“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Homeland Security Provided Biggest Scumbag GS Of All Time-Homeland Jailers Is All They Are

Ever mention that piece of shit who sets up in Harvard Sq MBTA station who sells his totally ghetto incense and oils to people? Nowadays he's wearing normal colored shirts. A few years ago he was going along with the local gs by waering red tshirts and insistng on focusing on me and doing all the basic gs nonsense.

Which means hes gang affiliated (a racist hater Liberal agenda piece of garbage or aka=house slave) or he wants a payoff and probably rationalizes it in his mind as 'gotta get mines' or he's in trouble for kiddie porn or child molesting or tricking.

He could be working under the Homeland banner which of course has executed covert warfare on Targets as a gross abuse of power for over a decade now without the public daring to believe or question such accusations.

Hes a piece of shit. Remember this when u see him. He may think he can hide what hes done to people like me but i am telling u exactly what he is.

Its interesting isn't it, that the same tactics that anti terror experts warn us terrorists are going to use against the public  are indeed what is being used to terrorize and control the public specifically targeted citizens who know too much about this deception.

Homeland Security are prison guards. From what I have experinced from First Responders to bus drivers, truck drivers and others who have been listed as the 'first line of defense' against terrorism. These same people are the most brutal, arrogant and destructive organized stalkers with no regard for human life.

They have been the most arrogant and mocking of Targeted Individials throughout their reign of terror.

A employee of the Commuter Rail here in MA once tried to bullshit me (handling of victim tactic) by using the excuse that "we're all under alot of pressure you know".

Deep down you can see they think its funny. The arrogance and disregard. It was all just so easy wasnt it.

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