“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Covering Earthen Ground With Pavement and Concrete Contribute To Global Warming and Floodinng



Was in AZ years ago first started venturing out and traveling. More attuned then hadnt been tortured as long as now.

Newly paved desert in Phoenix seemed to cry out it did not want something like that over it. Covering it. It was unnatural. The sun could not reach the land.

It was with that I realized the analogy of puttting plaster on your face to paving and concreting the land as we have in such large quantities all over earth.

You think about global warming and flooding. It would seem that if you cut down trees, floods would be worse and less protection from sun. As an urban camper and Traveler I now understand the value of trees against rain and heat and pollution in the air.

Covering the earth would not only effect flooding but also the sun being unable to be absorbed into the earth. You realize this from being in place like TX or AZ. As a northerner Ive never been past May becuz I would pass out from heat. As an older person, I can tell the sun is getting hotter in cities. The radiation is more pronounced. People are becoming agitated and aggressive in summer in old cities.

If these things are to be made better then there needs to be alternatives.

This is probably why union and construction types are so into organized harassment. Thier industries are outdated and they seem to built with the work they do breaking down so more work can be done. In old cities here in MA, the old colonial brick roads show through pavement sometimes. THAT brick is still there, intact. The brick they lay just a decade or so ago already is breaking down? Its got to be on purpose.