“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tear Down the Wall..With Care.

Watched the whole The Wall movie after using that one song on other blog. It was good to watch due to we now live in an era where it seems we dont have a right to our own personal pain. In order to join or be forced to join the collective on has to become totally ripped out of thier own personal world. At least thats how it is with gang stalking targets.

This system totally destroys your emotional and spiritual centers. Decimates your inner world or universe. I dont just mean internal programming I mean normal human emotion. The amount of abuse as well as terror used in these campaigns in unison with systematic ignoring and denial creates a totally deadened person who is forced to conform in order to have any social acceptablility as well as not get locked up. The constant threats and harassment via claims that the person is dangerous or attempted set ups to prove that contribute to being silenced about the torture and abuse at the hands of this system and the betrayals by intimates that makes it so easy for this system to isolate in the beginning of a 24/7 campaign.

Watching this movie reminded me of a time when I felt my own pain deeply. Various pain pockets or compartments I had a right to. MY pain and various pain shared with others.

As I grew up I dealt with those emotions. For my situation I did everything one should do for self improvement. I also did many things simply instictively or intuitively to heal myself. Things that the gang stalking system has tried to use against me to make me look insane like dancing, singing, art work, and self talk. Well self talk was more of a coping skill and self consultation (what else can you do when everyone around you lies to you to control you or keep you down or steer you in the wrong direction?).

The only reason that people like me are put into a behavior modification program is to erase memories that are incriminating to other parties. Also its ultimately to force conformity which again is not for the benifit of the Targeted Survivor but for the benefit of a system that does not want to have to answer the many questions that would obviously come up when a person deprograms and becomes capable of great things beyond what a person of thier class, gender or life experience is supposed to be capable of. Also many people in the slave's life are simply terrified of the prospect of losing control of them. They are THAT guilt ridden for the way they have treated the person KNOWING it is against the law and innately wrong.

It brought me back to a time when people had an experience of much privacy in being human. Today for those of us targeted its become a non reality. There is no such thing as time to ourselves. Its the ultimate sick forced socialization and its extremely destructive of the individual's identity as well as thier sanity, psyche and spiritual state.
It reminded me that I have a right to my pain or to realize what has been done to me. This recent all around campaign- this war on the minds of the public to terrorize people so much that they stop feeling is part of mind control over the masses.
To terrorize people until they become numb and keep denying that anything has been done to wrong them- is ultimately enslavement.

Its no coincidence that TI's have watched the powers that be do to the nation what has been done to us personally over this past decade. To keep terrorizing and abusing people then deny it ever happened and just put them through more abuse- making sure that the media output reflects and supports that agenda.

No matter what their rationale, building a new world order, a better world, a more connected world or a world where people more readily help others- there is NO validating what has been done to America as well as specifically to Targeted Individuals.

In the end its nothing more than a beat down until you do what the authority figure wants you to do- until they can shape and mold you into what they desire, usually for thier own selfish purposes. Its exactly like forming a cult. This system is trying to create the largest cult known to man: the New World Order.

And ALWAYS keep this in your mind: If the NWO is such a grand idea, such a great solution, then why oh why does it have to be done in such and abusive and sneaky, covert manner? Why must brainwashing be used? Why cant honesty be present again?
This is very important.

The end of the film I did not like so much. To be exposed before your peers and thus flush out all the memories and hurts from the past- to "tear down the wall". Yes, perhaps therapy may be in order or getting rid of all that mess from the past but to do it in the way that its been done to so many of us, not for our own good and the good of the future world as its claimed but simply to cover up for war crimes and other various atrocities.

One must ask oneself: what is so horrible in our collective future as human beings or on this planet that we cannot afford to be honest anymore or to feel emotions as they really are?

Just as one has a human right to be happy, one has a human right to one's own pain. For a larger faction to covertly take these abilities away from anyone reflects nothing but bad intent by a cover up of crimes.

People are being forced to put a scared happy face onto fear, suffering and loss. Its MIND CONTROL end of story. There is nothing good about it and ultimately its dishonest. Just becuz a bunch of people agree that its good while you are being mentally or emotionally or even spiritually raped into being CONDITIONED into bonding with the idea its good doesnt mean that it IS...

The BIGGEST CULT IN THE WORLD is being formed and solidified right NOW in history. Which of course will be re written..