“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, December 7, 2015

This Is Why Christians Are Not Succeeding At Fighting The NWO (Or It Could Be A Disinfo SIte)


"I find much of this blog useful for the purposes of the NWO and gang stalking etc but I suppose I should realize it is a Christian based blog.
Firstly, she was GOING TO DIE SOON ANYWAY. Secondly: WHAT A WAY TO GO!!
Third..(ly?): You needed to provide a MAP for this news story? Complete with pointing out where these cities or towns are? OMG! Its not like there arent 50000000000 people doing something sexual RIGHT NOW on that map anyway...or anywhere else on the world map. Some living and some dying. You could have relations and then get killed by a bus outside..or a falling safe like in the old cartoons. You never know when yer time will come.

Well...you DO but its best not to focus on it. And IF you DO...then what better time to say 'goodbye' to humanity in such a personable way?

This lady probably was into this when younger and she just was too elderly to handle it now or her neighbor likes mature women and got her to try something new.

People could only WISH to go out with this kind of bang. Getting hit by a car or a plane crash or various other unpleasant ways of dying sounds much worse. At least her next past life regression will be interesting.

Also in this Latin culture its probably more tolerated for men to go outside the home or if its small enough everyone knew each other anyway.
Its a crappy thing to have to go before a judge for anyway. Beats a DUI I guess.

More assist with the NWO please....less judgement of Nature's ways.

BTW the miss piggy caption thing is ridiculous. Shes not even fat. And if youve ever been to an art school (Im assuming no) then you would realize that artists LIKE overweight models becuz its more to draw and covers broader ranges of human anatomy.

Fail on both posts.

But I appreciate your actual real contributions to fighting the true bad guys in thier take over of the world and enslavement of humanity. Which has little to do with things humans have been doing for thousands of years and everything to do with technological and scientific advances the elite have the corner market on.

Come back to the fold of the fighting core. There are too many fake Xians, infiltrated churches and intel operatives and agents doing disinfo on the internet."

Its like PETA cant stop animal cruelty becuz they arent moderate enough and bug everyone to become vegetarians instead of focusing on stopping just the worst abuse of animals in captivity and the environment.