“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

At the Pedo Laundrymat again

This is the laundry at Pearl and Auburn in Cambridge behind Central Sq. The one that I got so harassed in during the begininning of this campaign in 2003 to 2006 when I lived at 335 Washington in Brighton. I actually didnt finish the post as I conveniently kept forgetting about it, of course. The guy that works here and alot of the people that seem associated with this place reek of either organized crime connections or pedophilia (creepy kiddie pics on the walls) or at least being johns, as I have recalled over the years that many perps seem to be clients of 'adult entertainment'. Talk about supporting a business (and the crooked cops that help support that business in the interest of the really really rich connected people who need that business and the woman who runs it having mega dirt on such men..and the trust fund heiresses that work before their money comes in at 30- for amusement of course.)

Surprisingly there are still gang stalkers who mess with me on this cross street! I cant even sit outside while doing my laundry without getting gang stalking 'action'. I come here due to the location, but seeing much of the staff hang thier heads in shame 7 years later as well as see the ugly blonde older lady still totally full of herself and self righteous is not only satisfying but amusing. Scum is all I can think the whole time I am here. Moreso about the people still stalking in cars driving by as they dont seem to be ashamed or remorseful at all but still determined to fit an unreality into reality. Trying to bend time and space by force- an ocean of people that are so dependent on the lie that they have to keep backing up with harassment and stalking that they will keep on desperately trying to control the Target every time the person shows up in that location. They do things the way people did in 'the old days' of gang stalking like years ago. They drive by, break thier necks by twisting to look at you as they stalk and drive by and often have a ridiculous surprised look on thier faces. The reason I know whats in thier little pea brains is that an older guy I used to date- everyone called him Freako instead of his real Italian last name due to his 13 stepping habits as well as his propensity to stalk the women he was dating. Being young, healthy, newly clean and a bit of a mess myself I dealt with this behavior with amusement until he drove down the side street of my grandmother's house only family was supposed to use. He saw my uncle delivering food on the way to work, called me on the phone and demanded to know who that guy was. Well, we had a nice southern Italian blow out concerning messing with family and as he was second generation in the US, he immediately backed off as he realized the kind of boundary that he crossed. Also it seemed that my youth and beauty had some control over him and my sponsor was very jealous that he didnt abduct me, terrorize me or abuse me the way he did her during thier relationship. However, she being in denial just as much as anyone in Watertown or Newton (aside from thier money), didnt want to realize that the reason he probably thought he could treat her that way was becuz he had observed her being abused severely by her now (mysteriously) deceased husband for 20 plus years. Uh, that is going to give an abuser the green light, duh.
My mother also had a little talk with him one day, not a very effective one, as she looked more desperate to protect me and begging him to not mistreat but still living with family probably saved me from alot of aggravation. Another thing is that my mother is not Italian. There are ways to handle these men and you kind of have to have the matching DNA for the task. Its all about politics, power, knowing when to play the right cards as well as when to shut up and let him win. Being that Italian is kind of like living within a closed system..the rest of the world really does seem still to this day mystified by Italian ways and thinking. Sneaky is the key word if that helps you any and its all out of fear- fear of losing fear of not having and fear of losing things you are attached to, fear of not being nourished. There is something to this Afrocentric 'sun man, ice man' concept. And we seem to need nourishment from things the way plants need the sun and that includes the sun itself. Food, family members and the people we are in love with. Art clothes. To devour these things and be consumed as well. I never understood people outside that Mediterranean mindset.. that didnt understand.
Having multiple racial or cultural backrounds is like having many shifts or gears on a vehicle or bike. One can actually shift between genetic race or culture mind sets, drives or urges depending on the company one keeps at the moment or the circumstances. I abhor hte word 'mutt'. Its so self depreciating and its not realistic. People with impressive family trees take great pains to keep track of each ancestor many of them from different countries. Why should any of us be any different? Ok its annoying when regular folk think that they are related to the same people that have ownership of a family crest and they dont do it properly, like trying to relate it through the female opposed to the male ancestor. If you notice, very quietly often in a wiki of a celeb or other bio on someone the authors will note that they have a Jewish grandMOTHER or some other female and they will often name the country of origin. This is due to the validity of thier being Jews coming through the female not the male. (Another interesting fact from Jew or Not a Jew! http://www.jewornotjew.com/ )

One guy was even parked behind me while I was sitting. It was ridiculous. When I got up and noted this he pulled into gear and drove away but looked pretty annoyed and nervous about having to do so...I f*ckin waved thats all. Bye BYYYYEEE.


What exactly are these assholes trying to prove really? Is my old associate getting this treatment or my ex or my mother? Everyone needs to realize that every single person that was close to me who sold me out has a sexual abuse history. This system manipulates and controls survivors and turns them against each. The one's in denial are the easier to manipulate, especially if they have not gotten loose of the grip of thier abusive families or controlling in denial families. Once again the one who stands up to the abusers and this system gets a crack down. Like the most unruly child.

I hope they realize that the ability to live like I do is in me for life and part of my makeup. ALso, the unruliness has yet to even begin.

Why would anyone think that you could beat a person down into behaving or conforming after its obvious that they are 'awake' now and can no longer be forced back into thier little box as before?
Interesting I use that to describe the psychological containment thats used on people like me..considering RA survivors get locked in closets and toyboxes and that sort of thing.

Speaking of pedo's has anyone seen that creep Morgan Freeman's new movie? He is one of those pedo pieces of sh*t that has always been in movies that make Targeted Survivors uncomfortable. Lets be overt..hes in alot of psy ops pieces of garbage meant to trigger Survivors or mess with thier heads. He's been suspect by many of us ever since he was popping up out of coffins on The Electric Company (kids show of course).
In the laundry some locals were getting stuff out of the dryer. I had this up on the screen and just let it sit there so everyone could see it: http://www.thesuperficial.com/morgan_freeman_caught_in_inces-06-2009

It was great. As usual people just did not want to look at reality and did all they could to avoid it.

I get the impression at times that ther are people who really want to believe that I got caught doing something wrong and embarassing to the point where I will make any of this up to avoid responsibility- working off of the excuse of 'you deserved it'. But really the people who have money and connections were and are doing things that qualify them as either career criminals or they were caught with alot of drugs, crooked lawsuits etc. It seems that the way people think is that really they would rather side with or are oblivious to the reality that they are just siding with whoever has money and influence. They dont care about right and wrong. They are just sheep who want to support whoever the big scary criminals and politicians support. Forget people around here being smart enough to even grasp MK ULtra or the military industrial complex. ANyone who ever knows that is involved is then jealous enough to have the attitude that I have alot of talents that most people dont have so I can 'afford' to be treated this way. More bullshit from a lawless society.
When the expose is written, the public, who want thier way more than they care about true justice or laws, will side with the bad guys most likely. You have to remember that the USA is a Satanic society that masquerades behind Judeo-Christian ideals and the power structure solidifies that front with brainwashing. This is why they cannot accept anything that does not fit into the Judeo-Christian illusion. Like war or corruption, both they side with readily and on a daily basis- on a small scale and a large scale. They support both so they may have a high quality of life. Therefore, I can never exist for them and if I do, I have to be wrong.

This is why Survivors cant take perps seriously. Every time you see someone stalking or harassing no matter what they have brainwashed you with to validate what is being done to you, you have to just say to yourself that that person SUPPORTS PEDOPHILE NETWORKS and other connected corruption.

The sheep are weak. You are targeted due to not being weak or having that potential.

COPS ARE IN ON THIS..ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT. That means that you are dealing with some sh*t on the highest levels or it leads to those levels. The public wants you to be guilty, wrong and or mentally ill instead of having to face the truth. OR they dont want to stand up against the hand that feeds. American is one big dysfunctional family and this logic is typical among such people.

I am not a Christian which pisses them off even more. I use my early RA indoctrination to my advantage- its part of me. Humans have always been greedy apes. What pisses me off other than thier total injustice in the western world especially the US is thier total dishonesty about who and what they are.

I recall one little bastard asked me years ago what I thought of George Bush for the fist time after asking me if I believe in God. I hope the little bastards got the answers right becuz I heard these are the f*ckers going around killing people who say they are Christians. Actually it would make their job so much easier if I was, which is probably why its been being pushed for years across the US. Its so much easier to crucify a willing lamb than an unwilling wolf.