“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Post By Text Feb 22, 2011

-It lasted til 1am 2nite. Its really bad. I just cannot remain a reasonable person between hours of 6 am & 12 midnite. I loathe all the different changes
-I go through. All the diffent ways of being and feeling each day. So diferent than who i realy am, what i am capable of. 1:16:00 AM
-Its like i get discontinued from until approx 12 midnite everyday of my life 1:19:00 AM
-Now im being given ideation that this is being done due 2 my dishonesty towards my ex jake. Even tho i was only doing the best i cud w the limited self 1:21:00 AM
-Knowledge i had- no matter what the rationale is i am given idea that this is 'justice' and that is the way the system works nowadays. There is no questioning 1:24:00 AM
-It. No fairness or consideration just modification. 1:25:00 AM
-Nothing about programming matters. Whatever people did 2 me is null & void. All that pain is gone now. Been removed from me from years of terror & fear 1:29:00 AM
-Gang stalking. That i have 2 learn 2 respect people. Every1 that harmed me i have 2 tolerate & respect. Especially i am being told i have 2 respect my mother. 1:32:00 AM
-I love how i walk out the door of shelter in morning & always have same ideation. 'what r u going 2 do about your situation? Theres nothing u can do about..7:34:00 AM
-..this'. Thats the feeling i get, the mental idea. I start my day up against a massive spiritual mental smewhat emotional barrier. 7:38:00 AM
-It pushes, it has the pressure on. So i push bak, its all i can do. 7:40:00 AM