“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, July 30, 2012

Heavily targeted while trying to panhandle in seabrook new hampshire

heavenly targeted in seabrook new hampshire. I wasn't targeted previously because I had companions with me.

2 soldiers who looked at me and my sign and I didn't like it because I thought it was part of the harassment perhaps. so I told them that the military industrial complex is fucked and that they work for the man. I also told him that my grandparents for u s marines and like them, they also suck. strangely my male companion who has been begging yesterday and today didn't get your last day I did the whole time he was in his spot. but I tried to stand with a sign in a different spot down the street that was constant how is her last minute looks and get a job. just remember the ku klux klan is the new hampshire no I appreciate getting away from the black gang bullshit down in boston mean that organization wouldn't do exactly what the ganges you doing down in boston how to survive you dirty work for the fucking corrupt authority figure. otherwise they wouldn't be allowed to exist. I seen examples with the ku klux klan is very clever and very smooth about the way they operate a campaign against someone or a group. They are usually clever and smooth enough to keep it focused on something that sounds believable like "get a job" to someone who is begging for money. when they know that person is targeted individual and it's just GS. because it doesn't make sense that my friend didn't get your ass and I got consistently fucked with. Am I supposed to believe that they r just sexist and wud only harass a woman begging? My new hampshire-my new england that I knew, has been destroyed by the same cancer that I've seen across the united states in the past 10 to 15 years: arrogant young males coming back from war with shaved heads and pick up trucks, or just males of the same age who r trying to look like that,horrid YUPpies in compact cars all blend in so nobody gets noticed, with their dark sunglasses and baseball caps. These seem to be the main kinds of people that do harassment of targets. In Austin TX it was mostly young men who looked like hipsters and also around Cambridge MA area. Its interesting that the perps always hide behind dressing like whatever demographic lives as a majority in that area. Its finally hit home after being in this area having this happen: the US is now exactly like the USSR, Communist China or East Germany. Occupied by large groups hiding out looking like normal citizens yet being responsible for mobbing anyone targeted either specifically as an individual or due to being part of a certain group description (people stopped a few times and gave me and my companion a peace sign saying "hippies" which they did not do to me when alone. In fact my male companion told me a cop rolled up beside him and flashed the peace sign. He also just told me that he made 40 bucks and nobody mobbed him at all or told him to get a job...none of it.So the GS group might be using mobbing hippies as a cover but they didnt mob HIM only ME.) I spent an hour basically telling people off almost constantly while only one older guy in a black Cadillac gave me a ten and someone else a five. Its incredible what these people will do to try to force a person whos been used in human experimentation to do to silence them and get them to rejoin society as a normal person as if nothing has happened. Its amazing how many of these people look like normal working class slobs. Its also amazing that the USA is so full of people willing to get in the way of justice as well as mob a true freedom fighter like myself. These people are just nobody type looking. Average nobodies, especially in a place like Seabrook. As usual however its easy to stand against them becuz they are either one of two things: Supporting some of the worst kinds of corruption imaginable including war crimes by the military and intelligence agencies and the drug running pedo rings OR they are extremely stupid and brainwashed so as to be comparable to the Proles in the novel 1984 so not really worth much to begin with. They are peasants. Nothings in fact. And thats usually how I view them. Becuz i know that if they were in their right minds or knew the truth they wouldn't be mobbing Targets. So they are either on the side of supporting the ultimate bad guys or they are really stupid and believe what they are brain washed to believe. Which makes them of no consequence to me at all. They only get in the way if they are allowed to mob me if i am not paying attention like today.