“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Octupus Analogy

Yeah Im pretty much done with a country that allows itself to be pushed around and exploited by multiple administrations while focusing on bullshit. Like targeting people becuz they all live in denial. I am sick of living in a country that is so stupid and petty that they actually believe this is about say, my cover story and that I deserved this. That is how backwards it is here. I think I now fully understand the impossibility of such a nation. And why I should have left in my 20's when people kept telling me to.

Only here would there be such a hate campaign against someone who is kept down- then the public only serve the oppressors. They seem to like doing that. And personally I cant live with it anymore. Its a big, dumb country. Ive seen it. Only small pockets of it are tolerable or certain areas as well as very specific populations.

This older rich guy in Central Sq Cambridge started talking about the middle east and I told him I didnt pay attention. I was panhandling as I am broke for a few days. After all his bs he didnt give me anything, and he did it out of arrogance which is the American habit if being convinced you understand what is going on and what everyone's situation is. He was the typical brainwashed American and his world view was frightening.

He talked of all the dictators being brought down from power. I mentioned that nothing ever happens over there without covert activities influencing events from American factions. He acknowledged this and actually believed that such factions (such as CIA) becuz they are now openly documented as putting many such people in power, that taking dictators out of power was a good thing. He described the revolutions "around the world" as cutting off the tentacles of the octupus and eventually all that is left is the head, America being the head.

Do you see now how the Left has been brainwashed into supporting a break down of society and the world in general. What is going on is the NWO which is very orchestrated indeed. And nothing occurs without the help of the silent hand really, so why would these events be any different. He actually believed that 'the people' were fully behind the revolutions world wide. That finally a revolution here was a good idea.

So....some people just do not see that this is being orchestrated to create a NWO, the one that is talked about by many people in vid on in audio and print over the years. The missing piece of information is MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES as sell as other methods. If that is necessary to built any sort of reality then its a reality that should be held in suspicion. I can only hope that most educated people dont think like this guy, but he IS the people which is scary.

Yet many of these 'people' are so mind controlled perhaps even individually that they may speak of such things publicily but they are aware of much more privately. Lou Gheppeti used to stop and talk to other people in his art studio building, discussing the latest microwave weapons on the front page of the newspaper. This he would discuss briefly in passing and it was usually with disapproval, then privately he would know so much about covert ops, psychological operations etc a a reality in society.

This is why you have so much harassment supporting the agenda and it doesnt make sense considering that it appears like the public has no idea about what is going on. I would love to know just what percentage of the population knows about organized stalking and harassment that does not let on.

I can tell that guy I conversed with left more concerned about how I know such things than being enriched by our conversation.