“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Whats Your Agent of Influence?


Obviously with me its ego. But often I had seen people that looked like mere stupid kids doing stuff like trying to bait me with something so I would become interested in them and talk to them. It was so pathetic.

Now after reading this, I understand thier motives. What was perplexing was that many of the people involved seemed to be on some sort of system where they couldnt afford to 'strike out' if I ignored them and didnt engage.

This must be what TI's mean by being used for training practice.

Its amazing that in Cali early on there were people mentioning behind my back on phones like the councilors that ran shelters, talking about 'then there is the victim witness thing- I dont want them to think I helped her'. Along of course with paranoid parents with me around thier kids, fellow shelter guests talking about hidden cameras in other rooms (like the kitchen if you didnt do something right like wash yer fork with enough soap on the sponge). That was all in Freemont- the first time I set eyes on the men in black suites with dark glasses in sedans waving like assholes just sitting in the driveway you had to cross the get over to the shelter. So f*ckin dramatic. WTF is that? I thought they might be feds, but why would feds act so stupidly? They just seemed totally-hmm. How to describe this: over dramatic. I am sure this was supposed to spawn talk from me about men in black or some other such alien nonsense. If these f*ckers are aliens first off all the threat in total is a joke. I BEAT THEM in the end and I am an uneducated nobody. Also we have nothing to worry about from an invasion they act like such goofy cartoon characters that it cant be taken seriously. All you'd have to do is get one of these weaklings on
thier own and it would be over. Two big hunting cats on thier own or as a pair (TI's) against a group of weak, heckling hyenas..it would take some time but we could destroy them. Get them alone or in twos and its no problem.
Whoever these losers are they are nothing without the group. They're total morons. What fed acts like that? Its called a supbeana- get one f*cker. A sedan and some sunglasses, was that supposed to convince me? The two feds I saw the other day outside Harvard Sq looked, acted and REacted like trained govt agents, not gang stalkers. Gang stalkers are doing something wrong and after a while you get to know the difference. THEY know it which is why they have to brainwash YOU to Target into believing you deserve this, its a legit investigation etc. Real feds look at you very quickly to assess the threat and take in info and then dismiss you as quickly.

Now that I know better I cannot imagine a fed acting like that. If they ever did they should be fired for being unstable and if they are gang stalking a victim witness they should be had on witness tampering. If they are involved in torture going up against international laws they need to be tried for treason its that simple.
A former Russian agent has documented that in his experience out in the field, as many as 200 AGENTS come to mob just one agent that is under investigation or surveillance etc. Sounds very much like gang stalking doesnt it? Exactly like it. It gives the TI the illusion that everyone knows about your situation.

As usual hte professional spy is painted as an artistic hero just doin his job.Yet he does not mention the extreme nastiness and viciousness in the nature in which this is done many times. The people I encountered had NO respect for human life at all and for man of them it was nothing more than a big game. I was such an EASY Target wasnt I. It was so fun to chase an attractive woman around the country and make her suffer. I will never forget the blacks I had to deal with in a train station once, one of hte morons looked at me and said to his friend "She looks scared doesnt she?" like I was this little white suburban girl or something, like it was a joy for them to behold. A thrill.
Sadly what looks like a scared attractive white woman you get to chase across the US and get yer rocks off is really a programmed asset who, somewhere in her conshusness slightly recalls being married to satan as a baby in childhood ritual abuse. Oh that is just SOO cute. Like a little lamb!! Isnt she precious. Isnt our job a wonderful one with such a delight of a target?? Go fuck yourselves. Me looking high strung is not fear and if its is its uncontrollable at that point due to my adrenals being burnt out by YOUR bullshit. All the while my inner programming recorded moments that are my evidence forever- such are your efforts now to also wipe those out of existence..much like the habit you have of wiping MK Ultra files out of existence or tapes of Gitmo interrogations. Like I said go f*ck yourselves.

There aint nothin nice about high level programming nor is it cute. Your all fools and to have to had suffered you makes me sick. But its not the first time I had to pretend to like something to get what I wanted. And its not the last time I recorded details of such events to use later if necessary. Why dont you say 'oh her FRONT ALTER looks scared, but inside she is assessing how she will kill both of us if we even fuck with her once.' Ahh to come from Marines. Its so natural for me, ya know? I wonder if I could take such an action. I know that when A camp beat me up I was astounded at my ability to disassociate pain and just keep taking a beating from a mob. It was neat actually. The stone dead focus on my mission, my goal and winning...unless someone killed me first I wasnt stopping. CUTE huh??

Soo according to the article linked above they 'come after' people. Well maybe I should 'come after' you, and all the assholes you served by taking such actions against me. I wonder who these f*cks really work for anyway? Is it a foreign govt? That would explain why I was being f*cked with by one faction and there seemed to be an opposing protective faction many times.

I will never forget one of the dumb kids I just mentioned above. He was on a bus here in this area it was a few years ago. He was so obvious. He just sat there brandishing a magazine about drumming. He got all flustered when I didnt become interested in him like the stupid groupie slut that everyone wishes they could make that stick, you know? As if that is truly who I am or ever was at any time. The look on his face as just so disgusting. It was so spoiled rotten it makes me sick to think about it now. That anyone could be that priveledged by enslaving or controlling another human being or that someone could believe another human being to be THAT stupid. It was like a shooting gallery with these people. It wasnt a program of targeting someone for info or whatever it was a day at the hunt with yer buddies. And it was done so frequently it had little intel collection purposes. It was OBVIOUSLY to destroy me and for purposes of torture plain and simple.

Who's ego is bigger, thiers or mine? The problem is that they believe they deserve to have such egos whereas they dont believe I should have anything. The fat little loser got snubbed and he was shocked (!) that he didnt get what he wanted. I guess they thought I was easy due to being a mind control victim. Soo yer torturing and using and exploiting someone who is in need of medical as well as psychological help and what yer doing is destroying them. How is that professional or how is that part of a legit info gathering operation.

Its so obvious now with all the other stuff that they pulled. The sheer numbers of people they had reeks of an inflated, bloated war time budget. It also was laughable at how many novices and young kids they were using. People that seemed totally out of character for intelligence work. Its just as I posted before they won by tonnage not quality.

Which of course fits right in with the CIA complaints about the intel operations under G W Bush as opposed to his father. They have publicly stated that too many unqualified people were used. That "the old man" understood the world of intelligence unlike his son who just went over board with the numbers of people used.

Yep sounds like the idiots I experienced during that era.

Saw the African guy in 7-11 Kenmore who was so cruel to me years ago. Who seemed to be rewarded with a red t-shirt. He looked more guilty this time he saw me, after seeing that what he helped do made me homeless and basically ruined my entire life for good. I am also much better at the games. I told him that in future he is going to receive a payback for what he has done. I used a slur and I will never apologize for that. This is war this is torture. These people need to pay for what they have done. They need to see that over many years time they are going to have to deal with me for many years to come and what they have done by listening to a forked tongue lie to them or deceive them may cost them very dearly later in the future. They chose to be weak. I also warned him about messing with Italians and that we were always smarter than Africans and from history we know that.
I then went to the counter and smiled broadly at the beautiful foreign black woman behind the counter who has a sexy and beautiful scare across the top of her face and proceeded to tell her so. She was pleased and kittenish, I wasnt going to be mean to her, she has no part in what HE did years ago why should she pay for his arrogance?

But HE...he will be on my mind for many years to come. Every time I visit he will have to deal with me as many of the perps do. The sad thing is that these are just pawns of the traveling groups who are truly responsible for the operations being perpetrated against a Target. THEY leave town and you never see them again. Which is what Lou Gheppeti was trying to pass of as some mere social 'crowd' who since left. "Oh that crowd is no longer around anymore". Really? I recall many of the people involved and if they arent around collectively I will be more than happy to seek them out, look them up or HUNT THEM DOWN as individuals. And I do recall clearly many individuals as I recall what you were wearing, what you looked like, the room we were in, the weather outiside and I recall all this ever time I run it over and over in my head every day for years on end- and I especially remember all the toruture: the cruel things that were said that perhaps I absorbed at the time but did not know the connection to the whole situation. But it IS recorded. EVERY word, every smirk, every little cute group fucking with me that didnt think I knew what they were up to.

I saw one of them a few years ago perhaps last year. Damien this skinny rich asshole who was a semi talented artist, who I could blow away in a talent contest painting, well back them maybe. He magically got hard to get artist housing and a skinny bitch art model who was also in on it got a strangely hard to get grant- the same old reward system in this bullshit.
A year or two ago I saw him in Central Sq walking around looking half out of it like he was..well, targeted. Of course I dont for a moment believe this is anything but an act to get me to calm down or settle down now that "its over" as two rich lily white Cambridge old ladies snapped at me in the street last month. If he did get his by being return targeted by my allies then GREAT!! Glad to see it. But I dont buy it really. Also the cover of the Phoenix newspaper had something on it a cartoon where a character getting kicked out of the same housing he got for messing with me looked exactly like him. Again its too much of a contrived set up to be real. If it is, hell just like OLNICK getting busted finally- thats great! I appreciate any revenge on my behalf but until I see the person looking like they have been beaten down within an inch of thier lives and I get a sincere personal apology or I see thier death certificate I DONT GIVE A SHIT BECUZ I DONT BELIEVE IT IS REAL. It would just be thier style to tailor a psychological operation to make me calm the fuck down and feel like I was getting a bit of revenge or justice to make me move on to UMass or something when actually the guilty havent paid at all.

They are the ones that wanted this. They created a monster. Now they have to deal with thier creation. Are they going to be able to return me to the peaceful growth period I was in when I was living at 335 Washington ready to go to school? Are they going to return me to those test results like intelligence or talent before the mycotoxin exposure and gang stalking stress destroyed my mind? Are they going to magically repair the emotional damage which is so incomprehensible that it has now come to be a severe spiritual devastation that will follow me into death?

We are talking about NAZI HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION and much of what is done is not only torture and psychological warfare but its based on the Nazi obsession with the occult. Electromagnetics are damaging in ways that should make man quesiton his belief in God and the soul not for use by agencies and individuals that believe in fascism and brainwashing.
And the cops should not have access to microwave weapons. How are you going to control them using it to intimidate like they do with other weapons they have?

When I was in SD a wave of something passed quickly through a tent of homeless people, called The Tent of course. It was late and I happened to be awake. I know from experience that it was the abuse of a microwave weapon and they did it while doing other things to indicate it was a police car. SD is really bad for cops doing shit that they wouldnt be so sloppy about here cuz they would never get away with it.

THAT IS THE KIND OF BEHAVIOR you are asking for when these 'non lethal' (bullshit) weapons get more official recognition and use. The abuse of such weapons is beyond inhumane. Such weapons go beyond nuclear weapons in making a case against their existence. At least with nuclear we will all be dead so it doesnt much matter and those still alive will die of radiation sickness- look it up its horrible.

Microwave weapons release such a feeling like you have never experienced in your life. I believe that is why such types of weapons are used in very small doses and very carefully according to a brainwashing program including torture. It is certainly something that will form avoidance or condition against acting in any way that will bring about such a sensation of feeling.

The nature of man to abuse and enslave other human beings is NOT yet under control enough for such technologies to exist in safety.

If the authorities insist on having such power then it is only right that in future the people also gain access or revolutionary groups fashoin weapons with similar capacity. If not then this is truly the final enslavement of mankind. NOT ADMITTING THESE WEAPONS EXIST OR ARE BEING ABUSE OR USED IN BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION PROGRAMS TO CONDITION PEOPLE is ultimately the best reason to deem the power structures and all thier people unfit to possess such weapons. DO it NOW.

These are just more out of control little boys with toys. Too aggressive and too armed. Get rid of this shit now becuz MEN and the pathetic weak willed daddy's girls who support them (yer pathetic and out in nature should be outed out of the tribe for your betrayal of fellow females to males) are NOT CAPABLE OF CHANGING FROM THIER PRIMITIVE BASE NATURE.

Human beings do not need these technologies nor these weapons. Human beings are as irresponsible as you can possibly imagine. Oil spills, wars, corruption..are you out of your MINDS?? The whole thing is so ridiculous that it could only happen in the 21st century, which is an era of insanity and mankind slowly killing himself but being too stupid to admit it.

I hope a faction comes into being that takes those toys right out of your hands and turns them on you and destroys you.
In the meantime I will focus on the many lovely people I have met over the years being targeted as my sole focus in life. I've been reprogrammed- its my new mission.