“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Immigration Conspiracy-Destructive Immigrants Are A Weapon Of The NWO World Wide


Why are immigrants from the most vile, dirty, ignorant, violent, screwed up countries being allowed to settle in every single country around the world at this time in history?

It seems to be being done on purpose as its so common and the results predictably so destructive. These are not people who want to become part of communities. These are not people who can run thier own countries.

And it seems to be coming from the same countries and cultures repeatedly. People the elite can depend on to destroy their hosts' cultures, rape the women, rob the men, cause chaos and unrest and anxiety and eventually in time- dumb down the entire culture (hopefully).

It is clearly an orchestrated attempt to destroy the world. To dumb down every country, like mafia-drug cartel-private corporate prison systems have created glorified ghetto culture to destroy and dumb down America.
America would never tolerate this destructive violence from foreigners specifically Muslims. We tolerate it from the former slave population and from Mexican immigrants (who, I have to admit I cant say much about because the southern USA was partially their land to begin with but thats my personal view. The most bothersome thing about Mexicans is, through thier partaking in Gang Stalking so heavily its obvious they work for Bush and friends as well as the drug cartels and the military. They are the house slaves of the southern border of the USA, just as blacks serve that purpose in northern cities and the southeast
whites, sorry to say, I simply expect them to take part in something like GS because they are so brainwashed from all thats gone on in EU history. Which is why they are putting up with thier countries being ruined by immigrating garbage.
But there has to be some decent, informed people left because I am still here writing this.)

It might also be a way to get them angry enough to start taking up arming themselves or to become police states like the USA. Creating chaos will ensure that order must be restored. Create the problem- solve the problem.
And we know what fun those private security companies are to deal with.
Every TI knows by now that there is a direct link between the security camera surveillance systems and mass mind control. The surveillance systems seem to be used to observe and then other means of control are used on whatever subject(s) are being observed usually in public spaces.
For TIs especially Survivors who might be chipped, it has been experienced that in some locations the security camera system seems to emanate electromagnetic harassment in itself. Examples are Walmart, Target and supermarkets. Also, some Targets will notice that specific businesses always effect them adversely, in a certain location forming a pattern of being effected repeatedly and in repeated time frames.

Perhaps it equates more security systems of the police state=more mass mind control over an area. Certainly, these immigrants cause unrest and misery for the people in thier host countries.

As long as the NWO is in power, there can be allowed no true peace on planet earth.

Unless you decide to live underground somewhere with people you actually know, like and trust who you know are going to live according to a reasonable system of law and order.

Which is probably what the elite are planning for themselves once they turn us all into slaves who have been broken down by these obvious military based prison camp cult mind control tactics.