“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Madonna Refers To Israel As "The Center Of The World"

Yeah if your world has been reduced that small.

M has been involved over the years with media psy ops and stealing styles, images and ideas from artists outsider and otherwise, for decades.

Look at that claw of a hand Madonna has on her.

The two predators grasping each other. Like two leeches in symbiosis.

Madonna was probably looking for something spiritual after years of living in the spotlight and fighting in the nasty, vicsous entertainment industry.

The powers that be know these.types.of.people have done and will do anything to be successful in these industries. They know that these human beings have lost alot of soul or or spirit as a result of such actions to gain such success. It might be easier to LITERALLY make a sell-your-soul type pact with an entity such as the Christian Devil or similar becuz then at least one is being honest with oneself.

People who arent honest about what they are really doing end up with alot of energy deprivation and are easily manipulated.

Its common with MC slaves or entertainers like this to arrange very personal disappointments in life so then their true Self or the closest thing to it is then lost and lacking though the public doesnt see.

Its also common in the modern world to force poweefuk spiritual women into roles like mere entertainers then simply manipulate that spiritual nature accordingly. Ive noticed that one of the greatest goals of this system is to ensure women of great spiritual and psychic power NEVER REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIAL ON EARTH.

So instead Madonna settles for a spiritual center like Israel. Isnt it interesting how often it was attempted to manipulate me into becoming Jewish or close to Israel along the way in this gang stalking campaign.

Judaism is powerful only due to the people who believe in it. And human collective consciousness is pretty powerful.

Madonna, being half Italian may already have some Jewish blood or perhaps through her aristocratic DNA through her French Canadian mother. (The myth of her rags to riches image is once again a cover for her ancestry or family wealth just like many many other artists and entertainers).

Perhaps its not a conversion then but an appropriate coming home for her.

What is so bothersome is the way many stars over time seem to be formed by a larger power into these people that arent really who they are as people. If one looks at the faces of many stars when young then decades later we can see the results of the isolation of fame.

This system uses that isolation against such people. Its a very important part of cult mind control or 'brain washing'.

Really these people are looking for something else. And just becuz they settle for whats popular this millenia or century or whats convenient or in front of them doesnt mean they are right nor that they have found The Way.

Many people will be influenced by her choices just as they will many famous people. In this way a sort of Jesus character is created and used once again against the people.

Christianity may have been an appropriate movement then religion to counter the horrors and corruptions of ancient worlds like Rome but by now much stemming from Christianity has become just as corrupt.

Its the nature of man that creates such environments of destruction not whatever religion is popular with the people.

Israel is just as guilty as anyone of war crimes and the Jews their own distinct style of corruption. The reason theyve lasted so long is becuz they have a.way of giving back as well as making people feel protected and a part of something like a family. A very old powerful family.

But that doesnt make them the ultimate truth nor even a religion that cant be disassembled by mere historical fact.

The world is regressing into terrorism and religious obsessions. Humans instinctively know that our planet which we depend on for life is becoming polluted, overdeveloped and unhealthy just like the many animals who have gone north over the past decades.

Humanity is also looking for some sort of safe zone or ultimate answer. As if a man on his death bed seeking salvation.