“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

overPOWERed: Going Up Against Power in the USA

I just posted on the main blog, contact info for Patriot Act renewal, the Justice Act etc.

What I came up against during that federal investigation and subsequent harassment for years afterwards was abuse and it was from the very power structures within my own communities and my country. I now have to write to the very people who I know some of them helped my old associates, my ex and his family as well as my own family destroy me.

I have seen everyone from state cops to clerks at the Cambridge city hall in on this and all the while it was a big joke. They must know not only is this about helping people who are actual criminals to get rid of me due to they having money and connections which is all these people respect anyway, but its about human experimentation and very very abusive psychological warfare. There is reason to believe such companies as Raytheon and others are involved. These are powerful, huge megaliths.

What I came up against was power. Something I was ill equipped to deal with and I am highly shocked that people in power would do such a thing to one single female with little understanding of how the world works, who did not deserve such treatment at all. Its amazing to me that the power structure would take part in such oppression as this was and is.

I think what shocks me more is the behavior of grown adults who dont even know the Target. I recently wrote to a company wanting an Ecological footprint for houseless travelers. Some people did not understand that I live the way I do yes out of necessity but also becuz its best I leave as little footprint as possible. I am simply doing what I always dreamed of but just having to do so under the gang stalking system. I wanted to live on some sort of commune or make my life something not harmful to the planet. Like living in one of those houses made of recycled garbage as designed by an architect in Taos NM or someplace where you grow yer own food. That kind of scenerio. I am prevented from doing that, so I am doing what I can in the situation I am in.

But people who are in on the mobbing or observing dont know that becuz they dont know me. Thats the number one problem with the public being in on gang stalking is that they do it becuz they have been manipulated by the kinds of people that do this professionally or for metaphysical reasons. Instead of thinking I am just cheap or a stupid slob why dont you ASK ME why I have some of the habits I have? No one ever asks the Target anything as the perps are so skilled at forming unwavering opinions through smear campaigns. Its akin to hypnotizing the public into believing such an image, this way they dont even consider asking the person about themselves or thier situation. And the more damaged the target becomes the more the perps version of things is going to look credible.

The main reason why the TI is often innocent in a case of human experimentation or mind control slavery is that the Target has been controlled all thier lives by the covert system of control and all that is occuring now is that they have become either a threat somehow or they have become useless to the system so need to be destroyed and discredited especially if they are waking up from programming.

How can people be so cruel to someone who has been MADE the way they are as well as they most likely got targeted heavily or overtly due to wanting to change thier lives, improve themselves or any other number of things that society itself often tells citizens is what they should be doing for the good of themselves and the society.

So.. a mind controlled slave wants to improve themselves and thier situations and so the system comes after them and sets them up, slanders them, smears them, takes advantage of some opportunity or even weaves the persons destruction INTO some theatre and so creates that opportunity (such as a federal investigation around the person's circle of associates- knowing they are controlled, oblivious and surrounded by people with low morals that have reason to sell them out if necessary). The mc slave is kept in these situations and kept controlled so they think that thier families care and their associates are thier friends so if anything risky occurs like deprogramming or memories breaking through, the person can be disposed of nice and neatly.

The only thing that prevented me from being 'disposed of' is some covert faction that I still have no knowledge of who they were or are. Also my own programming saved me and whatever training I recieved at some point in childhood I had no recollection of. My alter system saved me and assisted in me beating the enemy. So mc slaves are designed to survive through attempts to destroy them as well, survive but perhaps not recover or ever be what they could have been if left alone to grow and change naturally.

So for society at large to be cruel to such a person makes absolutely no sense- unless of course your society is Satanic based and you just cant admit it readily. That would be the only reason that such a thing would be tolerated or would even be easily pulled off. And this country IS Satanic. It just doesnt have the brains or class to admit it. And hiding behind Judeo-Christianity makes me want to vomit really. However, there has to be s0me faction of fair and tolerant people as I am still walking around. But all those people that helped destroy me, the clerk who smirked and told me she couldnt change my name on my birth certificate in Cambridge, meaning that I was going to be harassed and targeted no matter what I did or the state cop who had the audacity to claim that I needed to make my life seem meaningful by doing this blog and making these claims or whatever connected to this whole situation.

One can only hope they are covering for Satanic activity or that they are just that way by nature and dont really believe such bs. Becuz if they really believe that a woman like me can be that stupid or oblivious to get caught up in something like this that easily or that I truly deserved this as that little Hebe said while skipping on his way through Kenmore Sq to a barmitzvah on the swanky new hotel built there- if these people actually believe these lies, you DO have a population of rabid sheeple who have no f*ckin idea that they are manipulated time and time again in these situations and theatres.

And if that is the case, then whatever Satanic faction is the power behind this society can have at them as they deserve what THEY get due to their lack of Will and thier stupidity.

Enough with people saying I deserved this or I'm attention seeking or thinking its amusing or smirking and talking about it like its a good time. Do you realize how many Satanic types I came across in the entire USA and a vast amount of them in New England by the way, especially places like Vermont- do you realize how many of these people are cops or work in responsible jobs like that? One cop that gave me a ride in Montpelier VT actually said something about some similar situation, saying "Oh I think she was abused" about some other victim of abuse but the way the story was told and the smirk on this f*ckers face- you could see it was a total f*ck off to me and what I had been put through.

There are plenty of people out there who know that this was a massive campaign of abuse. They know that it was systematic. They know it destroys. They know its ritualistic. They KNOW. People who work at Pine St were some of the worst and the amount of people in the black community is very high. Extremely arrogant blacks who probably equate the treatment of me to the way a pimp has his peoples are friends control and punish some escaped working girl becuz really that is probably all that blacks of that level, of which there are far too many in existence, can fathom about a campaign of psychological warfare. Either that or you have a major covert force of blacks who are placed in key positions around the USA in urban areas, forming an intelligence network for unknown controlling parties. I am talking a massive amount of blacks are in on this and they are extremely inhumane, nasty, murderous and arrogant as hell as they not only go after the person for money it seems but they mock the person like total assholes.

THAT is what your country's slavery has created not the downtrodden black you actually needs help and wants to succeed in life or be left alone to live his life without hassle. America better wake up to the reality of African American brutality becuz its not gangstas just selling drugs. These f*ckers are smart, they are trained in sophisticated psychological warfare and they work with whites and others. They know exactly what they are doing and what is going on. They are way worse than normal criminals who do strong arm crimes or sell drugs. These bastards are backed by something very very big in the USA and they are privy to having access and resources that only a major corporation or govt would be able to provide.

So much for anti race mixing southerners or black haters. You dumbasses are the ones that created these monsters. By screwing around with black slave women, which its been researched is the cause of alot of European DNA in African Americans- YOU are the ones who have created a population of people that are not a seperate race but have the same claims and rights as the whites they share DNA with. This situation would be very different in the USA if African Americans were only of African decent. We would relate differently, live together differently. NOW we have African Americans that express all the worst traits of their enslavers for hundreds of years. They are smart, strong, and viscous. Whatever these genetic combos are, they have resulted in creating a deadly covert force that can operate under the radar in society. In general African Americans are deadly I have discovered over time, in all my life experiences really, due to now possessing the traits of both African decent and European DNA.

Good one guys. For a bunch of rednecks that dont want race mixing, you have done a great job of creating a situation by doing JUST THAT. And now your nervous becuz they are starting to seep into society, using all the powers and charms of thier collective DNA to basically infiltrate. Did you not forsee this or what?

I want to write this book and get the hell out of here. Id rather give Muslims in some European country taking over the finger than the arrogant f*cks here. Its all the same anyway. I cant ever look at blacks the same way again after my initial history of interaction during bussing in the 70's in Boston, which I could have healed from and learned from, helped others but after being targeted so heavily and seeing the inhumanity, the brutality, the abuse of brawn and brains to those ends, then on top of that the continued harassment of me by the same peoples who ARENT professionals but just assholes, who continue to rub salt in wounds. There is just no end to African American hatred and brutality upon people they consider unprotected by rich or powerful whites, which seems to be all they understand as a stopping point for thier actions.

There are small enclaves of decent African Americans but nowadays its more the exception than the rule.

So be ever forwarned. When you come up against Power, realize that not only will the typical assholes come after you or mock you, like city workers, union guys, cops etc the typical white assholedom you have come to expect from the power structure that holds its position as abusive rich white authority- but the legions of thier former slaves they hold in wait for you in the shadows. Power has many arms working for its supremecy and its not just the uptight middle class values types who work as thier clerks or the people in the professions who percieve themselves as better than non professionals anyway- they have pitbulls in covert warfare and once you have been exposed to that, once you see just how far its gone- you will never be able to forgive society for not only what they have done, but for them mocking you as it was done.

The fact you are innocent to them means you are far more amusing as a victim, and thats all it means. This is why they operate outside of courts and justice systems. Sadly however, from seeing the sheer numbers of this network nationwide, THEY are what runs the USA not the justice system.

The USA is bullshit. And I bet you once I take all the right channels and do all I am supposed to do it wont do a damn thing. Becuz that isnt the reality of the true power structure that runs the US. An extremely nasty, murderous network that has unlimited access and resources in huge numbers operating across the USA, which is a huge country- is what runs America.

Still, to fight it is better than just cowering and doing what it wants. Becuz spiritually, especially if you are programmed, you might realize eventually that the system comes after you BECUZ you are internally a giant. And they want to overpower you before you understand that and can use it. So they appear to be a bigger giant by being a massive national network full of cruel, murderous assh*les who mock as they destroy and imprison.

Thier sole purpose is to make you FEEL smaller than you really are and unfortunately with enough brain damage and enough torture you will eventually BE smaller than you were. But a maimed giant is still a giant and that nature doesnt change. This is the deception of the campaign against RA victims anyway. If yer a ritual abuse victim or programmed, you have more they are afraid of seeing unleashed into society than they ever will be capable of and only through grouping together against you can they hope to make you feel overPOWERed.