“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


MIT security or whatever needs to either tell me I cant use the computer here cuz I am not officially MIT or they need to NOT do the creepy spying thing around corners and sh*t.
They let that old BLACK dready guy sit in the lounge room every night and some nights he does fall asleep with his laptop in front of him, falling back in his chair.

Why is Boston and Cambridge so discriminatory towards the female houseless population? They let men sleep in places where if women try it they get noticed. I have seen this a thousand times over and I am sick of this Catholic and perochial bullshit. Its all about this neurotic urge to keep women safe, like nuns in convents but moreso to deny them the access to get away with what man get away with. Mostly becuz police men are MEN in general.

I am in plain sight for a reason. I cud easily be hiding in the other building where no one would bother me all night long and get work done or I could go upstairs to the other set of computers and hide. Whats the problem then?

The problem is that MIT police were in on my gang stalking thats why. And they f*ckin know it so guilty conshunsess and all that. Also, someone probably gave them crap about me specifically coming in here.
Keep messing with me and I reveal every client at a certain college and where they see those girls on campus. Keep it up.

Didnt the little bastards who worked in the Hayden library harass me and tell me I couldnt write my blog in there when youve got all the homeless old guys looking at god knows what? But I have to have Hayden adminstration f*cking with me trying to use the idea that my blog is not research therefore inappropriate, when in fact they seemed alot more NERVOUS about the idea I was "getting the word out" about corruption of various kinds. Thier general jist was that they didnt think I should use thier computers to "get the word out" about such things. But Joe Blow f*ck head homeless guy can look at porn probably or whatever. Gee, in NM the university in ABQ let me use the computers when I told them that I do research and post links for my readers. In fact the Deans office gave me permission.

You might be math wiz's but yer horrible actors.
You can take all that military contract money and shove it...becuz there are people at MIT who are not assholes on the take or covering thier asses who actually believe in doing the right thing and justice being done.

(by the way one day will you please get the clue that that sneaking around corners bullshit is what got me and people like me who SEE U when you think we didnt see you, to be half insane and homeless and truamatized to begin with. U just dont quit do you? U find someone or something u CANT control for reasons WAY beyond you and you just keep it up until everyone involved is half out of thier minds.)