“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Jamaica Plain Boston GS By Old Mob Types etc-Cops Always Shadowing

Wtf is their problem with JP? Theres always a Boston police vehicle present or following me. Employees in stores constant (but polite) gesturing harassment.

Old mob types from old bars and pubs. Younger People Of Color gang types (of course. Boston's favorite foot soldiers).

However the Goodwill down here magically materialized a sleeping bag that supposedly didnt exist before earlier.

Earlier the store had mostly obnoxious teeth sucking dirtiest look giving blacks working there or nicer seeming ones shopping there (all still doing tactics like space invasiveness a favorite  lately  becuz  they are stilll trying for jail. CONSTANTLY.

Evsr since the new admins in Cambridge and Boston and beyond. Thier mode of operation is set ups, frame up attempts and being extremely sneaky and making the TI look crazy. Its really bad here now.)

JP must be really corrupt. People are nicee but the cops act like no one is watching. Kind of like Somerville but there they stalk fast and few becuz there is  more oversight. I can tell its logical there would be its closer to Cambridge and Boston.

Street people keep trying to get me to tall to them. Some old white ponytailed drunk guy came out of JP Licks and tried to mess with me and I ignored him but he was annoyed. Tried to do tactical gesturing by grabbing his crotch but was such an idiot it had little effect.

However, the f#cker seemed so in a state of consistent innebriation that he genuinely believed he ran me off...when I was walking out to leave anyway.

So many tough cowboys here...in the spoilt rotten gilded golden cage known as Massachusetts. The problem with viewing the world from a fishbowl is that you see.things warped and skewed.

Like thinking this place is as lawless and tough as it was 40 years ago and you can still just do whatever you want.

If the same people were running things as years ago I wouldnt be being messed with all the time.

People now are petty fools who think they're gangsta or this military cultishness thats taken over. These aren't real tough guys who make sane decisions about whats important and what isnt.

These are jerk offs, pussies and punks who have reverted to being sneaky and hiding in a self righteous angry mob becuz they are truly powerless over terrorism and their own govt..and the powers that be.

These people are the best beaten down slaves to.come along since East Germany or Russia.

They are so fucked up they probably get together and chant "USA! USA!" in some bar when dealing with the issue of harassing anyone dissident or whos not kissing the military industrial complexes ass.

The country is from what Ive seen clinically insane.  Either that or those f us left are dealing with things that ARENT HUMAN as we know.it but appear human among us.

Theres genuinely something wrong with the general population as of a few years ago.

When this first started it was select people doing this crap. It wasnt like 8 or 9 out of 10 people everywhere  aTarget  went.