“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, February 21, 2011

Posts By Text 2/21/11

-Never realizd how preppie white girls here staff r here soley 2 offset the ghetto element. I realize now, after being hypnotized once again, that
-Its true. Blacks do not respect the white man up here. Poor whites have 2 b in a large tribe that can hold their own. Like soutie or the north end, irish &
Posted by Rachael O. at 10:24:00 AM
-Italian neighborhoods. Bllacks may b most sympathetic towards me but i feel like im in a foster home again. Frankly i have never found 1 place where i belong
Posted by Rachael O. at 10:27:00
-In the whole u.S.A. Here 4 a minute there 4 a minute. I can fit in anywhere but i dnt belong anywhere. Such is the results of years of gs taking away any chance
Posted by Rachael O. at 10:30:00 AM
-2 define myself. Of course not. Their main purpose was 2 erase all that was me & reformat- for this system 2 define who i am.
Posted by Rachael O. at 10:34:00 AM

I just lost an entire post. I guess if yer working on an existing published post, blogger doesnt save it auto. Guess why? becuz some rich black kid who works at the library unplugged the computer by accident. Why does that just fit right in with the luck I have here. And he didnt even respond properly and say he was sorry or address it. The blonde girl working with him just looked like she thought it was funny. This generation is too concerned with diversity and being plugged in to actually be good at dealing with other human beings. Unless they are actively rebelling against such things being forced upon them, they are basically brain dead.

What I had to say I will say shortly now.

Getting fed up with the shelter women here. The shelters have also turned into major no fun zones. Not that they were ever fun but people did not internalize or bring in pc or other nonsense from the outside world. Everyone now is on psych meds and they are terribly well behaved little pc robots. yer in there totally messed up but you cant be rude or say the wrong thing. Its like one big nightmare where peasants from a meideival village get together and have a constant group therapy session- one big group hug.

Its torture. And thats where I sleep at night. The day shelter women have become totally intolerable. All my allies are gone for winter or other reasons. One specific jerk I been dealing with walked by the other day and she dropped a line as she passed basically saying I was trying to appear exciting when I am not.

Fighting this kind of oppression isnt exciting, its exhausting. I need my boredom time, just to survive the ordeal. Its people like her who dont have all the information that make me feel good knowing how ignorant she is. If I was exciting then that is what would be doing.

It might be considered exciting when I get through it later on, fighting this much against odds while everyone tries thier best in the US to ignore you as long as they can. They appear smug as they write you off as never being able to have enough power to fight all that is stacked against you, and its going to be easy to send you off into oblivion with a mere intimated psych label.

This is the problem with this era we live in.

The oppressive overlords know damn well that giving as much power and attention to the public as they have, they will help keep down thier enemies for them. Its a nightmare of a time we live in. Where common people band together for the greater BAD. It seems whatever the mob does is validated no matter what they do.

I became a traveler due to being very different from women who exist in hen houses, depending on the system to eventually give them housing. You cant trust them becuz they work for the Man as long as he works for thier benefit.