“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, June 22, 2012

Black Gangstalkers Will Do Anythjng To Support The Corrupt Elite

All they can do now is keep sending blacks to piss me off.

What do u expect frm the home of Farrakahn that puppet and circus actor? With a 'black' president its.bound to be an issue. As well as Prince Hall.

They know i'll call them N word in self defense. But thats not my problem. U wanna be a house slave then go ahead.  This city favors blacks over poor whites and always has. Its a major power center for black power. So who cares what they think or say or do. THEY AREN'T FREEDOM FIGHTERS. THEY R HOUSE SLAVES WHO SUPPORT AND WORK FOR CORRUPT AUTHORITY.

This is why I have no problem using the N word. Its for gang stalking pieces of shit everywhere.

If u r in a gang u r dealing drugs basically for the government who brings or allows it into the country. Then when u r busted u can fill up their corporate jail system. Blacks with any sense know these are set ups to  keep   black  people in  a  slave mentality.

They think they can intimidate me or frame me up as a racist by sending their house niggas after me all the time up here.

Fuck u Boston. U r never as clever as u think u r.

Fuck all u house slaves. I have no respect or fear of u. I simply hate u more than whites becuz number one u should know better than to fall into such nonsense and secondly when u perp people u think u invented clever.

u r still stupid slaves and i have absolutely no respct for u at all.

This is all part of the black male trying to solidify his power in the NWO society.

Im still a EuroAmerican who sees u as an inferior piece of shit. Becuz u support my enemies.

As long as u support elite mostly male centric oppression-youll always be n*ggers. Remember that.

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