“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, February 24, 2011

GS as Social Control Over Women

-Had 2 look @ the face of that .N.A bitch Kim again. Cunt. Shes 1 of those people that knew but just sat bak and did nothing while my life was destroyed by
-Those rich kids and hebes who did it 2 help jake and protect julie. Stupid mindless bitch 8:12:00 PM
-Spineless rich kid trash like the rest of them. Some1 mustve told her they won & i'm on my last legs or totaly discredited so she & every1 else has nothng 2 8:16:00 PM
-Worry about. They r all just so sure of themselves. Jakes new buddies and all their connections. Fuk them. 8:18:00 PM
-Its this fase where i am doing so badly that game now is 2 try 2 make me do smething stupid so every1 who fuked me over can finaly b sure i am out of way 8:22:00 PM
-How many rich brat pieces of shit does it take 2 keepdown 1 targeted dirt poor survivor of mind control? Hundreds if not thousands nationwide 8:27:00 PM
-Sme1 must have me officialy discredited now.Like i dont exist anymore. I hate her. I fukin hate all those spoiled c*nts in .N.A. 8:30:00 PM

Yeah, the Hebes in the entertainment business will support Julie. They are not the main faction in GS I dont think, but this part of it is saturated with em. Also, Hebes support Mossad and Mossad works with CIA. The entire entertainment industry would collapse if not for drugs, whores, little boys and dirty money.

Someone told me once that the management of jakes new famous musician friends had an issue with me due to drug use. As if that validates psychological warfare at all in any way disregarding human and civil rights laws. Its more smear for validation. The only drugs I was on in that apartment in Brighton were the ones that were perscribed to me for anxiety by that crooked psychiatrist Emmerich who eventually turned on me anyway. Bitch.
And the bastards in NA know that becuz my old sponsor brought up me taking those sedatives as a reason I deserved this or it validates it. This is a woman whos husband was a major drug dealer and she wouldnt have jack shit to her name if it werent for dirty money buying that house in Newton. All these people have criminal connections and legit ones too so they make powerful enemies. They are also extremely arrogant. People like Mary D. in NA, my old sponsor are used to people being destroyed, killed or this same sort of thing that happened to me. And that crowd in NA always denies this when someone gets squeezed like this. She was friends for years with another woman who carried this useless jerk in NA and he turned on her, left her for a younger woman. She got screwed over, and perhaps targeted who knows. She was Mary D's sponsor. All of a sudden, Mary claims she really didnt like her, didnt get along with her and basically has selective memory about this woman. NA is more cult like than you think. People who are victims of mind control outside of NA are handled in NA I now realize. If you show that you are not going to go along with that and all thier deceptions in these groups you become a problem. Just like any other cult, the problem becomes with YOU not the group or literature. There are so many criminals and f*ck ups hiding in NA becuz they understand its a cult and work around that or work it to thier advantage. Just like pretending to be a changed person in jail just to survive jail its bullshit.
Thats probably what I didnt like about NA and sensed the dishonest component, thus bucked against it. And thats why people like Kim are idiots. If you cant stand up to the sheer corruption in NA that comes from the criminal/entertainment industry scum in there, then you are not doing what the literature says. Also NA is more screwed up than AA to begin with as you have to be a criminal anyway to be in there due to drugs being illegal from the get go, so the criminal mind is more prevelant than in AA where drinking is legal.
So many sick f*cks are hiding behind thier recovery, and if yer honest about fully changing as a person the animals in there will sense this, get spooked and eventually come after you.

Like I said, sedatives. Oh and I was probably tripping on the mold that was in that apartment. I posted the proof of how bad it was so dont try to deny that anymore.

And exactly what does a band's management have to do with organized stalking and harassment or validating it at all? Its so typical that coming from an NA perspective the people in NA would validate someone being destroyed due to a smear campaign they were on drugs. Its such a simple deception and one that doesnt stand up to logic...ah but that would be if you were thinking logically like a lawyer or detective. SINCE NA IS A CULT OR HAS CULT MIND CONTROL COMPONENTS TO IT, YOU ARE THEN NOT THINKING LOGICALLY, YOU ARE DOING WHATEVER THE GURUS SAY AND THE POWERFUL PEOPLE IN NA SAY. YOU ARE FOLLOWING THEM LIKE SHEEP. Of course these are the 'winners' that people always speak of. I dont recall seeing 'winner' in either the blue text or the green and gold. NA is worse than Catholocism for taking an original text and then making things up that are totally inappropriate, then forcing people to believe these made up parts.

Personalities NOT Principals is the main game of all the rich and important people in NA. They turn that rule around every meeting usually and that is where I got disgusted and either wanted to set up a new meeting (for addicts not a-holes and people who need to get clean becuz thier life depends on it so they cant take meds as meds are drugs and yer not really getting clean are you?) but NA is about being a holding area for mind control Survivors. Its that simple. Your only hope is to deny that there is such a thing as mind control Survivorship to begin with, and of course that will work perfectly for them.

Nobody's management, especially a bunch of entertainment industry Hebes should have any control over anything I do, or any opinions or any say for jack shit over what I do.

This is about covering for alot of shit from the 70's that I remember as well as anything to do with Julie or Jake for that matter. On deeper levels the mind control end of it doesnt want another victim witness testifying, not for MK Ultra related issues through my mothers documented survivorship nor another high level programmed expendable talking about how people are programmed and then go through suicide programming.

And to think that the country is that stupid. You are under mind control not as powerful as during Bush but always under mind control. If this were not so then why would you assume that rich,powerful connected people would ever be allowed to pull of such things at all? If people ran around being truly lawless the country would have fallen apart by now, for REAL not just a bad economy. The FBI and other agencies would NEVER allow people being targeted like I was, for the stupid, weak and illogical reasons that are given for me being targeted like I was. This kind of campaign has to come down from high up as something official on some level or legal in some way. Or it comes from people who operate on a level where their actions are unseen or classified but they are allowed to operate with massive access and resources anyway. THAT is who is behind something like this, not a madame or a band who befriended some jilted boyfriend or whining rich kid who wanted to ditch his ex while getting a pay off for assisting others in destroying her. Nor my mother with whatever connections she has. All these assholes are powerless compared to who I have come up against, especially in places like St Louis and the south west. If these morons actually do have any idea of the severity of the entire campaign then they work for that faction to get what they have or not be exposed for things they do.

Either that or they do have some sort of game system set up for shit like this and perhaps the govt or other powerful faction stepped in, feeling that me being thier creation, I was thier responsibility, and to be fair I never would have fallen into this trap to begin with unless I was going through deprogramming and was caught unawares.

Even to this day, if anything comes from any of my sites or social networking page, that even hints at sex or sexual content, I can feel very stongly that someone, somewhere feels like I am on track again, being what I am supposed to be, returning to the fold. Gang stalking is about limiting choices to mind controlled slaves. If you wont rejoin hte fold and do what they feel you were designed to do, then they will reduce you to being a non entity. An below average person.

Literally all I would have to do is return to adult entertainment or something similar. All I have to do is show that I have returned to sex slave mentality and I will be allowed freedom and access again.

That is the reality of the US. And the reality of NA also from what I saw when I was in there, its very oppressive.

They all want to systematically ignore me now so I forget about what happened or if not then act out and pull something crazy so they can finally write me off for good. That is why that snooty a-hole Kim just looks right through me now. They know its that phase of the game. They are all so sure of themselves.

This is also a reason I shouldnt stay here as long as I have. I start to see people from the past who are part of crowds that should pay for what they did and people just keep ignoring me as part of the continued campaign and it distracts me from writing a book that will take care of them better than any lone shooting ever would. I have to remember that.

They are depending on no one believing anything I say or make claims about due to the content of my activism being mind control and unbelievable things. People feel its been so many years and I am so destroyed that they won hands down and there is no way I can get justice. Even the scum at St Patricks are aware: "Well you know, she's just trying to 'get back'".

I will not exist in a country that affords me no respect and no status. If the people of this nation want to side with my enemies then I indeed have made the right decision in seeking to leave. Perhaps in other countries I will be better recieved and they will want to hear my tales of how my family went from radiation experimentation when in the US Marines to the end result today. And everything in between.

The excuses that this system uses are easily seen through with logic. But Americans dont think logically. They think as they are told to due to the fact that the whole culture is about being brainwashed daily. They can have thier victory on this territory, I just need to go find some other territory where my enemies are not the ruling class of winners in this. I wont tolerate a life where they get to win and i have to stay in shelters and be ignored.

And that end of the entertainment industry is well known for assisting in getting rid of women who have become a problem to either thier male friends or someone that serves men like Julie. The music industry is notorious for ex wives, girfrieds and even kids who become problematic having lots of bad luck etc and going downhill to a horrible end while the men in question seem to go on to better lives actually.

This system desperately wants me to forget my 'old life' it ripped me away from. But it wasnt right to rip me away from it, I should have been able to get away from it in a healthy way not through mold exposure and then abusive psychology which ends up being MK Ultra methods of wiping someone's mind and personality and memories and erasing them to be like a child again.

There are people who actually think that this was a good idea to do to me, that this was my chance at a whole new life. These are the same people who founded the Recovered Memory Syndrome organization. The same people who advocate pedophilia and believe that thier research shows that 60% of females who were molested believed it as good for them. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE ULTIMATELY BEHIND A CAMPAIGN LIKE MINE.

This is why they have given me amnesia pretty much and tried to wipe my identity and its also why I have to be traumatized and raped with tech as well as psychological warfare. Its becuz I gained power in the adult entertainment industry over men and learned to not fear men, thier world or men in power. I dealt with their weaknesses not thier illusions of power. Also I never had a father figure in my life or my home to provide fear and respect for males either- this is why I must be treated like my mother was so I can be as controllable as she- this is why male centric authority figures betrayed me so heavily along with being associated with the sexual abuses of the gang stalking system. Gloria Steniem also had to take care of her mother as a child with no father around. They probably see this kind of childhood as a red flag for strong feminists or activists who go up against male authority without fear.

All of this has been to take away any power I gained in my 20's and reduce me to a very low sexed female who has now been so betrayed by male authority, especially in a sexually abusive way that I desire only one man I can trust, and pretty much find a small life for myself where I mind my own business and keep silent.

This is the mentality of many men that you DONT know about. They go along with the idea that women should be abused by men as children, hopefully not remember it, and this provides a control over females as adults. There are reasons for that I wont go into as they are unbelievable to westerners but ultimately they are afraid of female powers in older women, and deathly afraid of any sign of a return to a matriarchal society- ESPECIALLY Americans.
Lets just say that there is more to women's intuition than they ever want you to know- what it can grow into in a woman who has been raised in a sisterhood environment instead of a domineering male one.

All this is to turn me into a hurt little idiot who is beaten down and finally realizes that the world of men, and all thier compliant little bitches (like Kim), cannot be beaten or even existed in without being subserviant to them in some way. They actually believe this is their right and thier proper place.

America does nothing but validate this and encourages males to be dependant on women and childish, so that women must tolerate them and care for them like children. I see it in the media all the time. Its disgusting and this society does alot in media to ensure that men are weak and thus need to weaken women to survive.