“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kosher Conspiracy



Since I have been toyed with and attacked by so many different factions of people, I keep everyone in mind as I keep digging. No one gets out unscathed unless I have found them to be 100% helpful or free of doing harm. I have found no such group in this ordeal.

I keep in mind that many people were lied to and really stupid about the nature of deception and this system, but that still does not absolve them in the end.

When my expose is written you'll be as confused as I am concerning who is behind this...false flag is certainly applicable. Whats amazing is the amount of Americans who went along with this and seem to hate my guts with no remorse. Thus, they all deserve exactly what they put out. Most people know that I am targeted by people who are powerful, connected and have alot of money.

Its more profitable to keep me down and brainwashed than to let my have my rights as an American citizen and a human being so the majority of people go along with this.

No one people will ever be forgiven for what they did. I gotta say at least the faces in Brookline look guilt ridden when they see me which is more than I can say for Southie, the Italians or the WASPs around Harvard. Well..maybe the WASPs retain a quiet attempt to help me retain some dignity.

It amazes me how many people know about large scale corruption. It seems that most human beings believe that this IS the legit system that runs the world and its 'the way it is' and one must live by it and do as it wants and says to survive. Laws and the justice system are just an illusion. So why respect anyone anyway? Or society?

It seems one of the goals of this system is go BUILD TERRORISTS. I have come very close many times to printing my anger on these blogs in a way that is quite justified but would be exactly what the perps want. THEY CREATE TERRORISTS OUT OF INNOCENT PEOPLE by TORTURE and PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, then of course play hero.

F*ck them. And its not The Jews believe me. Its a cross section of multiple parties involved who suck and need to get thiers- within my lifetime. There are Jews who are targeted just like thier are African American targets.
Just as the wealthy are targeted. Realize that in the most wealthy communities I have traveled through, this is where I have recieved the most encouragement and very little if any harassment and stalking. It seems that the poor, the middle class and other factions who cant afford to get out of having to partake in this or are in need of messing with others to validate thier existence are much more likely to be a problem for me as a Target. Communities like Castle Rock CO, Flagstaff AZ, and La Jolla CA have been the most positive as far as being targeted.
And it was through remote influence! In La Jolla it kept occuring to me that a good way to handle this was to use my experience and become a speaker at colleges etc.
Most likely knowing that I am being kept in my mindset of poverty I grew up with I would have never thought of this myself. Many of the rich actually want to help targets.

There are just people who suck, people who dont and people who get themselves comprimised into taking part in this who have to live with the spiritual consequences for the rest of thier lives. Unfortunately, its true what Arnold has to say about people needing to be told how to act...not through fascism but due to the fact that organized stalking and harassment is a testament to what humans will do when there is no consequences for thier actions against others and when the authority figures somehow approve of thier behavior.

I have actually had employees of a Dunkin Donuts protect a cop at the counter from my obvious disgust with a certian district (who deserves my venom more than anyone). A grown man of 6'3" and a healthy weight, of African American descent with police gear including a gun had to be protected from ME?? by a few little women at a donut shop? And the cop just stood there and played it up too.

More memories to add to the files, to go over and over again in the interest of never letting go of this until full revenge is gotten on one's enemies. Boston needs to pay and pay they will but one must keep in mind the discipline of revenge. One must never fall into the traps of the people who need to pay but will do everything to keep vilifying the victims. Like pissing Targets off and manipulating them until they look and sound as dangerous as the perpetrators have claimed.

This system has not left me much else so why not go for it?

As for the story above I often wonder if Kosher food isnt truly cleaner- on purpose. Such as for instance lets say that possibly non Kosher food is left to be not as clean as it could be...or even made less than healthy by tampering..but that IS indeed a conspiracy theory. Its an interesting one to pose however.