“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, February 18, 2011

Boston Phoenix: Boston's Rock Scene Grows Up and Joins Masons

First of all, if you are in the papers flaunting your Masonic connections you are breaking character. Its just disgusting the disclosure which means that Masonry is now something that is being used as social control or engineering or is infiltrated to keep out any real power so that this NWO crap can be brought in with no threats to its existence.

There are alot of f*cked up people in the Masons, people that act like its a union. They feel superior to others becuz of it by its very nature. The problem is that they are not spiritually aware, they are existing in a an alternative world of ritual not spirituality.
PI John was a Mason here in Watertown and I know many of Julie's clients have claims the same all involved in business together. Also I recall that some a-hole standing in the doorway of the Masonic Lodge in downtown Boston was smirking at me and thinking he won upon the inception of all this going 24/7. Years later I saw someone in that doorway and upon the sight of me, he looked scared and worried. No longer smug, pompous and confident. Probably much had been done in that time to avenge me.

The article says that they have learned the philosophy that we are born to live and then die, that its a time machine with a vision into eternity or infinity.
Listen loves, unless you are BORN into this, by birth, one way or another- BY BIRTH, then you are only being taught philosophy and it sounds like its brainwashing. I dont like the sound of someone looking at Masonry yet again as if its "something bigger than myself", more of Obama's brainwashing people to get active in the community etc.

I dont know what modern man's reasons are for getting into Masonry. I just dont think that the unconnected should be invited so easily nor do I think that they should be schooled in such sensitive matters so mechanically. Nor do I ever approve of it being so overt. Either in the papers or such as the tacky behavior of rap stars flashing symbols like gang signs.
I suppose just the benign Masons is better than the Illuminati or Seth's branch of the brotherhood.

If its all about community then why does it have to be so overt? I do NOT like the sound of the guy interviewed talking about rituals and portals into eternity.

Do you have ANY idea where that information comes from? I mean do you realize like where those concepts came from? I sincerely hope NOT. I cannot imagine why common people would be allowed such access to knowledge. But I guess in the modern world of the 21st century, people are so controlled that its not a danger.

I know for sure that if any one individual shows any true psychic power or ability that they are hunted down and have thier wiring burnt out as if they were metaphysical terrorists.
Orgone production is a threat and anyone not under their control has that ability destroyed.

I understand what they are doing. They want people in thier cult but they dont want anyone truly powerful outside of being controlled. And the electromagnetic/microwave etc influences that are now man made and control the populations, will provide that order over large entire nations.

This is the deception.
They can put forth ancient sects or incarnations of what were once ancient sects or connections to them, as benign and harmless, and teach common people about stargates and sh*t (your philosphical 'portals' through time) and seeing into eternity which is more about if you can or cant by nature, coupled with sacred geometry and math, which I dont think these people sit around and study, though being musicians the concepts are more accessible to them. All this they can make marketable and accessable to the public, becuz there is no longer the threat of anyone being truly metaphysically powerful outside of the system of tech that manages nations now. People management.

Why dont they furnish this information just as causally as they do half truth recycled information from the ancient sun cults? Its as if its now safe to sell something to the public that has no power.

THATS IT. THAT IS WHY ITS BEING DONE. Becuz there is now a system in place that IS the new power and knowledge of IT is modern power. These old philosophies have been abandoned basically. So the true hidden, forbidden knowledge is still hidden and only for the elite or other few who know.

Whats sad is that they are busting with thier numbers of members now but they have been for years now actively destroying the architecture, art and culture that IS the earthly physical expressions of those concepts.

These systems and lodges are now being used as cults or social controls or the cult mentality of getting people into the community in a cohesive way. But I wonder, if any of them sought truth, sought answers by themselves, in solitude and secret, would they not be targeted for doing so?

I see now that putting these things so far out into the public is helping to destroy them in reality. Its very sad.

I have actually encountered idiots appearing to be gang stalking me in the interest of Masonry. Black kids usually. Probably misinfo psy ops or some gang related insane version of what they think Masonry should be about.

Let me tell you something kiddies.
The beings who are trying to run this world into the ground now, my experiences with being investigated, harassed, haunted, tested, poked and probed for information- this faction, is NOT healing. Not benevolent to mankind. They are either very negative or they are simply very human, very stupid and using tools and tech like good monkeys to once again attempt another one of thier Towers of Babel.

Eternity is just numbers. Its the wonder of man discovering eternity and it should frighten you just as it's power fascinates. Take a mirror into the bathroom mirror and put them to face each other. Look into the center of the resulting reflections. Numbers, plain and simple.
However, if such a concept does not immediately make you think of your own death and makes you feel sad, weak and lost in the reflection, you are not ready to start thinking about such things. What you are looking into is something that doesnt translate well here on earth and its not supposed to. Its supposed to scare you. LIVING is what humans are supposed to do and enjoying living here, on earth. These heavy responsabilities would be taken care of if not for this faction that wishes to destroy man and is acting in the interest of enslaving him.

The idea of eternity should depress you and scare the sh*t out of you. An eternal repetitive equation which is the meaning of 33 (33.3333333 ad infinitum) is not LIVING. Its actually closer to the concept of death. Meaningless. Smoke and mirrors.

The true knowledge of Life and power on this planet is in beauty, healing and the greatness of man's potential and accomplishments in harmony with nature. Leave the time travel to the elders. If you can wrap your head around it fine. But always remember there are traps and there is always a dark side to how 'neat' it sounds to describe eternity as a constant cycle of living and dying. And its not eternity either becuz there are other dimensions. There are variances. There is time travel and there is going to build other worlds such as man is thinking of doing on Mars etc.

Be leary of such a trap as 33.3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333..
as this is structural in itself. These are supposed to be concepts to be studied not philosophies to live be. Its a trap. Its death. Of course, the Masons of this ilk love thier order and structure. The Rosicrucians seem to be more about healing, energies art etc. Those damn Masonic sects were always so calculated. Always pushing the textbook knowledge without the soul. Its like the difference between an amazing shaman and a guy with no bedside manner that becomes a dentist. Yes, technically he knows all that he should. But its so..dry.

Do what you want, but I do NOT see the joy in Infinity. Beware you dont lose your humanity to cult brainwashing.
And any society that does NOT disclose the use of technologies to control human beings has no business burdening its people with text book knowledge about such time and infinity. Its like trapping you by leaving out all of the equation.
What you are going to get will not = truth.

I suppose its harmless and may even do good to have people trained to at least think metaphysically and work for a better community. Perhaps the Masons thought that it would provide people with structure that is missing in modern society. Which would be a good idea right now. Its better than your kids watching wrestling with heroes like John Sena, flashing the horns as he induces mindless public worship of the Core, while looking more like rough trade than a Marine. Its good to have finer things for people to believe in.

I just dont trust it if the much more damaging realities are not being disclosed.