“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, February 18, 2011

This Really Needs to Stop

Phwww. LOL.. Now I am getting Peter Wolf visions telling me cryptically (you know) "They will never let you go".

I think I see more and more Israel's part in this. Everything from large sections of the Amero-Jew community all the way to the dancing Israeli's from around the area the towers when the planes crashed into them. They really want to win this dont they and they reallllyyy dont like thier enemies. To think we could be as naive to think that they wouldnt stoop to using research rooted in Nazi human experimentation for thier own ends.

There has been more than enough to point in thier direction and its alot more believable than what I just experienced.
SUCH bs.
For all I know he could be a TI as well. Who the hell knows? It just gets very confusing, especially when this started in earnest, you had at least two people close to Julie thinking I was a Jew. Also that key word stat I got off of my blog stats for OnGS, said "Jewsite: Ongangstalking". I also got harassed with psych warfare geared towards a Jewish target by one of Julie's associates in St Louis, a WASP of on old money family here in MA and in a surrounding suburb of Soulard in St Louis around the university I was harassed with overt content that was tailored to my being a Jew. One other instance is some idiot in Ayer MA where I naively rented a room out of desperation from a guy who later I realized was a serious pedo and his buddy a sex offender. This is what happens when yer brainwashed, exhausted and traumatized. I wasnt in that room for 24 hours when the second night the room itself was targeted with heavy tech that seemed overtly military. Ayer MA would be the right area for that anyway. When I lived in Littleton as a 19 year old kid with family I had nothing but weird experiences that seemed like more human experimentation and it also seemed very connected to the military. Since that was 1990, it may have even been before they closed the base there I dont recall and cant research it right now.

I rented this room during Bush or in 2009 I dont recall. I was better at being targeted but I was exhausted and still freaked out from years of going through this and being traumatized basically. This guy in his 20's maybe or 30, larger build, came into the driveway, demanded to know if I was going to stay in the area and told me that my head scarf was a Jewish style. I corrected him and told him it was actually an Eastern European style, as well as it could be due to me being an infant during the hippie era. "NO, thats a Jewish thing".

Yet I had people who were obviously perps in Kenmore Sq one summer coming up to me, really insane ones, saying they were from Israel. It seems in this game the more privvy to deeper information the perp is, the more insane they appear. Hey, when you know the truth who wouldnt be insane then? I mean people who seem to know about programming of human beings. They did NOT like the fact that I have an innate understanding of what makes a suicide bomber. He looked at me as if I was an exception to the rule, just like that kid at the homeless hotel in Buffalo NY. He said I was a mule, a psychic that pops out of nowhere, said I was in danger of becoming the next Hitler as well as fed me some disinfo bullshit concerning some psy ops that was done to me when I lived in my apartment. Allegedly were not pleased that I could beat thier perceived premonition system. Which is nothing more than a person being shown via what seems like a vision, either in sleep or during waking half conshusly, that seems to predict a future time and place that person will experience what they are shown in the vision. The problem with these visions or premonitions is that before 2003 or even 1995 lets say, these were used basically to protect people who received them. They were part of the 'guidance system' that protects gifted and psychic people or whatever we/they are. It seems that some much more malignant force hacked into that 'system' and either was piggy backing off of its signal if you will, by sending bogus information to guide people in events through time and space here on this planet OR often one gets the feeling this new faction that has power, that manipulates people through these open portals to the human mind instead of acts as a more benevolent force in simply protecting people, it seems this force or parties unknown started to be able to not only jam the good and protective Guidance System, they also were jamming and then manipulating recipients with instructions. The premonitions that were once simply protective were now instructional, as in used for brainwashing.

If you are shown an outcome, then when its time to act in that predicted frame of time and space, you will act out on that outcome as you have been instructed subconshusly. Due to this new players system being SO chaotic and full of torture and being the opposite of safe and peaceful, and not in harmony with human life, I got hip and realized the 'premonitions' were just instructions. Being the sort of person that resents being controlled or being told what to do, I f*cking blocked this new occupying force and when I was shown a premonition I simply blocked it. I would just refuse to accept it, kind of like denying a collect call. Its YOUR Will and YOUR perogative if you are going to be controlled.

I was always being stalked, harassed, followed by weird guys in cars and surrounded by perverts. Its just the way the perps in this system percieve the women in my family. You know how pedos and rapists think: they genuinely do NOT see others needs and getting their own satisfied, they will do whatever it takes. They are selfish and sadistic usually. So this explains why everytime I tried to work in a job that was normal as a kid, pervs would always show up and get lude. I now realize this was actual training, brainwashing probably to eventually make me feel like I might as well get into the sex industry becuz I get treated like that all the time anyway. In fact I see now that was its purpose. Guys stalking me, showing up at my jobs EVERY DAY, all the attention, along with the actions of my family eventually pushed me into the adult entertainment industry. Same goes for every time I tried to leave the industry. I made at least four serious attempts in my 20's and each one was thwarted by outside forces. I was so conditioned and young I couldnt fight.
I recall when I got clean off opiates I realized that I did NOT want to go back to the industry. Not without drugs. Of course I was discouraged a bunch of different ways some of them covert and gang stalking and I recall how hard I cried when I went back sober. In my mind, I had no other way of life and no way out. You think about that next time you judge people in any part of the industry with your bullshit about how you KNOW for sure what their motives are and how they could be doing something else, and how they chose to work in this field. In fact, go f*ck yourselves in advance becuz the public knows NOTHING. Mind control is used from the simplest pimp/worker scenerio up to sophisticated psych warfare and other tactics used on mind controlled slaves who also serve as spies or couriers of information. You know nothing. But now at least you understand why the media and our culture in general has to keep it illegal as well as keep it shrouded in mystery and continue to target and needle the workers instead of dealing with it logically in a country that claims to be based on human rights values.

Becuz it covers for covert operations thats why, not to mention gun running, drugs and obviously money laundering. And it could never be legal as they levels of abuse are outrageous.

There is not Sex Worker Anonymous and if there is, I was kept from it actively by passive gang stalking which is when people dont do thier jobs or act like resources dont exist when they damn well do so the person cant get help.

My point was that I cant figure out why one faction, in MA and MO was so convinced I was a Jew, yet Brookline was totally into the harassment and gang stalking (a mostly Jewish wealthy hip borrough between Brighton and Newton) and the people I encountered from Israel were those weirdos that looked at me like some dangerous child, a baby armed with a laser gun or something, due to my being so oblivious to the fact that normal people arent supposed to know about programming. I aint normal dude. Unfortunately. There has never been anything normal about my life and any attempts to be happy or normal have been interrupted by people who were jealous, enemies or trying to find out what makes me tick. All of which did NOT have the right to take away my life from me. And I hope I can make any or all of them pay.
You wont get forgiveness from me or happy endings like in Judeo-Christian morality play formulas you love so much from Hollywood. This is reality not a damn movie.

All you have to do is refuse to believe or accept the premonition. Its that simple. And actually later on the premonitions I received were very helpful in preventing me from taking wrong action.

The most damaging thing about this new system is that it blocks the Guidance System actively and that IS between the hours of 6 am to 12 midnight. During the hours of tech, torture and all the other remote influence horrors that act as if they are from technologies- this also includes the inability to 'hear' helpful advice or get ideations on things one needs to know to make better more efficient decisions. There is literally a jamming mechanism to this new occupying force that is present within the normal remote influence hours. And on top of that we all know the constant intrusive thoughts that are literally torture that go on depending on where the Target is located. Boston sucks for this as you know by now from my blog posts. San Diego also sucks for this. In fact every major metro area now is so 'busy' that peace is relatively unknown..nor being human any more.

It might be that this is just another mind fuck of the system. Torture me for being percieved as a Jew and then I have to try and calculate that along with being targeted by a very Jewish community back east as well as perps from Israel.

I think the main thing is to burn the Target's mind out with presenting a very clever and logical person with information that just does NOT make sense. The beautiful system of problem solving will soon give way to chaos's destructive forces and erode the mind. I think this is its only purpose in the end.

And to get me pissed off of course. I now can honestly tell myself that I did experience being targeted while in Berkeley CA, hanging with those idiots from Bear Necessities camp from Rainbow. I recall one of them telling this homeless guy that we knew from People's Park that they were all going to get drunk to piss me off. All the chaos they were creating was to continue to mess me up. It was at that bitch law students apartment in Berkeley/Oakland CA. This would make sense as having constant chaos in my presence is going to destroy me eventually. But for people to sit around and talk about planning it so overtly is just disgusting as well as then Marty the homeless guy turns around and says "I'm lovin this". I have to face the fact that there are too many people in this world and especially in American culture that enjoy this cheap entertainment especially if its to get favors from Greatful Dead Family or whoever. Hmph.. We have to recall the COS in San Francisco and all those connections to covert factions. Cults. As well as didnt the Merry Pranksters used to dose people with LSD and put them out into the desert just to see what would happen?

You'd be surprised how much of the 60's was created by the CIA or a dept that hides within that heading and even foreign intelligence services.

It would be so easy to victimize most of these people as they themselves are weak, vulnerable people. How hard would it be to show up in People's Park again and do some damage? Not very hard at all. Alot of these low level perps are either society's dregs and wont be missed or they are on their last legs anyway drugging or drinking themselves to death. Its nice to see them all so miserable, seriously. Just know they will die while you fight to stay alive and break free of mind control. In fact, think about it and savor it every day.
I often think about that bitch law student thinking she was better than me and her weird friend so much smarter than me and neither of them has anything on me as far as brains or braun. Shes a stick who has to depend on her brains to get by in life and so is her idiot friend, who as he ages, has less and less brains left. I was warned about messing with her older wierd friend Pierre, who looks Jewish not French and who acts like the law student bitch's handler. He worked in the music industry doing something with assisting the talent. Whatever, I dont have much to be afraid of do I? I'll insult who I like.
I have done so throughout and will continue to do so. Obviously, no matter how nice a Target is people insist on mistreating them anyway so why not return thier harassment with the truth about how pathetic they are. These people are not winners, they work for the Man in covert warfare. They serve the Winners, and that is ALL they do.
By keeping potential Winners down, obviously. Which is why they hate someone like me so much..hahahahahahaha..

Yeah, gotta keep clear about the Jew issue. Its most likely a mind f*ck. First I am targeted as a Jew when I am not and then targeted by Jews. ..yeah, mind f*ck basically. I still say Israel is not above using Hitlers dream tech to gain advantages. Why not? In thier minds they paid for it already, it was just on layaway. LOL ..(sorry)

Why did Hitler really kill himself? Becuz the gas company sent him the bill and he couldnt pay. That was told to me by an Israeli. One who saw how upset I was by a man who was driven crazy in the camps. He did it to make me laugh when I was crying.

It doenst have to be this way, but everyone is now SO insistent on dominating the f*cking world that none of us can afford to be human anymore.
If that is the way you want it fine, I can deal. I have that capacity. It just really boring compared to the old days and it sucks really. I mean its NOT a good time at all. Its so much work for so relatively little pay off.
Maybe this is what happens when you hand all the power over to an unimaginative public, who never knew how to be self satisfied. Its so sad really.

Being targeted is pretty much the most boring thing I have ever encountered. I would much rather be retaining my beauty looks and health, working hard and then lounging just as hard as successful predators do when in rest mode, being around interesting people having great sex and feeding my mind instead of destroying it.

Hell was never so BORING as in its present incarnation.