“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Boston and Cambridge-Still Suck

After all these years of suffering I am now going to go sleep in the snow..becuz I have too much respect to force myself to go to a black ghettofied insane asylum known as a homeless shelter specifically in Boston. Lest I have to subject myself to a seasonal shelter in an elitist Cambridge that obviously doesnt want to built shelters, run by the kids of the totally f*cked elite Harvard students, mostly faith based zealots, with only 4 beds for women in a little room where you suffocate with the door closed and the shelter is mostly full of middle aged, sexist obnoxious men who for whatever reason cant afford thier own places even though they stay at the shelter for the entire winter becuz they have jobs. You never see these men in the area outside of winter and they are very into my gang stalking cover story- they are total assholes working for the system -probably mostly sex offenders who cant get housing.

 I cant travel due to my leg being injured probably permanently, due to traveling for 6 years with a back pack.

I sleep outside in the elements and freeze. Becuz real heroes sacrifice for good, justice and even whatever revenge we can get. Not cozying up to powerful figures or developers. No new low income housing is going to be able to house me. And with the kind of a-holes that are going to take over the place in this area- I wouldnt want to lose any remaining self respect anyway by doing so.