“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, November 15, 2010

MIT's The Tech and hypocritical views


Ok so let me get this straight: MIT thinks that executing violent repeat offenders that pretty much wont stop killing if released is a bad practice even with all the criminals that get released due to overcrowding. Yet if the prison corporations were to build more prisons surely the industry would continue to need more prisoners. Hmm.

Yet this is the same institution with multiple military contracts. Barbaric you say.

And what the hell is an article about meaningless sex doing in this publication? Is there anything scientific about this? I mean if it were about about the scientific calculations about people who had lots of meaningless sex it might be pertinent. And many geeks that work this hard to get into this school have lots of hot meaningless sex to begin with? (Joke:Probably lots of opportunities actually.)
Mankind is Made For Giving? WTF? Like the military they contract out to. Like thier multiple instances of involvement in human experimentation.
Meaningless sex is giving, it just depends on who yer giving it too. LOL

You can tell that they are young views.
Also if you study biology or the human condition of health you'll note that common sense as well as studies prove that laughter and sex are the two main activities that keep the human immune system strong.

How is it dishonest? What like when a tranny gets at you when yer drunk and you get to the package and then either run or tell em yer gonna punch em out if they don't get the f*ck away from you, like THAT kind of dishonesty? Like pretending to be a chick in the interest of meaningless sex?

What is this idolozing the perfect home bs? Listen kiddies if I didnt come from a hellish childhood YOU would not have someone as slick as to see what is going on right now from a bunch of cons trying to once again pull wool over yer eyes- and other Targets would certainly be without one less activist blowing the whistle. Do you think that the toughest cops or best detectives come from wonderful homes or do you suspect that a bit of paranoia and caution and suspicion or insight into twisted criminal minds might be a prerequisite?

Who wrote this? I have not in a long time seen the term "the sex act". The act..again they're young. Its like a law class or something.

After this is all over, this dark age these bastards are trying to drag us all into- I want to see MIT kids hanging out of windows and partying on roof tops like its 1976 again. Have a good time while yer young, RESPONSIBLY and yes, with self consideration and some respect becuz when you get to be 40 no matter how cute you still are, finding people readily available to perform THE ACT is not as easy as it used to be.

In American anyway. I've heard in Europe I am just getting to the age of being attractive, which is probably all bs as well. I'll get over there and find out that I need money to pay gigolos or something like that dumb broad in that old movie about dumb American broads not understanding the rules over there.