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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Screw Up Drives For Greyhound

Greyhound bus #7208 heading to San Bernadino out of San Diego at 0:15 am

. Driver is a total unruly bitch female who has scolded.grown men and women passengers for talking or playing radios at reasobable levels. The bus is hardly even full. Shes fake polire to passengers then acts like she's at a party wirh co workers or some local bar owner jerk in Temecula where she chatted for ten minutes after telling us only five. Which means i cud have gotten my morning coffee in that time. The bar owner made sure to deny he had hot water even before i asked him so being smarter i went to the restaurant next door. In other words who is that local to speak to a greyhound passenger without being spoken to as to control that person ans the situation? It was a power trip...and of course i got my hot water

This driver is a bit too familiar with her route and is obviously on some sort of power trip.

Next time she abuses passengers i am taking audio.

Shes lucky the men she was talking down to were civil types.

Which is probably why she thinks she can get away with it.

This isnt the Bush administration anymore. You cant just do as u please under a badge or uniform.

And fuck youe Obama loving spoilt union whos full of sick fucks. Bus drivers and train workers are some od THE sickest human beings in on GS campaigns..and they hide so well in these jobs.

Btw, Megabus rocks and Greyhound shud b called out legally for being a monopoly.