“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hey! Lets Sexy-Up The Fed! It SELLS!! (Quantico TV Show) Eewwwww..

Omg! You so RULE me! Yah!

Take me away...Sir! May I have another? 

'Help! Male domination! '  So whats new? S.o.s...

If only his thermal was as snug and unbuttoned as hers..I would so be interested!

Hey! This is exactly how I feel after false terrorism tips and Be On The Look Out cop stalking every city I try to live for the past year! 
Aw. Isnt she pretty-as-a-picture! And Im sure the boyz wouldn't have a woman looking any other way under their control.
Militarization equating total MALE-CENTRISM is just a field day for them isnt it?!

'We are SO gonna, like-bust you! ' 
Every criminal in the city is praying for this crew to break down their door and cuff them.
Ohhhh baby!

Its so hot out here in the hellish world of crime... my mascara is melting.

Wtf is this? Omg! The Muppets have been tools of terror all these years! Huh...I always would have suspected like Scooter (Anarchist) or those two old guys on the balcony in Muppet theatre. Maybe a cell has kidnapped Professor HoneyDewMelonHead and hes being forced to create a DEATHRAY! OH..wait. They already have those. Hmm....

'Shit! My f#$%+ing hair always gets tangled in this thing. Omg!'

'Before I go out to take down the bad guys with a deadly sniper shot, I always make sure Ive got my lipstick on.

Wow. These YUPpie paintball games are getting seriously competitive, eh? Damn.

So cute but like, totally deadly!

HELLO KITTY has a machine gun.

When all this nonsense stops then I will take the attempted frame up of me seriously. 

All these attacks and people dying and this as well as framing up innocent people with gross abuse of power IS ALL YOU CAN DO?