one can plainly see Satanic influence present.

Her mother doesnt look too wholesome either. They may have been a Satanic family line or had some sort of evil like that within the family. Someone really sick in the family may have been brainwashed into the idea that the family had sins that needed to be atoned for and sold out Anneliese Michel as an actual scapegoat or human sacrifice for such purposes, which of course, would be a naturally Satanic thing to do which would be thier nature. Catholicism isnt about Christ. Its track record is about greed, black magic and torture. Its good side is art, selfless work and warrior like spirit in the interest of doing good or helping people and a preservation of a female pagan entity. But there is something way too scary about Catholicism for it to be trusted. Its male centric, its ritualistic and its track record for violence, greed and black magic suck. They are certainly not to be trusted. As an Italian I know damn well that the church is just Rome re inventing its influence and thier involvement in political affiars shows this to be true.

Its interesting that her family and those priests let her die, due to her believing that she must suffer for the wayward youth, her family and the sins of the priests and church in Germany.
She heard voices, all that good sh*t that comes along with v2k and being targeted, in a country notorious for Nazi human experimentation. I wouldnt put it past hte Vatican to have such access to mind control either. Thier record for torture puts them very high on the suspect list.

She claimed to hear mother Mary.
And yes, I like the idea of mother Mary as a female entity for women to find solace in. But I know she is Diana undercover and other facets of female spiritual figures.
In many instances Mother Mary has been pushed on me, through planted materials in the physical world to ideations of Mary. I am not falling for it. When you have perps doing what they do for years on end using props and playing games then they go to this bs as a new brainwashing ploy it reeks of psy ops once again. And it also reeks of yet another way to get rid of me or silence me for good.
I have actually had people in places that were targeted by tech anyway, leave out books about Mary and you could just tell- the timing and the way it was done. The placement was too neat, too perfect. Contrived.

It would be the ultimate sexist ploy to pawn off a woman you wanted to get rid of on Mother Mary as a sacrifice. As a crime based in deception, it reeks of being misogynistic. What a great way to contain such a woman, what a great way to make her finally feel she was powerful as was her birthright. Kind of like the way they leaned on poor Elizabeth the I until she worse white face paint to compete with the Virgin Mother. Until she felt so owned by England and her responsibility to it, that she had no womanhood left of her own.

THAT is what this is an attempt to do and its not going to f*cking work. I have been amused by this ploy for some time and its about time its stopped too.
These are war crimes plain and simple. They are technically illegal. These actions go against human and civil rights in the US as well as some internationally.

Maybe I should get a DNA test done. Maybe instead of featuring Barbara Bush's resemblance to Vlad the Impaler I should study perhaps my own resemblance to any one of the blood line ancestors, perhaps there is something to a campaign so determined to put a woman in her place as this. And maybe there is some truth to Brice Taylor's (Susan Ford) claim that all mind controlled slaves are in bloodline that relates back to Queen Elizabeth.
Becuz I am getting awfully sick of this nonsense. My entire life was wasted and here I am still contending with continued attempts to free myself of conmen and thier (traitor) female counter parts. Becuz every single part of this is a huge CON JOB and dont you forget it.

Hmm royal blood in the veins eh? Is this what they fear so? But its not the lineage that matters its the power that comes with that DNA, that is what they fear. Of course not only are such beliefs delusional but without money nor both parents to collect DNA from, its impossible to tell if that has any truth in it at all. Perhaps its some other DNA from somewhere they are nervous about.

These constant deceptions are just so boring really.

Its very simple really. Every little girl dreams of growing up to be a princess right? Which of course I never did but since being reduced to such a creature through constant torture, and being somewhat of a child via never being allowed to grow out of compartmentalization via programming, it makes sense that this need or platuea can be satisfied by brainwashing the person into being a princess whos power is kept in check by something so oppressive as religion. Its the spiritual equivelant of goddess but its nicely controlled by selfless suffering and the patriarchy.

Again, yet another set of circumstances of another person who seems targeted matches up in many ways exactly with someone who KNOWS they are targeted. Which means the chances of this indeed being bs as it seems it is are greatly improved. And you have the proof right in front of you. That poor woman suffered herself to death for some very selfish and mind controlled people around her. Hmm, sounds exactly like my situation.

The main goal is to try to get the deprogrammed mc slave off track by constantly pushing for new means of CULT MIND CONTROL. And the idea that Mother Mary wants you to stay a virgin for life and not live normally and do oh-so-good-deeds in penance is certainly cult mind control.