“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black Males Win For Being Worst Perps In GS/Human Experimentation Their Bitches Certainly Are Annoying But Cant Be Taken Seriously

Yeah, they're usually too fat and stupid as perps to be a threat.

I had an experience on one with a guy who claimed to be Eddie Cox who I didnt realize til later was also associated with Cathy Obrien. Giving me his name and address on a slip of paper mustve been one of the moments of the height of arrogance and mind fucking in these campaigns. It also reeked of a set up. Like wanting me to recount my experience this way.

I dont know what a group of low magick types like that are doing poking around in the mind of a mind controlled slave. One with important information...and they marvelling over my reactions to their poking and probing. I will never forget a single young male voice in the group shouting "Wow!" When I reacted to being messed with after they gassed me in the seat of the bus.
Then they extra harass and insult you when they get off the bus, as if that helps keep u under control  or to help force u to forget what they did.

Who are these people who have this much access, money, resources and manpower to do such things?

And these are the perps who have that...craziness about them. That off vibe. Electric. Not of this earth...almost literally. And there are blacks involved, usually males predominently. The females usually older, always seemed more like guardians than abusers. Younger black women are usually GS perps. The black males are usually involved in the most abusive, deadly GS or psychic assault. They are by far the most unsypathetic, abusive, arrogant, evil, sick and fucked up gang stalkers and ritual abusers I have ever encountered.

Entire black gangs of perps on buses. The high numbers of blacks in on this specifically males is incredible.

No guilt whatsoever. Mexican GS might be self satisfied, skinny white male GStalkers might be happy to be validated. But there is no power tripping and lack of humanity to be experienced like that of the black male.

They truly are indeed the worst danger to society in existence today-becuz they serve the elite and their agenda with the zeal of no house slave historically has before. And with a lack of human emotional intelligence that makes one wonder how they are considered human at all.

Finally-they get to torment a white person like their kind has been tormented. As well as Whitey is on THEIR side finally. Power backs them.

This is the danger. Animals who serve Satan and the elite. Satan never had such dream servants as the male of African descent.

Society associates them with preachers and church. Hmph.

They have got to have the BEST deception going in the world. Forget the Jews or the rich white elite or women uor transexuals or gays. Those groups might all be suspect to people but at least we can suspect them! And often they admit to their transgressions.

No one is more dangerous a predator than one who is percieved as the ultimate victim.

They have absolutely got it made with that cover story. Which is why they need to hold onto the perception they define poverty in the USA.

One bitch perp in a shelter bragged right in front of me "but we're RICH".

Im going to make it my lifes work to expose the black deception in this country and most likely now an international criminal/intelligence network.

The best these f*cks can do is try to discredit me with blind racism and paranoia. They are the scum of the earth and unlike all other kinds of perps have insisted on making this personal and a power trip.

Good-welcome to vendetta. You scum.

Now we know the real reason for flooding every country with blacks from anywhere and everywhere-they are the ultimate soldiers of the NWO and the most dependable house slaves the elite have ever known.

All perps are vicious. Black males are inhumane animals who enjoy violence as if it were their idea of the ultimate good time, not BUSINESS and unpleasant businss at that-to be tended to.
Fuck Farakkhan. Its the black male whos the devil. White males are to stupid and arrogant to be fully conscious of what they do..and at least they can be guilted, threatened, frightened. Black males seem so confident in their abilities to destroy and hide from society that they are much more dangerous from what Ive experienced-which is why as GS perps they have to be kept in chains by the system. I fully understand now why things were the way they were years ago.

Whatever good exists in African Americans it cannot prevent the total darkness that their counterparts are going to help bring upon this earth by the bidding of their NWO masters of course.

Whenever i get perped by Hipsters (like at Wholefoods) I have to laugh inside at how not to be taken seriously they are compared to the disproportionate amounts of black males who are involved nationwide. Its like entertainment to them. Literally.

Its easy to enjoy yourself when you know there wont be any consequences.