“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Wahlbergs Create Yet Another Payback To The Corrupt City That Started Their


Another bs article that tells a half truth: Boston is the best place in the world for RICH white people.

To be honest the black community that has coexisted for centuries in Boston does pretty well for itself for a LOWER CLASS and POOR community. The POOR WHITES outside of having mob connections in Southie are just as bad or worse off except for 'regular guy' job connections in trade unions. Places like Southie and other poor ethnic EuroAmerican neighborhoods are being taken over anyway (blacks, who've had most of southern Boston for decades, seem to be expanding their territory) Many ungrateful, nasty foriegners now own the mom and pop convenience stores and laundries.

Boston is slowly trying to peramently hide their true power structure of military industrial complex, organized crime and academia as well as old money with diversions like this that are never ending.

The latest nonsense Ive seen is a new tv show with a tv add that focuses on only black cops that claims 'Boston's Finest'.

Uh anyone who knows that town knows the secrets and security of alot of rich people and students doesnt go into the hands of just anyone. Up until recently you couldnt be a cop unless your dad or family member was one.

You cant even get a job in the MBTA without connections.
Now Marky Mark and friends (wheres Ben and Matt? Those tools) again paying back favors to the Boston corrupt system with a new cop show that is anything but reality.


Boston is slowly reinventing its image for the NWO and 21st century, partiallu working off their old image of being a tough town.

Blacks in Boston have it made as long as they serve in their longtime capacity as part of the system. The city wants the true amount of elitism thats there to remain hidden for yet another century.