“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ambulance Drivers: How Can They Be So Anti-Life?

All First Responders have been sited by TIs around the country as being gang stalking perpetrators on par with police and firemen.

I personally have experienced EMTs, nurses, doctor's secretaries, doctor's assistants, a few docs themselves and patient advocacy in on gang stalking campaigns. This is around the USA but its most cold hearted in places like Boston, Michigan, Colorado, St. Louis, MO and anywhere that Masons and Illuminati are alleged to be strong or there is multiple cults active in the area.

I noticed in other locations like Cali and Nashville TN  theres a bit of trying to be humane.

One of my mother's little first responder buddies when I was little was named Neil. She was impressed with male authority as usual but especially with Neil becuz he claimed to be a sniper for special police as well as an EMT. She was obsessed with this male who she saw as "Giving life and being able to take it away..." Of course this was simply her inner child or child alter's still seeking males like her brutally abusive Marine father from the swamps of New Orleans. Yet it occured to me always that people are never what they seem. People hide things. In fact she made sure to instill this in me. It seemed like to the point of paranoia but years ago knowing I was intergenerationally targeted, I realize whatever mother alter or instinct was in there that could act through her alters and programming, was tryinh to not only prepare me for this system but for the day perhaps when a man like her father, or her own father perhaps, would try something such as had befallen her. It worked, but it still hasn't made me able to beat the sytem or find a way to live with it. To function within it. The only way to function under such malecentric tyranny would be to submit out of fear. Which is not what my mother taught me to do in life nor is it something in my nature to do. Why would an ambulance driver hold any kind of deadly malice for anyone? Becuz he is hiding. He is behind a uniform like all PREDATORS. Like priests who molest children and depend on the uniform to gain, establish and maintain trust and authority even during scandal. Perhaps he's an infiltrator. He's part of the cult. He's a cop in on corruption or on the payroll of a private black ops company. He's part of one of the many intelligence agencies foreign or domestic. Who knows? Who the f*ck cares? HE HAS SHOWN HIMSELF TO BE THE ENEMY...and thats all Targets need to know. I've seen EMTs mess with me by mentioning that I tried to commit suicide that day when a cab actually tried to run me over which they did by gesturing I had right of way to cross the street then speeding up when i went to cross. Sounds pretty much like being akin to a sniper. Trying to kill someone or drive them to kill themselves is just the same.