“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Posts Have Degenerated Into Reactionary Instead Of For Readers

Uh yeah Im getting fucked up out here. Its realllly bad in Boston. I realize now the weight of the situation and this is a city thats changed to the point of it actually not being safe to be here. Its interesting how bad the constant non stop harassment and gesturing is but yet it seems that theres a strong component of chemical influence and tech becuz I can think clearly again when I go inside or GO OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS.

And theres no support system anymore. I dont have a home or people who are friends anymore. \

I hear people talking about a gang people are part of around here.

Everything has degenerated since key people left in office or died. Its obvious they kept it on the level of the old school organized crime and also guarded against the stupid shits that have now filled in the voids..

So now ever single person seems to be part of this whos in Harvard Sq.. Its simply not safe in the city limits due to what seems like heavy tech influence. That and the amount of total idiots doing gang stalking harassment makes for an area thats impossible to function in or even stay sane.

I know theres better parts of the United States as opposed to this area thats now totally sold out and infiltrated since the old guard left or died. I have to tear myself away from whatever Im attached to here. Yet theres something out there in public spaces that is trying to keep me here and its impossible to fight it.

Everything I post now isnt thought out its reactionary. Its a horrible existence and its unecesary becuz simply going outside the city limits I can think clearly again and I feel I have a returned sense of Self.