“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Its Hard To Know Who Are Friends and Who Are Foe

I am fully aware of other factions besides the obvious involved in this. Jealous, selfish family members, greedy former intimates that also did not want to risk exposure or wanted to move on to other levels of crime free of old attachments as well as people who wanted a scapegoat to blame for all thier problems and figured I would be convenient.

Also there seems to be other more strange involvement like occult. But the main issue is obviously programming and its obviously connected to MK Ultra and that end of things. Programming if it is seprate from MK Ultra is also a factor and that seems to involve military factions. Whats interesting is that we never really hear about military covert activities unless its positive.

People need to start focusing on the military and the police especially who are corrupt as part of thier very existence traditionally. They have little choice but to play ball with certain factions. They just happen to enjoy it a bit too much for my tastes..as if they wouldnt be killed, thier families have 'an accident' or targeted themselves if they didnt play ball. They act like the are in charge or in control of alot of what goes on that is destructive. They are about as controlled by outside forces as one could imagine any faction being controlled. They, more than soldiers even, remind me of mind controlled slaves..except soldiers might be more aware or overt about that fact. And it IS damn fact.
Cops are expert at psych warfare with the civilian public..so how does that make them the overlords? It was intimated to me that locally the keystones tried to pull something off and got thier hands slapped by much bigger boys who did not want thier business (me) messed with.

Like the skinny man said (Duncan Thomas) in the Pres Advisory Committee video, "this seems to include many people outside the CIA as well". Which is what gang stalking must be then.

And it was certainly false flag trying to intimate to me across the country that it was the FBI. Nice try jerks, and if it WAS the FBI, the Boston office was so corrupt who should trust them anyway?

I think its interesting that the FBI in Boston had problems right after 9-11. A federal investigation and all that connected to corrupt cops money laundering, drugs etc. I don't know enough but it seems awfully close to NYC and many questions not addressed concerning 9-11. Interesting isnt it? One wonders if they weren't either trying to find or even clean up pertinent info.

F*ck the blue pill. Its for losers who cant face the truth or are too tired from being beaten down to keep seeking it.