“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Blogging The Blonde-Planet Fitness Downtown Boston On Saturdays

Ya know. I never bother to blog about PF gang stalking harassment becuz Ive mentioned it before and in most locations its mild. The people doing it are friendly and its easy to make nice to smooth it over.

Most employees who do this are friendly and not all take part. Some locations have more mobbing than others.

Its done very business like. As if its par the course of running a national chain business that wants to keep expanding. Its standard in the US for all major chains to partake in harassment of TIs.

PF keeps it mild compared to the viscous pieces of shit at other businesses. And downtown if it does occur its always kept business like and staff are friendly which is why I dont bother to blog on it.

Which tells me something: most people who work there are smart about  it.

The only Caucasian female to work at this location is sadly the most offensive perp.

Shes rude and has this attitude on sight of 'WE won!'. Shes always been nasty and dismissive.

When she called about my account being behind once I knew she had (becuz that's part of the covert wars. We get warned about things) as I was down in the locker room.

I also got this impression that someone had told her that I "could put alot of people away". So its either to keep me silent to protect such people or all these idiots are working for feds or some nonsense WORKING OFF THE COVER STORY and have no idea what MK Ultra is.

And that would be typical for this area becuz thats how the attempted frame up started here.

And the constant baiting me to take legal action. The abuse is getting so overt and outrageous that like my mother used to they are just dying for me to 'fight back' or 'defend myself'.

Firstly, most of the people they want busted could be busted anytime without my help. Secondly many untouchable criminals Ive noticed, are victims of gang stalking and mind control.

This is about MK Ultra and war crimes. I won't have it degraded to anything else.

Besides activism on these issues in this country has now degenerated into nothing more than most of the population of the United States working as one big self righteous mob against anyone trying to tell the truth, under whatever bullshit pretext or cover story they can feed the brain washed masses.

During Bush there was hope but now its become pointless. People either don't know whats really going on or they are defending the United States war crimes to the point where only they and their 'cult' matter-not expendable lives like Targeted Individuals.

When I asked about her checking on my account from my home gym she had this smug look and squinted her eyes in an evil manner. But something about it just seems like shes run by others and isnt that smart to be significantly evil. Which of course is what pisses me off about her.

The blacks know from centuries of oppression that whats going on is wrong thats why they are sympathetic. Those that arent are young males who are traditionally aggressive to get what they want and war like towards anyone getting in the way specifically older females. Always a threat in a city based on youth. I ignore them.

There are a few that arent in on it. What is more unacceptable than anything else is when people make gang stalking personal. Dont ever forget that I am smarter, faster, more athletic, greater stamina and more creative than your average human being on the class level of society Im on..

The only reason Im on this level of society in America is becuz Im kept down and have been neutralized as an  enemy of the state simply for being a victim witness and defending myself.


So dont live off of the gang stalking mob's power AS IF IT WERE YOUR OWN. You only have dominion or power over me as much as years of this and thousands of people have afforded you.

On their own, perps are insignificant powerless lone nothings as predators.

Ive seen them having no problem messing with me in public spaces where THEY EXPECT TO SEE ME then they will hurry by trying to not get recognized in areas of the metro Boston area they did not expect to see me.

Whats the difference? I can only assume during the first interactions THEY HAD BACKUP PLANTED IN THE CROWD TO WATCH OUT FOR THEIR SAFETY.

And in the second instance- they are genuinely alone.

Whoever you think you are working for. Whatever legit authority you believe you are assisting- THEY ARE CORRUPT AND FULL OF SHIT.

You are nothing without the corrupt powers that cover up war crimes and pedo networks in this country and beyond.

She also seems like a classist types. One of those blondes that looks down on darker whites seemingly of lower classes. Yet has no problem with 'Diversity'.

Which is why I get on with the blacks in this particular situation. Becuz they know how traitorous and racist-if-they-can-get-away-with-it the whites can be in the northeast.