“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Afternoon At Mex Border Gives Complete Relief From Being Targeted

Had a nice day on the border. I got hard to find candy and my companion got a cheap  man-purse.

Nice to have some time off from having my mind constantly pumped with the idea rhat Robert Deniro and Ice T and Coco read my blog religiously.  I am realllly sick of the Deniro ideations.  Doesnt he live over in Italy or something? Probably trying to avoid all the nonsense over here.
You have to wonder how they pick the list of famous people the system is going to fool you with.
The Coco one is really odd.

Seems the system has been using images of the celebrities I looked up on the internet last night.....BUT IT WAS ON MY COMPANION's smartphone as I turned mine off last month! (Hes got the renamed Nextel owned by Sprint now. Lets not forget the repeaters on my building in Brighton MA where I was terrorized and hit so heavily in 2002-2006 were Nextel.)

I was looking up plastic surgery before and afters which I find therapeutic. You realize that everything that looks perfect is an illusion and also I realize that I may have aged and become deconditioned but what I had was from genetics not a surgeon. It makes this system in fake America with all the average citizen perps seem even more flawed, pathetic and powerless.

So the GS targeting system has been tormenting me all day with illusions of psychic contact or impressions from celebs on a regular list but also some celebs from last night's photo look ups.

People might say its my own mind playing tricks on me but if that were so then why, once again, does getting out of the city limits of an area stop such illusions from occuring?

This afternoon and evening I felt.as if my identity had been returned to me. My sense of self.

I keep looking at Mexico and wondering oif over therd or in any other country is there a place fre of this kind of torment and harassment? A place like the US border areas and highways between cities and towns, where this system seems to drop off or be completely non existent.

Or is it only on the in-betweens that relief is found?