“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mayor Menino Worked For The Elitist NWO Agenda/Beware The Up And Coming NWO African House Slaves



Tom Menino and Beacon Hill Mob swim with Fish
Fish is an elitist *sshole who with a very dangerous group of powerful men, want to further 'rebuild' our cities in a globalist image.


Menino sold this city out to the globalist agenda by turning a city historically known as The Hub Of The Universe into a supposed modern ideal of the 'world class city' in the globalist era.  This means that developers win bigtime and entire cultures and neighborhoods have to be destroyed so that the city can be remade in a globalist image. Which also means getting rid of anyone inconvenient.

It also means cozying up to the elements that are involved with construction: the Masons (globally- the heavy hitters), the mafia and all the other cultures that the NWO tries to clean up and hide in thier new squeaky clean image, specially formed for the public.

In the NWO, both parties and all elite connected people are building what essentially is a new fuedal system...IF you are stupid enough to buy into it.

Look at the scum that ruined by cities, my home..and in the process over their administrations: my life and potential.

Tough, greedy, sexist assholes serving special interests, organized crime and the elite. Nothing has changed in the northeast. Just look how insane NYC has become.
They have simply streamlined their ol boy network for the 21st century...and a good ol Liberal Elitist agenda assures that all looks fair, progressive and PC- as long as African Americans and women (all dedicated to the same agenda of course and loyal to the system) appear to be 'moving forward' in society.
These are nothing but house slaves. Malcolm X claimed that certain blacks were house slaves due to thier exhibiting white DNA. I disagree-its any African American who wittingly or unwittingly aligns themselves with the corrupt power elite in this society.
Dont be fooled by two party systems or Boston/Cambridge's progressiveness. Liberal ELITIST means just that- its elite first. Everyone else can go drop dead.
Actually its amusing to look at many of the African Americans serving the elite agenda either as politicians etc or disinformation agents, who clearly possess European DNA.
Any African American who is truly rebellious against the system was taken out during COINTELPRO or in the 90s. Rap is owned by the privatized corporate prison industrial complex.

America is completely infiltrated and run by NWO loyalists. Boston is still violent and sleazy- instead of outright violence they now use mass mind control and psy ops to target anyone who is a problem to their agenda. Its done in a way the public cannot see. And all the untouchable career criminals in Boston remained untouched during the 'for the public' show of federal investigations during Bush and beyond.
I can testify to that.
Obviously, Whitey Bulger is a symbol of poor white uprising in this city and is a scapegoat as well as a diversion.
All crime is not connected to government, intelligence, military and global organized crime as well as the private sector (corporate).

BTW all I recall about Menino being in office is, like Mitt Romney my life started to suck and become very difficult during his time in office and of course upon his leaving office, life has been markedly improved.  In fact, during the time of Romney, Bush, Giuliani, Menino and even Obama as well as Patrick, I was almost killed. And of course along the way I was tortured and my life destroyed.



There is a conspiracy in this country and its part of the globalist agenda to create a new feudal system where the elite and their servants live in a reality far above us in a castle on the hill in a very small, limited kingdom. Mass mind control is the only thing making this possible. Technologies, progresses in chemical sciences and the use of military and intelligence like psy operations.

This is what the perp advocate at On The Rise- Benny, meant with her directed conversation content of describing a process of "rebuilding humanity from the ground up".

There is also definitely a conspiracy to utilize peoples of African descent or African extraction against anyone and everyone in this process and at this juncture, I dare call it a black conspiracy unto itself to take over and dominate society- all for their elite bosses of course. But the public doesnt see that, they only see blacks slowly taking over.

Part of retaining your power no matter what race you are if you are targeted or aware of the NWO plot is to realize that these people, no matter how much they serve or seem in the White Club, are only serving an agenda or more powerful people who do not see them as equals. Perhaps they do at this point due to they SHARING THE SAME DNA.
Then that means they are no longer 'black' in the same sense but a ethnic extension of the elitists. Which also makes them totally full of sh*t.

Which ever way you chose to look at them, remember that they are not truly in power nor do they have power over you. They are house slaves or they are an African racial extension of the bad guys- whitey. They ARE The Man.

Preserving their ghetto images or down to earth African American culture or African ancestral connections are only smoke and mirror tricks.

People like Menino know just how to hang with the naive poor of Boston in thier low income projects while stroking their true allies in the private sector and other special interests.

This city is one of the most gang stalking active and electromag/microwave technology strong areas in the country. There is nothing good or noble about it.

And remember most important of all, all of this is to cover up for the 70's debauchery of the elite and powerful that finally became evident and in danger of being exposed via the Boys Town, Nebraska scandal, Presidio featuring Michael Aquino (co-author of MIND WAR), Iran Contra and various other examples all with Bush and friends as well as the military at the center.

The public was finally seeing just how the elite networks operated through the intertwining of organized crime, govt and corporate as well as secret societies, ritual abuse and extreme perversion. The 90's proved that the internet and personal technologies could put power into the hands of the public.

Everything they have done since Bush in earnest and are doing now is to restructure, streamline and re-hide if you will, their elitist agend network so the public are intimidated and dumbed down and no longer interested in true patriotism and gaining a real improvement in American quality of life and justice.

Its a beat down and then when you comply you are rewarded with an iPhone and a YUPpie job. You are not a terrorist, psychiatrically diagnosed as disordered- you belong. You are socially acceptable.

Whistle blowing is no longer socially acceptable. The public now believe that its bad for them and their economy even their country.

This is why Fukishima was and still is leaking radioactive waste into the ocean polluting the entire planet. Because Oriental-Asian culture is very similiar to this. Maybe this is the payment of our debts to the Chinese- become very much like them. Why not? They are using their time tested methods used in prison camps for behavior modification.

Whats more interesting is the common practice of scouring the internet nowadays to ensure not a bad word exists about your darlings who serve you. Years ago I probably could have Googled "Menino and mafia connections" or something about any of his crony developers with the same and gotten some small article or thread from a pissed off victim of corruption.
Not nowadays.

The take over of the country is complete. Boston is a horrilbe place full of people who worship thier house slaves more than their own people because it makes them look good as opposed to the more overt methods of f*cking over the public like thier Republican Conservative buddies.
Thats all.

Its a fascist police state no matter where you go and Boston is a major player in this and center of NWO power in the USA. No dissent is allowed and if it exists it will be blocked and the person cut down and behavior modified to serve the agenda.

The only difference between Boston and other places is that this area will destroy you and remake you into a useful, lobotomized, gentle caretaker where as St Louis for instance will just get you killed off or TX will try to make you into a corporate working super consumer. The Northwest will just try to kill you off via homelessness. Either way, the elite control dissent in a way that the public wont or cant believe and its right here in Boston.

YUPpies who are conformist in the extreme, non expressive and hateful are way worse than Whitey Bulger and the past corruption of the old days because they simply represent worker bee drones destroying anything in thier path that doesnt register as conforming to thier environment. Actually they resemble flight drones used by the military and this is indeed a militarized society. Its just done covertly specifically through mind control and behavior modification.

MK Ultra served many purposes. Rebuilding society from the ground up and an inhuman, robotic, slave state is one of them.