“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

M.I.T. don't mess with me today/Annoying MIT cops again

That Asian cop in the Laverdes Market just now...no more bs today or i go to the news with an embarrassing story about a professor.
I dont care how many little millennial clueless snobs call u that dont like the look of me.
Not today u corrupt selfish bastards.

Everr since that South American Jewish president took over I have encountered more resistance to my using the resources here.

Keep it up and I will dig up dirt on him too. Maybe I will even go to South America lol. Hey, I like to travel to new places. I am sure it wont be hard. He's a man remember and that always means some sort of dirt.

There is nothing wrong with me going into the Student Center store to get coffee. The clueless masses with whatever they believe about the cover story, if they think I am still working in Adult Entertainment or whatever else the sheep believe to make themselves feel better about being corrupt, greedy elite scum who work for the military industrial complex in one of the most corrupt colleges on the planet-they, as the police and I both know- dont know what the f*ck is going on.

Then again it could be that the Asian is part of the local organized crime that supports certain career criminals in this area I have to watch out for. Every Asian you see in a profession is potentially indebted to the Chinese organized crime syndicate for life you realize of course. You never know who either. A medical student told me this years ago- he's probably a doctor now. YOUR doctor perhaps. He looks like a normal professional, you would never know. But he told me that due to the syndacate helping him into college and his family back home and here that he is in debt to them for life and he has to come running when they call- FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.

So much for my being crazy, dangerous etc. There is nothing wrong with me. I AM FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT. I have a skirt drying from my pack becuz it got some poison ivy on it last night. And thats becuz I sleep outside. And I have allergic reactions that could kill me or send me to the hospital if I dont be careful. And i have those reactions becuz a possible perp, definitely an irresponsible doctor in AZ gave me Bactrim and with my past mold exposure and liver disease of course it sent me into anaphylactic shock. That was back in 2009 ever since that day I have to take Benedryl to prevent going into a reaction again. This could be what has caused me to have the intestinal problems I am now plagued with.

This is all becuz I was targeted into having to travel, live outside and live poorly DUE TO THE GANG STALKING SYSTEM. This is becuz I and my mother are government whistle blowers. She backed down, I LIKE MY FATHER REFUSE TO SO THEY ARE TRYING TO LABEL ME OR GET ME JAILED WITH CONSTANT NON STOP HARASSMENT.

But you dont think about a situation being this complex do you?

The thing that is so annoying is that most likely its either really brainwashed people calling security or Gang Stalking perps who are posing as 'concerned citizens' or I guess it could be perps hooked into crooked cops and they just play it off as a normal concerned citizen bunch of bs.

I dont look odd or unclean. I am not dressed very funky today at all. The only reason I would be stalked by an MIT cop in the market in the student center is that he is in on gang stalking and its on purpose. Bastard

It could be that they have some sort of mark on me now due to a few weeks ago a student got me annoyed and I think I said something under my breath. However, I had done that once before a few months ago, even saying loudly at the bus stop something about this being a whore for the military industrial complex-that was ignored however as if it never happened. Only recently have I been encountering more stalking by MIT police.

And this guy didn't just show up to buy stuff today, he purposely went over to where I was mixing my coffee I just bought with the milk I just bought and made sure I saw him look over my shoulder.

He's crooked, I can smell it a mile away. In on something- perversion, payoffs- something I just dont know what. After being around a few off duty people who hang in the same circles as I do, and realizing the way cops think, talk and behave out of uniform as well as being better able to spot thier...possible vices lets say, due to thier civilian behavior being more revealing-I now know what a crooked pair of steel eyes looks like.

Keep going for it and I will do what I need to do as well. Recall- I AM NOT MY MOTHER.