“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, November 30, 2015

Man In SUV Seen Knocking Fists With Possible Undercovers Near Macys Downtown Boston Reveals GS System Is Real-Tells Me I Am "Dying Slowly"

This fat squat little man driving a silver SUV with a woman in passenger seat (both looked kind of Asian or Latino) was talking with what could have been an undercover at Macy's as they just had an arrest there for shop lifting.

The scumbag was smirking and baiting me and pushing the window up and down.

So I told him off.

I believe I said something about i hope he dies in his SUV.

He stated with the utmost confidence "And you're dying slowly".

This douche can be viewed on the Macy's security camera the side that faces CVS.

So let me get this straight. This is the sort of person who works to support pedophile networks internationally and organized crime as well as the military industrial complex and US-allied war crimes. And Im on the side of what's right and good and trying to expose the truth and IM THE ONE whos slowly dying?

So this is what is actually in power in Boston. Complete corrupt scum connected to law enforcement (or organized crime or business owners-all the same in this city.)

Now do you understand why the Boston Bombing was probably a set up? Whenever I meet someone that arrogant rich and full of shit it makes me realize that everything thats meant to decieve this country's people and the world is exactly what we think it is.

Its people like that that totally validate my work completely. I KNOW Im right and not imagining things when a little prick like that has superior knowledge of a plot of evil design.

Im SUPPOSED to be working on what Im writing right now. Just becuz Boston is resistant becuz its got alot to hide doesnt mean that is what every place is going to be like.

For peons like this to have knowledge of MK Ultra classified project acivity really bothers me. And thats whats wrong with the NWO and the way things are done now.

Common scum like him get to be in on something that years ago was classified. Who is this little piece of shit anyway?

Hes bluffing. I sensed it.

Also to be precise EVERYONE is "slowly dying" you retard. Aging is just that moron.

Secondly Im in better health than I would be living actively as I do. Not fat like your ass. (Die of heart disease, assh#le.)

Third, I get to go anywhere in the country. I work the shit out of my white privilege and being female. YOU and your bitch have to stay in Libtard corrupt organized crime ridden cities like this that put up with people like you. And prefer your low standards and skewed moral compass becuz you fit in well in a cess pool for oblivious rich Liberals and corrupt elites.

You're one of their preferred house pets and dont forget it. Theres a reason areas like this hate older poor white women with brains. Becuz we will want to improve things and dig up corruption. Which you and your elite/bankster/mob masters cant afford.

You have to stay here counting your money and fucking your shiney (tacky) SUV every day.
Next he'll purchase a Cadillac or Porsche SUV. You know the kind new money people buy becuz they dont know how to have true class and taste enough like real wealth to have an truck AND a sports car.

Theres a reason the word tacky isnt used that much anymore-street gang type scum becoming middle class like him-and YUPpies.

Pure psychological warfare. Just becuz someone says something doesnt mean its true. Hes in the sewer known as todays downtown Boston. Hes in his element and has power AT THAT MOMENT only.

Never do I realize the skinners we are dealing with than at moments like that. Hes got all the selfish leanings of a child molester and killer. Which is one of the base types of people involved in organized harasment.

I was designed to do exactly what I am doing right now at this time in history. The comment is null and void.

But someone in his organization might want to..take care of his carelessness in that comment. Especially on Macys security cams.

Or has Boston been taken over by such scum so lacking the finesse Menino had that they feel they can afford not to care?

It does seem so these days.

Im not your human sacrifice. Im your worst fucking nightmare.

You will be punished for your direct insolence. You fucking peasant.

Watch it pieces of shit. You wouldnt want the black helicopters and white vans to come back again like they did during early Bush and hand you and your elite bosses your asses again now would you?