“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Laundry Mat In Medford/Somerville

Old mixed guy owns this place. Vetran. Possible perp, possibly John or client of local escort services.

Knows too much, asked questions in perp like manner along lines of exacting 'where are u going, when r u leaving'.

I say knows too much becuz he made comment far too familiar and way to close to local cover story by saying "I'm gonna blame you for this heat. You look like you can take it. He doesnt look like he can take it" (My male companion.)

This is either a sexist comment or its connected to what was done to me according to the cover story as that is basically what was done. And recall private detective (and escort service owner) John Panderos once stated years ago "You're strong. You can take it". In regards to the local cover story which involved local organized crime.

Also this guy fits the typical john/pedo profile. Hes far too concerned if we have everything we need, to the point of interfering with our doing laundry and making this chore more difficult, but he is also very self centered then having everyone doing their laundry sit and watch his grandsons play little league football when we just met this guy. Thank goodness i cut that to a few minutes.

Who does this to two obviously tired squatters/travelers while they r minding their business or trying to and do laundry?

Its not normal behavior.

But that is why Targeted Survivors are controlled life long by this sytem. They believe people like us are born, trained and raised to take such abuse for life. And they arent people who r trying to change or grow anyway. Usully they find some way to hide in society and in the local community as a socially acceptable citizen.

Humans being the animals they r they by nature will then protect a prominent, tax paying citizen established in a community even when they know that person is no good.

And of course scapegoat and shun the loner/outsider/traveler etc etc.

This is why such people continue to be able to (THINK they can) harass targeted Survivors.

Becuz your average common people dont know what justice is and have no natural sense of it in everyday life-they live like animals basically. Civilized animals but still animals. Mostly unconscious of what they do or knowing how to get away with selfish animal behavior. This is why we have law, a justice system and courts and due process-and this is why these animals can continue to get away with destroying TIs lives. Becuz the justice system wont deal with the crime.

So animals continue to exist without rule of law.

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