“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do All TIs Get Framed Up This Way? We Doesn't The Public Recieve Us Like Heroes?

I often wonder if all Targeted Survivors of programming get set up and framed/slandered the way I have been.

It seems like so much of the public behave as if they know and hate me due to the cover story yet how many of them arent actually operatives as in gang stalkers or part of the Cult- part of ritual abuse culture.

They really do have the perfect campaign set up with me becuz if they only reveal to the public whats believable that content is actually what the cover story consists of.

Whats really going on isnt going to be believed. Then again, there are citizens who dont know who I am at all.

Its very confusing as to what your average person knows or believes.

What is most shocking is that someone like myself who was highly intelligent, multi talented and attractive could be dedtroyed and had my opportunities taken from me, to never be allowed to reach my potential-and not only do the majority see nothing wrong with this, and do nothing about it-everyone still just hates and fears me!

After how smart and brave i have been and after all thats been taken from me i still get no respct and no credit.

All i seem to get is peoples sympathies.

Thats wby i want to leave this country. Everyone is such a total idiot. I cannot believe i get no credit for what Ive done throughout this situation. True people dont know the extent of it but they never will becuz they wont believe!

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